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A member asked me to write up some more info about the gangstalking.

I have mostly learned about it on Ytube clips. I won't mention names of people that I have listened to. I'm sure there are many. But, many do have the same or similar experiences. I have even found a few that are fighting back in their own ways.


Having said that, I will try to make the info I know about in a more shorter form, probably point form really:


Gang stalking, as far as I know, is not a new phenomena. But seems to be getting more of a growing issue and problem in our world. I feel like it is partly a symptom of the "awakening" and shift going on in the world. Seems people who wake up and try to leave the status quo, get targeted for gangstalking. Mostly good, quiet, spiritual people. We would see them as good people, but the controllers of our worlds sees them/us as heretics and weird, and dangerous because we shun most of the status quo/capitalist machine stuff.


- outspoken people, like truthers, on Ytube and other sites, get targeted.


- Many new age, pagan, non-christian religious followers, etc. get targeted. I feel like most gangstalkers are in a christian "faith". But for that, I'm not 100% certain.


- Many TI's (targeted individuals) have some faith in christianity, but are somehow still "waking" up to the BS of the status quo, and are still targeted.


- I think, even some people who have just searched about it, would get targeted, again it's not a cookie cutter reason for it all, it could be some division that happened in your own town or neighbourhood, that caused this to happen. It might even have been a karmic trial/lesson for you to go through. A toughening process if you will.


How people get gangstalked:


There are horrific attacks and softer attacks, depending on where you live or what the "programs" in those areas get their attackers to do.


I'm said that many recruited to these programs are from all walks of life. Some are authority figures (like police), taxi drivers, and many just regular middle class kind of folks. A lot of the attacks are with people in work vehicles and family type vehicles.


Known programs/recruitment is from like Community Watch service in your towns. I suspect other organizations recruit, but that's not proven as fact. I would personally expect like the masons and such. But, for them there's no known proof that I've seen or heard. It is a very secretive program. Many ytube TI's claim it's some gov't run programs too, CIA or ? but again, there's never been any substantiated proof as of yet to catch them. It's again, a very secretive program and I presume all members in it are very sworn to secrecy.


Types of gangstalking attacks:


- online, trolling, slandering, etc. bullying, trying to rally people against you. Trying to get your friends and even family to de-friend you, etc. Even at work and school, similar treatment, slanders, bullying, ostracising.


- some people have had their homes broken into and stuff moved around. All to cause fear and anger.


- strange and repetative behaviour on roads when driving. Cars seeming to crowd or "swarm" while you would normally not see so much traffic at certain times of the day or evening. I get cars doing strange things like stopping suddenly in front of me and doing U turns. Some drive fast to pass me on smaller roads like I'm going too slow, even tho I always drive just above the speed limit. Some TI's (even pedestrians) watch the erratic car stuff, and also get to see patterns that seem to be there to bother them. One lady keeps noticing a certain bus van parking in her area and seems to be just stopped there to watch her. So, not a bad thing, but if repetative it gets to be stalking and more about causing fear and anger. She also sees like people wearing a certain colour most everywhere, e.g. lime green t-shirts, like several different people all in one walk about. This is to grab the TI's attention and get them irked that they are doing this colour blasting thing at them.


- Some TI's, get a sort of psychological attacks, like people talking about something that would trigger them - like may be a sexual or political issue or anything. One man on Ytube, he records on video, people irk him by they seem to be putting their hands in their pockets in a creepy way that seems like they're, oh don't know how to put it, it's like they're pointing to their private parts. They would also suddenly bend over in front of him. One time, it was a great pay back video he did, he bought an air horn and set it off behind one of those people, it was hilarious.


- I think most all TI's are very challenged to find or get or keep a well paying job. Seems that they get too targeted at work, and are forced out. Many employers that offer good paying jobs for some reason do not wish to employ TI's. Seems, some how that employers know who's a TI or not, esp in the well paying work areas. But that also can't be proven - many TI's are also so harassed that they don't try to better their work careers, they feel too defeated to even try for them. Many TI's are homeless or living in cheap rental housing (I do).


- Some TI's have even more horrible psychological and physical attacks. These are likely done through more technoligically covert programs. Voice to skull (hearing voices in their head)(and no, that's not schitsophrenia, there's technology that can do that), physical harm by "energy beams" there are a few TI's having such attacks, they have some way to measure energy attacks at them, meanwhile they suffer headaches, heart palpitations, etc. They claim some attacks can cause cancer or other ailments potentially life threatening. Unfortunately they are "discredited" by any and all authority or health practitioners. They go home and make tents out of aluminum foil and wear tin foil hats. I personally don't know of any defence against that, other than the metal shielding. There may be other products online that can help. I personally have not researched that to know of any.


Well, this is long. I'm sure there's many other anecdotal references online. There is a growing community of TI's that share info and try to help each other. It's very important not to get entirely isolated. I may do another post on ideas I've found that helps TI's to cope and may be even rise above it all. Hope this long read helps people. Never fear - it's what they want, but usually they never go beyond what we can't handle.


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Randus Phillips (Randy)
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I haven't experienced this,  but this sounds scary from the video's that I've watched about this.


"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds." - Albert Einstein

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How to cope and survive gangstalking:

These are my own ideas and perhaps a bit of gathered bits of info I remember hearing here and there:

1. First of all, don't take it personally. The gangstalkers are pretty much paid to be thugs and bullies. It's their "job" and IMHO they will have to pay their own karma back eventually. Meanwhile many TI's are scared and filled with a near constant anxiety. That's not going to do well for your health.

Find a faith or spiritual practice that make you feel strong and protected - prayer, crystal talismans, etc. may make you to feel stronger and comforted in trying times. Most spiritual people have such practices, but it may be helpful to focus those practices as a protection against gangstalking.

2. Try your best to have a social base/friends that you can count on to be around when out and about. Now, I for one am a bit of a hermit. So, I don't often go out with friends a lot, only the odd coffee meeting with my brother and sometimes out shopping and going to parks with my kids. Well, that doesn't stop the gangstalkers, but we tend to not notice them as much, and we have a welcome diversion of focusing on our friends and family. I imagine even having a dog to walk with will be more of a diversion too. If you are on your own while out and about, you will notice the imbiciles doing their stuff and it's just not particularily fun. If you don't gaze into smart phones and such, then you're left still to look out at the people in your midst - if I want peace from people, I would take a book or do some small hobby (I crochet) to keep your attention focused away from people out and about.

3. Keep your chin up, even if you're scared. Confidence, bravery, inner strength is very much like a defence against the gangstalking and their street theatre actions. This is perhaps not easy when you're first being attacked, but in time their actions just are not even really scary or anything, it's just annoying and stupid. So, in time they become the crazy clowns and we keep going forth in strength and confidence. Basically they'll eventually fail at their tactics, they want fear and annoyance, but they become more like bugs that need to be crushed. That's how small they seem over time. If you react to them, and give them an angry or chaotic response, they will get more bolstered in their actions.

4. Do not attack your oppressors. They have favor in the courts and such, and will get you charged very fast with any crimes. It is not fair, I know, but it's the way things are in this world. One thing I'm fairly sure of, if you don't react strongly to them, then their actions will not physically harm you. I've not encountered too strong of an attack. They are trying to push you to commit a crime and they stay on the line and not go over (or at least they don't get caught if they do a serious crime to you, I rarely hear of anything that bad among TI's). It's very rare that crimes of a physical or against your own property happens often. Most times even if you're physically attacked or property damaged, and you go to complain to police and such, you likely don't get any justice. You may even be charged for something too, it's usually a battle of wits and the TI usually loses in the long run.

5. Monitor and control your social network activities and such. I find that "sock" type account people will make comments that are not nice, or they will try to friend you, do not add friends that are sock accounts. They can then do their sneaky attacks here and there while having access to your own personal information. A big definite important thing to keep on top of. I have not personally been approached to be friends in my community by such people. I'm probably lucky in that sense, being an older person and more settled in my ways, it is easier. I wouldn't know for the younger ones, how they socialize and such. But, just be careful who you let close to you. If you have a nagging feeling someone's not as they seem, then trust your instincts. I know of one person who used to do a lot of Ytube videos and blogs that her info was copied and shared on other sites (these are natural health types of blogs), they even used a photo and information and "content" of the truther/blogger. So, she had to contact a few blogs and ask them to remove her photo and her information, they didn't credit her with the information. It is very despicable actions going on sometimes.

6. Which leads to perhaps another sad aspect. Due to we assume posting stuff (our own creativity and ideas) online that we will be respected for our own work. No, there's no rules or laws protecting our own content. So, bear in mind what you publicly share, anything, can be stolen and warped even to look as something different. A few outspoken TI's even have dedicated websites that are someone (a sock type person) just belittling their every actions. It's sick. I don't know why our internet isn't policed better. The more outspoken you are, the worse the treatment gets. You have to decide if you want to fan those flames, or stay more under the radar. If you stay quieter, put up and shut up, you will have an easier time. I have a ytube channel that is very small, very few subscribers. I personally wouldn't want a lot of subscribers, it would only bring on trouble. I have had "sock" type people leave comments on my videos. I always delete them or even block them if they go further. Again, engaging in any dialogue with them, then they will just troll up a storm and you end up having a long drawn out stupid communication where they say over the top and absurd statements just trying to get you to flip out online.

7. When you go out and about, don't be too routine about it. Be chaotic in your own travels. That will make them to not have quick and easier access to you, they will be having to work harder to get to you, and it may lead to more quieter passage for you to move around a bit.

I have gotten so used to them though, that my instincts are now like those super hero spider senses. So, even if people are trying to get in front of me to make me run into them, they usually fail. I'm a patient driver and just have a sense of their activities, so I can dodge their actions more easily. They count on us to be predictable, but in time they are the predictable ones, and we get more savvy for it.

8. One TI on Ytube, claims that he has taken action in a very "high vibe" actually kind of way. He uses socializing and confidence to his favor. He would often walk up to gangstalkers or chat socially with them while say waiting in line. This man has a good memory of who's who in his town. He is polite and friendly. It is an awkward thing to watch, but he's all polite and nice to them, and it seems to unsettle them. It I suppose gets more ludicrous in time for the gangstalkers to keep harrassing someone who's in turn polite and nice back to them. Again, use discernment - some towns and cities are more safer then others.

Bear in mind too, that all gangstalkers are paid some way or another to do this to people. I'm said it's something like gift cards even, is their payment. So, they might be actually not bad people, just doing it for the added boost to their living standards. So, they might not even know that they're harassing innocent people. They may fear that they will get to be a TI themselves if they don't do as they're paid to do. It's all control tactics.


9. I couldn't advise about activities such as breakins, personal property being moved or broken and such. I imagine taking video, photos, and keeping some kind of record of it happening, might be helpful if things escalate. At least you might have some video evidence to present to the courts in the future. I have not personally had to deal with that. Certainly added locks and such to your home might help, at least slow or prevent such things to happen again. If you have to leave your home/apartment for travel, get someone you trust to check your home. Again, these are measures that will add some security to your personal stuff. Again, do not take any measures that will attack them, it will not go well in your favor.

10. Re: technological attacks. I don't have any good or helpful info on that. There are perhaps some tech available if you search online, websites and such, but again I personally have not investigated such things. I don't know of any remedy for those, as it is strong and very covert technology used, and likely any defence for them is not well known to the public. Health providers and legal authorities normally do not help either, they will poo poo it off as in your head. It then becomes a struggle to go forth trying to feel normal in a crazy world. I wouldn't suggest psychological affecting medications either. It's not schitsophrenia. I imagine doing our best to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, that will make life a bit more easier. I do take the odd pain remedies when body aches and head aches are too much. Those "pains" again are not helped very well by the medical system, they have already provided me with stronger and addictive meds and I refuse to take them. I also have gone through cancer and cancer treatments. Again, of course I could not logically or actually blame any covert organization for my health issues, it's near impossible to prove those kind of attacks or find any remedy. So, IMHO, I personally just do what I can and in as healthy and balanced way that I can, and let the outside world do what they're going to do. Interacting limitedly as possible in the status quo reality, is also good for our sanity. You naturally seek to do things you will enjoy, and the status quo people generally are not around such things. You can go to nature and enjoy it better, compared to hanging out in a mall or some work place getting the idiots doing their thing. I also don't work a job, atm. I would like to get back into my community, if I know of a good place that's not run a mok with gangstalkers. I find that when I go out to stores and such, that most "low paid" workers are very nice. It's when you have to deal with higher paid persons and such, then they are the not so nice out there. So, in time you can tell who is potentially friend or foe.

Good luck to all, and I sure hope this information is helpful. And of course, any who have questions, ideas of their own, or comments, they are welcome here :)


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Randus Phillips (Randy) at September 6, 2017 at 12:56 PM

I haven't experienced this,  but this sounds scary from the video's that I've watched about this.

Glad to hear you haven't experienced it. The irony is that many ytubers are making their own experiences worse, it is not a good idea to "rock the boat" as it were. - they face much opposition to "out" their community gangstalkers. But knowledge is power. Live and learn etc. I personally get stronger and less fearful in the midst of my "crazy" town. It is always good to do a bit of research to empower ourselves. 


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Quick news thing from Canada, about "Spoofing"... http://www.msn.com/en-ca/video/news/toronto-woman-receiving-thousands-of-harassing-texts/vi-AArOpmn

Kind of interesting, but I have to wonder more about her story and how this actually started. But, that's one more weapon used against people, fake accounts, and something I think they call "Bots" where it's randomly generated posts, comments, replies, etc. in social media. 

So, this gets back to how can we empower ourselves in such a crazy mean potentially volatile society? When even the meanness is computer generated. That leaves a lot of time for the real perps to just get busy and target more and more people. A sick web of evil.

People, who are targeted, we have to have a tougher skin, like a turtle shell over our whole body. We have to not take that "spoof" stuff personal. It's from wayward evil children. Keep that in mind when ever you are faced with such attacks.

One more thing, is don't sit powerless. Take action. She could easily get her number cancelled, and get another number. Take the time to message any contacts of a number change. It shouldn't be a big deal. Yes, a bit of effort on her part. We should take measures to block access to us, we have every right to peace and free passage in this world. It's now time for us to start pushing back.


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Diabolical tech defence - magnets! - Here's one TI's info sharing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jETq9jf54ys

I live very close to a TV station tower. SMH


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Worth a listen. A lot of information. It's a whistleblower who worked as a gangstalker in a security company. All that what he's saying, I have witnessed and/or experience. But, they're not killing me, I'm getting stronger. 

Don't give in to fear. Rise above. They can't touch your spirit and soul. And their program will fail. Knowledge is power. 


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