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Hi, I wanted to know if anyone here has any experience with fasting, water fasting in paticular. I came across a man on YouTube named Loren Lockman, who says fasting can heal your body of pretty much any illness. I have some physical problems I really want to take care of, so if you could give some advice it would be appreciated :) Peace 

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Hi there, my friend! Great to see that you're interested in fasting but I want to advise you to be careful with that since you need some great knowledge about fasting before you can do it safely. You need to prepare for your fasting days so that you have enough nutrients in your body so that nothing goes wrong during these days and I recommend doing some meditation or energy work so that your mind is at a more comfortable place during the fasting. I'm sorry to say this but there's no ultimate remedy to heal all illnesses from the body. From my perspective it's more about listening to your body and giving it the right nutrients so that it can function properly together with the immune system. Your mind is also a part of your body which also needs healing and not only your body. Fasting can be good for removing toxins out of your body but as I said be careful doing it since it's not something you should do unprepared. Drink a lot of water and fruits/vegetables which have vitamin bombs in them before the fasting period and you should be fine. After the fasting, remember to eat slowly at first with not a lot of food but with little food and gradually increase the food until you eat normal amounts again because you can shock the body if you are fasting and then eating a enormous meal after the fasting.  Take care and good luck!

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Maria aka Xc
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Very good advice given here 'redbeard123."  The following video breaks down pretty much all of what Estephan has related.  Detailed information on what to do prior to, during and after a water fast is given.  It consist of 6 step by step videos:

1 0f 6


2 of 6


3 of 6


4 of 6


5 of 6


6 of 6


There's also a wealth of information given within the comment-section of the videos, where he gives responses to many relavant questions asked.



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I have fasted but not with water... I've done it by not eating solids but have drunk sugarless teas of sorts and yes, I have done this with the urine therapy. Estephan has given you some pretty solid advice and Maria has shared some pretty solid leads - inform yourself is key and apply whatever you resonate the most with. 


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Thanks for the advice :) 

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