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Mysterious Phone Call in the Astrals

Posted by Sinorona on July 4, 2014 at 8:25 PM

Last night, i had a short-lengthed astral projection which had taken place after a few dream sequences, and i found myself in a plant nursery, i was casually looking around as you usually would, and when i returned my sight to the center point, a 19th Century phone popped up in front of me out of the vibrational energy in the astral environment, this phone had no numbers on the dial buttons, but when it began to ring the numbers "313, 333, 13" kept echoing in my astral mind once or twice that was inaudible from external sources, i was confused at the moment and had no idea where or how this voice was entering my receptive frames. When i tried to approach the phone nob with my hand, my hand had began to vibrate with such numbing intensity it took time to pick up the phone. When i managed to pick it up, it instantly placed the speaker on my ear, and i heard this: "You have to pass through 9 Dimension in this Solar System (reference to the 9 planets) in order for your soul to exit the magnetic field of the Sun and travel elsewhere (in the Universe)" and the projection ended instantaneously...

What do you think? I found this really insightful and symbolic.


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Reply Marie <3
10:06 PM on July 10, 2014 
Cool. Did you find out what those numbers meant to you? Certainly, an amazing experience for you. :)
Reply Jah 3000
8:19 PM on July 10, 2014 
That was awesome! I think it was real too.
Reply AstralBooBaby
12:29 AM on July 9, 2014 
It seems that you literally and figuratively got a 'wake up' call from your star family with the help of your ground crew (so to speak)... Due to the detail and clarity of the message, you must understand that it was real! The fact that you were able to remember the message in such detail speaks volumes! Its all good! Take heed to the message, as it will make more sense to your 'conscious' mind as you progress... By the way, we don't hear with our ears in the astral - we actually hear through our mind by way of a vibratory pulses and sounds. The conscious mind interprets these electrical signals as an audible communication... Quite amazing, don't you think? Keep up the great work fam!