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Pills vs Nature

Posted by Marie <3 on April 7, 2015 at 1:40 PM

There’s something beautiful about the world we live in. It’s all around us and remains constant. It’s nature. Some of us are constantly searching for a high, an adventure, a trip away from the norm but because we don’t see the beauty within and around us, we get depressed and rely on synthetic happy pills to feel good. Whether prescription-based or illegal street drugs, we seem to be a nation reliant on pills to make us happy – pills for the mind, pills for the body, pills to enhance feelings, pills to block feelings, pills for our sex drive, pills for stress, pills, pills and more pills! But a simple 30 minute walk a day can alleviate most of the ‘problems’ we have. I say ‘problems’ because most of our problems are not actually problems at all, we just see them as such through being conditioned to think that not being happy with our bodies or not being mentally happy 100% of the time is bad for us. Let’s see what a 30 minute walk a day can do for our systems and mind and what ‘problems’ this can sort :


30-minutes walk a day gives you vitamins from the sun, vital for fighting off infections like common colds


30-minutes brisk walk a day can keep your weight on an even keel if you aren’t on a diet and can reduce your weight if you are eating healthily


30-minutes walk a day can help you concentrate and focus better so you are more productive in the day


30-minutes walk a day can help you sleep if suffer with sleep disturbances which in turn makes you more happy and balanced


30-minutes walk a day can be used for bonding with family members, letting you have a closer connection to one another which promotes problem-sharing and problem-solving


30-minutes walk a day can give you the opportunity to get inspiration and motivation if you are lacking in this area


30-minutes walk a day can improve your social life and make you more confident in new surroundings


30-minutes walk a day can simulate the blood-flow in all parts of your body, giving them the chance to work correctly. Can help conditions with the skin, with poor circulation, hypertension, blood-pressure, among other things


30-minutes walk a day in a forest grove or in woodlands is known to be just as effective as an anti-depressant pill. This is due to the fresh air, the colour green on the trees/bushes and the blue of the sky (which is calming) and the natural elements. It has an almost sedative effect on the mind


30-minutes walk a day can strengthen your immune system and overtime, reduce disease in the body


30-minutes walk a day in the rain can make you feel more refreshed and more determined to fight whatever is stressing you out that day


30-minutes walk a day can increase your lung size for easier breathing and reduce heart attacks


30-minutes walk a day is your chance to de-stress and re-organise your lifestyle schedule so your life is less cluttered and therefore, less stressful


30-minutes walk a day can help you with migraines. If you suffer with them, you’ll find a walk in the outdoors everyday reduces their severity and may well eliminate them completely


30-minutes walk a day can increase muscle mass and improve balance, making you feel better about your body


30-minutes walk a day can increase cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness


Look at all the benefits! I’ll start next Monday…. :D



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Reply lifeloveandthecosmos
3:07 PM on May 4, 2016 
I loved this! Defffff gonna be walking daily, I've always just stressed working out but I can see a walk has plenty benefit as well!