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Signs of a heart activator/connection

Posted by Marie <3 on April 6, 2015 at 1:25 PM

Unfortunately, many of us don't see the sign of a heart activator and label them unfairly and end up in pain. This connection is so deep and opens your heart chakra, that we wrongly assume it's a 'divine connection' like a TF or a soulmate. Actually, it's one-sided and not seeing it as such can create karma when there is no need to. Even though self-love has to come from within, sometimes an outside source is needed to 'trigger' us into the self-love route. Some can be in pain for a long time as they struggle to see the lesson within this 'connection' that is actually a catalyst for self-love.

So what is a heart activator? Simply put, these people open us up to LOVE and show us a glimpse of unconditional love for a moment - they are heart catalysts. This connection will fade for the one who opens your heart quite quickly but for those on the receiving end, it can be very difficult to face as we feel cheated and our ego's fight for justice. The purpose of a heart activator is to balance and cleanse us for a higher vibrational love for ourselves and others. Ego will fight it, mind will try to make sense of it but the soul is already aware. This can be quite a challenge for most.

So how do you spot this connection that feels like love? Well, it's like love. A deep love. The main trick is to shoot the energy you get inwards and upwards, not outwards towards your heart connection or keeping the rays within our sexual chakra. Shooting it outwards or downwards brings on toxic unhealthy habits and this is when a disillusion takes place which causes pain.

Below are some pointers of a heart catalyst (and you can also see why these 'signs' can also be confused for twin flame or soulmate 'signs' as they are similar to those posted all over the web, which are misleading by the way) and the causes for this disillusion in brackets to help you see the signs and the reasons for them so you can deal with it before it gets to the point where ego starts running the show. Not all these will take place but most. Above all, I say trust yourself on whether you have more than just a heart activator on your hands (always, always center and look into the heart chakra and ask your soul for the truth). 


  1. You have an instant connection with this person. They might not be your usual type. You attract each other like magnets (the universe needs to do this to make you stop and listen to your inner) and you feel you know them (again, universe at play).
  2. The connection is so deep, it knocks you off your feet and doesn't seem to fade much (but it won't be a warm glow in your heart, rather in your lower chakras to disempower you from Self, it's a nasty ego trick as it fears it may now die).
  3. You enter 'heaven' for a while and everything is great - you feel as if you never really loved until this point (check yourself for any unhealed shadows - the more shadows, the more this connection intenstifies).
  4. Similar everything but distinctly different. They are like a double of you (well, the universe has to get your attention somehow so why not appeal to our own vain ego selves).
  5. Intense sexual attraction takes place (you feel the energy mainly in your sacral chakra and it's also an obsession phase).
  6. You feel 'pulled' towards this person, even if you know something isn't gelling 100% you ignore it (the ego masks it so you don't learn to listen to your soul so it can go on living).
  7. This person you feel insatiable towards - almost like you need to brand them as your own (obsession).
  8. You get jealous, angry or disappointed with other people being around him/her and feel you are not good enough for them (fear).
  9. It's fine for three-six months then things start falling apart (because the heart has been opened enough now and the connection is no longer needed, the catalyst is normally unaware of what they have started).
  10. Drama is huge in this 'relationship' that may or may not even be a relationship at all (big warning right there - there is no relationship or friendship but your egon will insist there is anyway).
  11. You try to make a relationship work but something doesn't jive or your connection runs off (the one-sidedness takes place as the heart catalyst has now done their job).
  12. Possessiveness is a number one trait in those trying to make this 'connection' more than what it is (fear of losing from an ego's point of view).
  13. The heart connection comes back a few times until you've learnt to shoot the energy inwards and upwards (this happens when we fail to see what needs to be done - shooting the energy through our hearts to God/Source/Creator).
  14. You and him/her start arguing and the more you force things between you both, the nastier it gets (creating karma).
  15. You are plagued with worry (obsession&fear) when they aren't around.
  16. They are not available to you either physically or emotionally but you refuse to let go (inner child trauma/abandonment).
  17. Your shadows start emerging (this isn't a bad sign, heal them while you can).
  18. The unhealthy shadows of him/her start to appear and is sometimes mistaken for a mirror (in contrast to a mirror, this is a warning sign this person has not yet connected to their own soul purpose).
  19. You feel an unnatural fear of your world collapsing if they left you (this is again, ego, and you must claim your power back).
  20. You start labelling the connection and he/she doesn't deny or confirm it (take it as a sign that they are as unaware as you and start the innerwork).


Remember, a heart catalyst/activator/connection is simply put to you so you can learn to get back to the Creator and Self.

Not all the pointers above are just heart ones, some of those 'signs' apply to karmic soulmates as well as TF's (apparently). These labels can be confusing but one thing to remember is, if it's for your greater good, then it's a good thing. Just shoot any energy inwards and upwards towards Source anyway and you'll get self-love and unconditional love for others a lot faster without so much heartache/headache :) Some of us however, need to learn the hard way as it's our path. Don't beat yourself up if you resonate with this, just trust you are/or were where you are meant to be and have gone through this for a reason.

*This is how I understand it. If it resonates, learn from it. Leave whatever doesn't resonate. This is not fact, just my understanding.*


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Reply Seeker
8:15 PM on February 24, 2017 
Yes, how do you know all this???? I've been on a Twin Flame forum for months now and there are thousands of people on there who are furiously debating what a Twin Flame is, and you know what? Nobody knows. There is nodefinitive answer, no litmus test, not even similar experiences from people claiming to have met their TFs , so how do you know what a TF is? Where did you get the information that you've put on here with such authority? Please answer because I really need to know. This TF thing is so contentious and its mainly because there seems to be tons of people out there waiting to invalidate whoever claims to have met their TF. Why is this? Especially since nobody seems to know what it is?

I have gone through most of the stuff you mentioned on the list with someone and guess what? Two abd a half years later, after all the running, fighting and lust, we are still together. The heart activation is not one sided, so according to you what does that make us? You talk about avoiding labels and yet you use them too.

How do you know all of this?
Reply me
3:29 AM on October 8, 2016 
How do you know all of this? Where did you get your insights from? How are you so sure of what you wrote here that you can put it online for people to read - with such authority? How do you know?
Reply Marie <3
6:38 PM on April 6, 2015 
AstralBooBaby says...
Another great share Alfie! Thank you so much for this!

No problem thanks for letting us all use this platform Boo
Reply AstralBooBaby
5:38 PM on April 6, 2015 
Another great share Alfie! Thank you so much for this!