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Full Moon Meditation

Posted by Sivan Remesh on October 28, 2014 at 8:20 AM

This meditation was explained by Osho in his discourse :)

1st Stage:

Sit comfortably in front of the full moon with open eyes. Relax your body and gaze gently at the moon. Open your mouth as if saying "ha" and with a deep breathing but not forceful or tense, fill up your first chakra with the light of the moon. When you breathe out let the light expand in your chakra. You may enjoy letting some sounds coming out when you breathe out. Fill up your first chakra until you feel that it has become the full moon. Then move up to the second chakra. Repeat the same breathing and move up to the third chakra. Go one filling up with the full moon all your chakras up to the seventh. At the seventh you are going to be totally drunk with the moon. Your whole energy will shift to another dimension.


2nd Stage:

Stand up. It might be a bit difficult because of your drunkenness but with a little effort it will be okay. Still gazing at the moon, rise your arms up and give yourself to the moon. Become like a marionette in the arms of the moon. Let movements happen on their own. It is the moon moving in you, not you moving with the moon. Let it be a graceful dance of energy...


3rd Stage:

When the movement settles, lie down on your belly like a baby in the arm of his mother. If emotions come or if some shaking happens, just let go in it.


4th Stage:

Bow down to the moon with gratitude.


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