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Dreams: subjectivity vs objectivity?

Posted by Shawn Ewing on October 8, 2014 at 1:10 PM

Normally I have some fairly vague dreams, most of which I don't remember upon waking. But there are some dreams that stand about among others. My most recent occured just the other night. I was at my own wedding. (Maybe the fact that Pennsylvania now has same-sex marriage could have something to do with it, but that was back in June!)

My wedding dream was a bit weird. In my dream I was walking down the aisle of a church, toward the altar, which turned out to be a large set of steps that stopped at the wall. I walk past a cousin of mine who acted at a best man of sorts along with many others, whom I attrituted to my family. He and I exchange vows. Another strange aspect of this dream was it was someone I am acquianted with in life: I attended the same high school, and graduated the same year, I even loaned him money (over a year ago, which I just gave up on getting back--which was likely for the best). Then my dream went into another phase.

The second half of my dream was me searching for photos of the wedding. I found none. The dream ended.

Usually, I go to http://www.dreammoods.com/ for interpretation, since it's likely to be more objective than I would be in the case.

My interpretation is this: since dreams can be prophetic to a strong degree, am I looking at my own impending marriage, but not the person I described? Or as the interpretation goes: there are two aspects of myself coming together either in the immediate future, or some time in the distant future. I believe this dream to be nearly purely symbolic, since I know I wouldn't have any semblance of a chance with the person I described in my dream. The symbolism seems like what the dream site mentioned: http://dreammoods.com/cgibin/dreamdictionarysearch.pl?method=exact&header=dreamsymbol&search=wedding.

However, as I write this, I get the feeling something is missing and it will make itself known on its own time. Furthermore, the person I was getting married to almost didn't seem to be who I thought, it may well have been my own impression. I still feel an air of uncertainy when I think back on this most recent dream.

Any help of dechipering this dream is greatly appreciated.


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Reply KarenW
11:43 PM on August 1, 2015 
Dreams are interesting things. I find that when I write a dream that lingers down I get the point of it all or the interpretation . Sometimes dreams are just dreams I was once told. However, I have found that the ones that linger and bug me have something in them to be observed. Eckankar (just and observation) teaches that our dreams are the higher self's way of speaking to us. Other, psychiatrist, took dreams very seriously. Jung developed his philosophies from a NDE. Try that one one for size huh? I have just decided from my own research that the best way to wrap my head around this is that the brain is essential a filter. The subconscious or higher self is trying to give you (the dreamer matrix being when awake) a clue. The filter is just in the way. Once you learn the symbolism, like when a medium sees dirt on a hand that could mean hard labor to one medium or a gardener to another, you will get it. You just have to figure out the language between your higher self and awake self. This dream language is nuts. It is good to have observations to help us learn.
Reply eerie777
12:35 PM on October 19, 2014 
There is a reason (the wall) you find it so hard to get married... I feel there are 2 aspects of yourself coming together in the dream imo!
Reply kubbyk
8:09 AM on October 10, 2014 
Perhaps this dream is asking you to free up expectations and images of who/what you think you want. I often have dreams about being in a relationship with a guy I can sense but cannot really see. I take it as being encouragement that I'll have that experience but not to narrow my field of acceptance with some unattainable ideal that is not in alignment with what we actually need. You said you wouldn't have a chance with him or someone like him. But why? You deserve all the best. And him being in your dream may point to some unresolved issues and emotional ties connected to him. Did you have feelings for this guy? It seems that perhaps feelings, no matter what their intensity, were not reciprocated and you may feel unresolved and simply like it ended before anything really began. The fact that you were surprised that it was him seems to be something that you really need to focus on and also the fact that you searched for wedding photos but found nothing. Ask deeply what you may have been searching for in regards to him or even something that you may be searching for in general as far as life goals go etc. All the best to you