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How to Trigger the Transformation !

Posted by Sivan Remesh on October 7, 2014 at 2:25 AM
In here the word 'triggering' is used to refer to the point from where you start growing beyond the mind. I recommend this meditation to be done before sunrise and 3'o click in the morning to those who can astral project. And it will be good for others to do this in daytime.Avoid doing the meditation during sunset, sunrise and the peak sun time. Doing this everyday will make you alert during night time. If you cannot simply astral project at will, then with the heightened alertness you will be having insomnia like me from doing this.

In this meditation, you close your ears using your index finger. And if you stay silent inside for a moment, you will hear a certain white noise inside. The technique is to meditate in this white noise for 2 hours. You can reduce the duration to 1:30hrs after the first month (or 30 days). This technique is to be done daily until the triggering happens. If you are sensitive enough to your energies, you will know the day that the trigerring happens. During the days of meditation before the trigerring, you will notice that your chakras started to open more and more and it stays in that state and it rebalances itself to the highest state you got into, even if it fall back. This is due to your increased awareness from the meditation. The day you start to grow beyond the mind (the trigerring), there will be a sudden fall on the levels of chakras and you will feel more aware of your surroundings because of your minds projections(dreams) had stopped in a big level. The fall in the levels of chakras is there because you simply dropped a big lod of your egos that kept you dreaming that you were in ease with yourself. Hence the inner agony is revealed. After that, all you have to do is simply relax and enjoy life as much as possible. But stay away from drugs and stuff. If you want to experience some drugs, then have it on a smaller scale after the triggering and that will be the last time you will ever do drugs. The misery of falling from your heightened consciousness even in a smaller scale will make you never do drugs.

This is the point from where you can start doing Tantra. Tantra is basically indulgence in sex with awareness. It is also a system of enlightenment. The more you indulge with awareness, the more your sex energy keeps growing and is pulled upward to the crown centre. The Indian master Osho have been giving talks on Tantra for years. In the following link is the books he has written(recited) about tantra :



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