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Do cryptids exist?

Posted by Rahul Jaiswar on July 10, 2014 at 6:25 AM

Do you think reports of 'cryptids' like the loch ness monster, yeti, living dinousars in the congo, mermaids etc are real? Could these be nature spirits up to mischief or real flesh and bllod creatures?


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Reply KarenW
11:29 PM on August 1, 2015 
I do believe some of these creatures exist. Mermaids have been found with Dolphin's and whales. I think the theory is that these humanoids are a branch off of an early "man" strain that adapted to water life. IMHO I think there just another form of the genetic splice that we all derived from by advance lifeforms. Welcome to earth the test tube. All the things listed yes, physical and real. Why we don't see them. I think we see more than these are published. It is certainly touted as rubbish quickly enough. If there are some events that produce serious documentation to the claims it seems to be confiscated under HomeLandSecurity or the entire building burns to the ground. As for the mermaids if any government allowed this to go public they would have to stop sonar weapons of destruction testing and give up the deep well exploration in lue of habitat protections. We can not have tree hugger's interfere when they are trying to build weapons or exploit natural resources, Maker forbid that should happen. So, your question begs the query..."Why do you ask? What HAVE you seen?"
Reply Marie <3
10:00 PM on July 10, 2014 
I believe Nessie is real. I think though, the fake photos and articles on Nessie and other folklore legends, makes it had to believe that these monsters/sea-sylphs/physical elementals/fae actually exist. But the fake documents and the myths being debunked and even the people who create the fake photos/documents/articles/etc could well be designed so we do doubt them. This whole world is one giant deception so anything to cover up the true nature will be used. Lift the veil and you'll see stranger :lol:
Reply AstralBooBaby
5:28 PM on July 10, 2014 
Never forget that ALL folklore, fairy tales and urban legends have some truth or that many of them are apart of our history. So, the answer to your question is yes - some of these creatures are physical in the same sense that we are and others aren't. Those that are not dense and physical have the ability to accelerate their molecules and vibratory structure and vibrate outside of our general light spectrum... Some of these Beings reside on a different layer of earth but again, they have the ability to willfully slow down or speed up their molecular structure and move in between layers. From these beings perspective, coming into our realm would be much like us walking into another room of our home.