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Thanks for being You

Posted by KarenW on November 5, 2013 at 8:45 PM

As I read the Blogs occasionally I always find one or two that I cannot resist adding my two cents to the post. As I sit here being nostalgic in my dithering mid forty’s I realize that I have not been as grateful to those around me as I should. Often I can’t run up to people throw my arms round them and give them a great big hug and say “thanks” much to my disappointment. I am a very touchy feely person and when I get into modes, like today, I find my wanting to love everyone even if it meets with some resistance.

However, the reality that I would just start randomly hugging everyone in sight is most unlikely. Not that I don’t have upmost appreciate for everyone but the programming that there is a certain time or place least they think your crazy is still very prominent to this unit. But I digress I am off my mark here.

My point is I wanted to express thanks to all who participate or even lurk without verbal or written participation. In just being here and reading the words this is an action that leans toward participation. If you then have a thought on it even better; Words to the paper then posting even more to enjoy and learn from the totality of your thoughtful presence.

 I learn and grow with everyone. Without such a group my life would not be nearly as interesting.

So, Thanks for being you. Whoever you are, wherever you are, all I wanted to say is THANKS!!. I am grateful for you being you. Each HUMAN with all the little imperfections and all the other wonderful things it takes to be you.

God Bless. May you always be fill with love and abundance. May you never feel weary or dreary. May your light always shine.

And if you are the one who needed to read this for the big HUG then consider your self E-hugged.

K Wells


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Reply Carpe Diem 117
12:57 AM on November 8, 2013 
This message means a lot thank you Karen.

Much love.
Reply Julini
4:06 PM on November 7, 2013 
aww Karen... too sweet! Because it is your wish for all - that wish is reflected back to you.

Much love.
Reply AstralBooBaby
1:09 PM on November 6, 2013 
Beautiful message! Its so filled with honor and deeper self-reflection and gives us all something to think about. I say you are welcome Karen and thank you for BEing you and all that you do!
Reply Maria aka Xc
11:08 AM on November 6, 2013 
I think it is so easy to overlook the fact that we are actual 'real' human beings taking part on these forums and blogs. Some of us probably share more of our hearts in ways that we have never with a 'physical' person. So yes, I wholeheartedly received your message today Karen - well received. Sending you and everyone else who is a part of this special community - a warm e-hug as well. I'm not the huggie type by nature (only with my kids) but an e-hug sure speaks volume!
Reply Estephan
10:57 AM on November 6, 2013 
What a wonderful message! I think everybody should hug everybody. It's strange isn't it? That we sometimes hold back our hugging when we actually want to express it. I think everybody needs a hug sometimes! Thanks for sharing your e-hug and your great positivity in this message. Thanks for being YOU.
Reply Omni
1:19 AM on November 6, 2013 
Thank you Karen! I really liked how you make note that even those who don't post still contribute to this site and make it the amazing community that it is today. Gratitude is always a plus, I have these days as well (VERY RARE) but I have them lol.