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Appreciation vs validation

Posted by Soulwarrior on August 3, 2013 at 8:15 AM
Appreciation vs approval. I have observed that there are two kinds of people in this world - generally speaking. There are those whose goal is to express and to be themselves - like myself. They want to express themselves because they have so much love and sense of beauty in their heart, and they have a natural desire and a longing to share this love and to connect to other people and to give and receive love and appreciation. Their main goal and motivation in life is to inspire with who they are and they have a natural appreciation for other people who express themselves. They see other people and feel appreciation for each persons uniqueness. They really see and feel other people. They don't see or value others based on their performance or level of fame , status or respectability. They see and appreciate other for who they are and are therefore inspired by them. These people have a spark or glow in their eyes. These people also have a high appreciation and feeling for music. Because music is a medium of self expression, and in music they can find great appreciation, inspiration and connection - they get touched by human beauty and creativity. These people touch me and inspire many. And the others - the majority - are those who live their whole life in the quest to appear correct in the eyes of others. Everything they do is motivated by this one goal - to be accepted and approved by the crowd. These people lack individuality and soul. They are not even human - they are collective units. Something obviously went wrong in the evolutionary process that gave rise to these peculiar subhumans. These people never express themselves and they have no desire to express themselves - unless of course they are told to dance to the tune of the crowd once in a while. You cannot appreciate these people because only a person who has a self - an individuality - can be seen and therefore appreciated. For how can you feel a person who is never expressing himself but is only trying to fit in or to be "correct". These people are dead and lifeless zombies who have obviously forgot that there is a soul. These people cannot sing and dance. The "norm" is their God that they worship. These people do not seek to have a genuine relationship with anyone. They only have relationship with others if they have something to offer them ( money, fame, status...). They are not married out of pure and genuine love and appreciation - they are only married out of necessity or because it is something "every successful person "must do. They never seek partners out of love but out of necessity. They seek partners who are rich and have a lot of money, social fame and status etc. You can see that these people have a dead and lifeless relationship to their wife and children - because there is no foundation of love and appreciation but it is only based on need. These are the psychopaths and narcissists who hit, abuse, control and dominate their wife and children. Their family suffers in silence but holds a happy face facade to the outside world to maintain their social status and image. And poor children who will have their souls destroyed by such parents. I have just described the average swedish person. The average swedish person is a person who lacks any individuality - sweden just dance to the tunes of what is popular and given by america and hollywood. Their interest is in watching the television ( tell lie vision as astralboobaby would put it ). On the weekends they drink alcohol because that is the only thing that can make the swedish person express himself a little. Swedish people lack emotions and feelings. Because a collective unit cannot have true feelings and emotions because in order to have feelings one must have an individual and a will outside of the collective. For how can you have authentic feelings when you let the crowd think and feel for you? Swedish people can have feelings - but they are not their feelings ( their feelings are borrowed and inherited from the culture from one generation to the next). For example, a swedish person can hate someone for being black or brown skinned. But this is not their own authentic feeling ( it is just a culturally inherited feeling). Swedish people only thinks or feels when the crowd thinks or feels something. The swedish person worships the norm more than perhaps any other country in the EU. Their favorite music is whatever is mainstream and popular at the time - because they cannot feel or connect to music on a personal level. Justin Bieber is one artist that is heard from every neighbors door in my country. I was sent to the psychiatrist for expressing frustration for my lagging computer. Now this is something that could only happen in my country. For in my country no one feels frustration. Because in order to feel frustration, you must be able to have a desire. Swedish people don't have true desire because they lack their own independent will. The don't have any desire to create something, their only interest is to maintain the status quo.


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