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Spiritual ego vs egoless

Posted by Soulwarrior on August 1, 2013 at 5:45 AM
Spiritual ego vs egolessness What is a spiritual ego? A spiritual ego is a subtle ego. It is a more subtle and ugly form of ego. It is when you try to appear holy to yourself and to others. You are still attached to how other people perceive you - you want to be perceived in a certain light. You want to appear spiritual to yourself and to others. You are still attached to your self image. In order to look good to others and to yourself, you never challenge yourself and others. You never chock or disturb other people. You only say and do what you think others expect from a holy or spiritual person. You only say and do what other people want to hear and see. Because you want to be perceived as spiritual and holy to yourself and to others. And what happens when a person who is truly nonattached to his self image comes and expresses himself in a way that is outside of peoples narrow expectations of how a spiritual person is? What happens when a true egoless person ( who is not attached to any self image ) comes and says or does something chocking or disturbing to challenge other people in their mental boxes and fixed expectations? This person is rejected and critisized by the idiots and fools who only judge by outer appearances. Noone listens to this person. Because this person is not attached to his self image and therefore has no need to appeal to others in order to get his social image confirmed by others. What is an egoless person? An egoless person is a person who has no self image. He therefore has no need to be perceived as spiritual or holy by others. He has no need to appeal to other peoples narrow expectations. He is therefore free to be chocking and challenging. An egoless person is a person who has achieved nonattachment to any social self image. He does not care about being perceived in a certain way. Osho is an example of this. Osho never said the things people wanted to hear or that made peoples expectations comfortable. He challenged and chocked people out of their tiny expectations of the master. He did not want to or try to live up to any narrow expectations people might have had about how a spiritual person should be. He just came as himself and challenged and chocked people constantly. He said words like " fuck, baby, idiots...". He said things that we dont expect to hear from a spiritual person. He said these things deliberately in order to challenge peoples fixed or narrow expectations of how a spiritual person should say or do. He tried to see which disciples were real and which disciples were false. He tested them. The disciples who left because he did not live up to their tiny and insignificant expectations, were never true disciples. So he filtered the false disciples from the true in this way. The true disciples who passed the test remained, even if osho said fuck or called them idiots. Because these disciples passed the test ( they did not judge by outer appearances ). So this was oshos way of separating the true disciples from the false. The true disciples did not judge by the outer appearances, but they saw through the futility of the outer words and deeds of the master. They did not judge the master by him saying " fuck" or in other way shocking their expectations of how a spiritual person should be. Osho could challenge and chock people because he was truly free from spiritual ego ( he was not attached to how he was perceived by other people - he was not attached to any self image ). Osho was only being a spontaneous expression of the spirit, and in spontanity there can be no value judgement. That which is spontaneous does not try to be perceived by others in a certain way - it is just a free and spontaneous expresion. The difference between a spiritual ego and an egoless person is this. The spiritual ego wants to be perceived in a certain way. It wants to look spiritual in the eyes of others and in its own eyes. It says only the things it thinks is expected from the crowd, instead of just being a free and spontaneous expression of the holy spirit ( www.askrealjesus.com). An egoless person has no attachment to any spiritual self image, and therefore it is free to express itself in challenging and chocking ways. It is free to come as i am, as a spontaneous self, with no preplanned agenda. I dont even know that im gonna say or do because i have not planned what im gonna say before i say it. An egoless person has surrendered his self image and does not live his whole life in the quest to build up his social self image. An egoless person is only concerned with one thing: to challenge the status quo and to step into the unknown in every moment where everything is possible. He is just open to explore and dive into the unknown where everything is possible. There is no " right " way to be. There is only surrendering into the unknown. I am only a spontanous expression of whatever needs to come through at this moment. Spontanity, nonattachment to self image, stepping into the unknown in every monent, always being challenging...These are some of the qualities of the egoless person. Stop trying to be spiritual and just be. By soulwarrior


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