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My most powerful quote ( revised )

Posted by Soulwarrior on July 15, 2013 at 6:45 AM
The fastest way to know if someone is your friend is to stand in your power and greatness. If he is your friend, he will like it.If he is not, he will try to change you or run away. - soulwarrior What is your most powerful quote? Share


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10:12 PM on July 16, 2013 
to me..... the sun is the bearer of life and light. even when there is cloud, the sun will shine through with rays of warmth and affection. but when the clouds are too dark the sun will let them have their moment. but all in all, the sun will come back out to bring a new day for life as if it had never left.
10:07 PM on July 16, 2013 
yess, speak from the higher self. i feel most of the world is not ready to see or hear someone from the higher self your speaking of, as it holds too much authority and for many this causes a sense of insecurity because they can no longer attach themselves to your stream of energy. this path truely insists on leaving the past behind and finding more like minded brethren. if you are able to sustain this higher vibration without shifting. you will be eternally happy. but you may miss out on the ones you could have helped, protected, assisted and comforted in their darker times of sleep. until this day everyone walks amongst their highest, will be the day of heaven on earth. very powerful quote brother.SUNRAH
Reply AstralBooBaby
10:07 AM on July 16, 2013 
Very good quote Adam... I have several quotes but if I were to pick the one that has the most resonance for me, it would have to be "Shackle the body, enslave the person - Shackle the mind, enslave generations, free your mind"... I really love this quote because it sums up everything that we are contending with here on earth. Most of us are being imprisoned by invisible chains due to programs, beliefs and expectations passed down from great grandparents, mothers, fathers, teachers, who had received their mental prisons from shackled minds and so on... Thus, the cycle of mental slavery continues, until a few become empowered and brave enough to step UP and begin breaking the cycle.

Thank you for sharing fam!