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Posted by julesmitchell on June 15, 2013 at 2:50 PM

A long time ago I read from Paschal Beverly Randolph the concept of blending. A conscious spirit or entity can be inside of a person unconsciously without them knowing and can control and manipulate them. This past New Years I met a fellow brother who is a Rastafarian and we build on spirituality and religion and while we were talking I felt as if something left me and we both heard a childlike voice laugh and say "bye-bye". For the longest time I felt all these demonic/evil thoughts which I felt weren't my own try to take control and caused me to be violent(physically abuse my girlfriend) and also to just be more on the edge. After this experience I felt as if I released through the positive energy me and my friend were building on. Is something like this possible???


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Reply AstralBooBaby
11:17 PM on June 18, 2013 
The answer to your question is a resounding YES! There are spirits and even man-made vices that are being used to influence, feed off of and control the minds of people who are most vulnerable and compromised in some form or another. The easiest way for these things to occur is through mind altering substances, such as alcohol and drugs... Sexual activity with one who has parasitic or astral parasites (providing that he or she is not one themselves)... Deep seeded fears, denial of one's authentic self and heightened states of lowly emotions can also make one a strong magnet or target for these things. People who don't 'think' or can't 'think' much are very susceptible as well. If and when we strengthen our minds - the core will sync up with it and we can become impenetrable against such vices be it man-made, spiritual or otherwise.
Reply Samwell
5:44 PM on June 18, 2013 
Word to the wise!
Reply KarenW
1:32 AM on June 17, 2013 
yes, we can be influenced and even taken over depending on our strength of spirit/will. This influence is lessened by being mindfully aware and confident of who you are. Ever seen people who are so confused that they go to everyone for an opinion. These are the people who are overwhelmed and do not have a connection. They are so disconnected from source that they then seek guidance of another who may have more connection, IMO.

Growing into spiritual abilities defines and strengthens your knowing and ownership of the God source inside. Holes of spiritual being or in our life force allows these beings to "fill in" the gaps. You IMO have pushed it out by filling your hole with knowledge or reconnection to this knowledge if that makes sense. You can also create holes by giving self away by trying to fix others. Healthcare workers do this all the time, then they die early because they literally gave themselves away. The disease they die of is really dis-ease or disconnection from self/source. Dysfunctional but it happens.
This is only my observation of your question and my own acquired knowledge about myself on this topic.
Reply SarahMichelle
1:59 AM on June 16, 2013 
If you believe it, anything is possible. I've been in abusive relationships before and I normally see men do this because they are compensating or they have lost a part of them which makes them insecure, which also could relate a spirit or energy. I believe if it were something like that, a spirit or force, it wouldn't necessarily "make" you do things but it would bring out or stifle parts of yourself that you already have.
Remember to be optimistic though and always have love. Follow your gut and focus on your solar plexus and your intuition and you will eventually understand who you are, what you felt and what it means to you.