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My strange dream catcher

Posted by SarahMichelle on June 8, 2013 at 7:20 PM

This is the story about how a dream catcher gave me nightmares.

About two weeks ago I went on a mini-vacation with a friend to a place called Oregon, Illinois. It has a lot of homage to the native american ancestors (mounder) who lived there before, this includes tipis all over town, the largest standing cement statue in the world called Chief Blackhawk, and a super cool native american store called the Eagles Nest. At this store I bought a lot of gifts and souveneers like stones and crystals and a wooden snake, but I also bought a dream catcher. They had dream catchers on small racks beside the checkout and I picked up a teal colored dream catcher with soft fluffy feathers and decided I wanted it. It also had a really good energy to it. But my friend picked up a different one that was blue and purple and had a quartz hanging from it and I chose that one because of it's asethetic qualities even though it felt strange to hold. 

After I took this dream catcher home and hung it up, I started sleeping for 9+ hours a night. I woke up tired, and I realized this was because I was having nightmares I did not fully remember. But when I became concious enough to remember one, I had a full blown night terror. I talked to my boyfriend about it and he suggested I smug the catcher just to be safe, and if that didn't work I needed to take it down. So, the last night I kept it up in my room, over my bed, I smuged it along with the rest of my crystals. This was when I had the most vivid and terrifying dream of my life. I had a dream I was sleeping, and I kept waking up with writing carved into my skin (kind of like white ink tattoos). I woke up in my dream with three tattoos and I dediced that a deamon had been writing on me in my sleep. (one of the tattoos had the shape of a t-rex along with the writing) So in my dream I went to see a gypsie to consult her about the marks on my body. I walked through three shops to reach the gypsie in the third. In the first shop I stoped to look at something with stars and moons on it, the second shop and fancied an oriental jade tea set, and in the third one the gypsie sold jewelry with stones on them. After telling the gypsie about my dream within a dream and the marks on my body, all she told me was that it isn't right for something to be marking me and harming me. I woke up mid conversation.

I took down the catcher, and I've read articles that I need to burn or bury it, but I haven't done so. I also learned that in order for a dream catcher to work it has to be made for you by a shaman. 

I am looking for some feedback into the symbolism of a dream catcher and the symbolism in my dream.

Thank you :3 



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Reply KarenW
7:51 PM on June 13, 2013 
Destiny Dawn Menée says...
"the most vivid and terrifying dream of my life"

-i dont know why thats so funny to me- but anyhoo, Maybe the catcher has dreams and different energies stuck to it?

You may be own to something.... it is a "catcher" after all. No telling how the entity got "stuck" to it. Maybe part of it's problem is that it is P.O. that it is trapped to begin with. Can you imagine being trapped in a dream catcher after roaming free for who knows how many years in the astral plane? I'd be pissed too coming from it's perspective you have described. Just another way the "man" held him down.
Reply Destiny Dawn Menée
1:11 PM on June 12, 2013 
SarahMichelle says...
I read an article saying that a dream catcher is something with an intention and that gives it a power, but the power also attracts more spirits...

And you wanted to give it to me :( ... -facepalms-

xD !!!
Reply KarenW
9:23 AM on June 12, 2013 
I have sent u and email on this in great detail. I agree with ABB, but maybe your meant to do more than bury it. Maybe you were meant to "ghost whisper it". There is a reason that you have met it. Spirits get stuck in the programmed loop. Maybe you are meant to help him resolve this Karmic issue. Maybe that you were part of the problem in another time/place. Just a thought. Spirits are often the same being with the same hang ups without the bodies. GOOD NEWs is that spirits can be wrangled down mentally and frozen in that singularity of time and space you meet them in. Once "frozen" and you begin the quizzing of how/why/where/when and tell me how your feeling. Once it's wall is breeched then the spirit has an energy shift that allows the "other" non-physical beings (who are there too help) be seen. Until the energy shifts in your bothersome being the other non-physical beings are invisible to your bothersome one. Think of your being like a radio station he's on 93 and your non-physical help is on 102.3. You can look at your self as the tuner trying to get a clear reception like with the old radio dial boom boxes. Your trying to bridge the gap between frequency's. That is the only way I can describe the communication issues. 93 frequency can't talk to the 102.3 frequency there must be an upgrade and modifying to bridge the gap. Just like a walkie- talkie you played with as a kid.
You may be the pendulum that swings the bothersome being energy just enough so that "others" can be seen/heard then be allowed to do there jobs. END result is that your bothersome being resolves his issues that keep him bound here. So burying the catcher in a sense is a "cut and run" from the problem. Yours may not be responsible for act of resolution, you may be meant only to find it and then move it along to another person who can do the actual clearing.
If you are not comfortable getting rid of it yourself find some one who can. I would encourage you to take and extra step so that your fellow (former) human being can be given the release that he seeks spiritually/emotionally. If you choose not to handle this yourself then simply ask for clarity on the "how too" process. If your not then simply ask who should You ask for this type of help. You will know them when you run into them.
Reply SarahMichelle
4:47 AM on June 12, 2013 
Wow... These replies have been very insightful! I have definitely learned quite a bit so far about this story. ABB's comment was very specific and has opened up a lot of concepts I could have never found on my own... I feel it has a lot of truth. I most likely perceived the spirit as a demon because I have a limited background of what types of spirits and why one would not only appear in my dream but bring me harm. The notion of the crystal also being manipulated has been on m mind. I brought the dream catcher to the shop owner of a metaphysical bookstore today and as she was praying over it, flat in her hands, the crystal fell off the catcher and onto the floor.... She didn't sense any negativity off hand but she did suggest that I cleanse it in various ways and she blessed it for me. She suggested that my dream was telling me that I was ready to move on from something and the dinosaur mark represented irrelevancy in something.
I am almost glad for this experience because it had taught me so much so far and I've really enjoyed all of your comments. :) I appreciate all the advice and support and I am always open to more suggestions and views thank you all so much!
Reply lisaJ
9:01 PM on June 11, 2013 
I concur with all the advice given. Very intuitive ABB and Omni. I also think this could be an opportunity for you to do a cleansing and healing ceremony of your own. Indeed send it to nature, but while doing so do a little prayer for healing toward the dream catcher and the ancestors and the native people living today. You can place your hands on or close to the dream catcher and do your prayer. I think this can be simple, but powerful. I think your 1 little prayer will be added to many others over time, and a profound healing for the natives and ancestors can happen. JMHO
Reply Omni
12:30 PM on June 11, 2013 
I think ABB and Destiny Dawn are on the ball! I hope you can find peace and apply a healthy solution (the one ABB proposed ;) lol). I think it would be cool, beneficial even, if you made your own dream catcher. That way it will be am expression of yourself and have only your energies and intent attached/intertwined in it. It can be your personal tool and be an expression of your creativity. You are an artist right! :)
Reply AstralBooBaby
9:03 AM on June 11, 2013 
Take this as a learning experience that you have gained knowledge from and will partake the information you've learned and share it with others... I feel that the issue with the dreamcatcher you have lies within the crystal attached to it... Crystals are very sensitive to recording or absorbing energies and I feel that people with psychic vampire energies came in contact with the dreamcatcher prior to your purchase (especially the crystal)... I am always advising people against buying or picking up crystals or anything with crystals, without testing the energy of it first. The energies of a crystal can be tested with a simple needle and thread but I digress... The problem with the dreamcatcher you have is with the crystal that is attached and I think that you should go ahead and bury the dreamcatcher somewhere in a forest at least one mile away from you.

Now, as for the symbolism of the dream and what I feel is going on... For starters, the energy that you are experiencing through these dreams were not from demons but from the spirit of a Native American, who (from their perspective) sees you as an enemy... The three tattoos (also symbolic of trinity) or markings were physic imprints by this Native American spirit... I feel that his intent was/is to draw (figuratively and spiritually) negative energies to you as a form of revenge for what had been done to his people by the invaders of their village... From this Being's sphere of consciousness, you are just another invader (like the others) whose unrightfully entered their space. I feel that its his way of running you out or away from the village (so to speak). The three different gypsies (trinity) that you were visiting while in the dream-state was not only tied to your subconscious and conscious mind trying to get direction and advice as to what is going on but they also signify your desire to roam freely without responsibility and obligation. After-all, I do feel that you are a 'free spirit' kind of person... Again, I strongly suggest that you take that dreamcatcher and bury it at least a mile away from your residency in a forest or park where a lot of trees are. I hope that this message is understood and resonate with you :)
Reply SarahMichelle
4:14 AM on June 11, 2013 
I read an article saying that a dream catcher is something with an intention and that gives it a power, but the power also attracts more spirits...
Reply Destiny Dawn Menée
3:29 AM on June 9, 2013 
"the most vivid and terrifying dream of my life"

-i dont know why thats so funny to me- but anyhoo, Maybe the catcher has dreams and different energies stuck to it?