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Soul loss & dissociation (rewritten)

Posted by Soulwarrior on May 19, 2013 at 10:35 AM

Introduction to soul loss:

What is soul loss?


--Do you feel that you have lost connection to who you are?


--Do you feel that you don't feel as alive as you remember yourself feeling at an earlier stage in your life?


--Do you feel that something in you has been lost?


--Do you feel disconnected from your original feeling of being alive?


--Do you feel emotional numbness; do you feel that you have lost access and connection to your true, authentic emotions? Do you feel that you desperately try to reconnect with what you really feel, but to no results?


--Do you feel that you no longer see the world in awe and wonder? Do you feel that where you once saw a world full of colors and rainbows, you now see only grey scales?


--Do you feel that the things that used to make you feel alive, now dont make you feel anything anymore?


--Do you feel a sense of detachment (nonpresence) to life. Whatever you do, you are not present in it.


--Do you feel that you have lost your imagination and ability to daydream? 


--Do you constantly feel dull, docile, apathy, boredom, meaninglessness, pointlessness, depression, numbness of your senses, dull, docile, hopelessness & restlessness.


--Are you trying desperately to get in contact with your original feeling of being alive?

--Do you often find yourself asking: "i used to feel so alive....now i feel dead like a zombie...what has happened to me?"


I am here to answer these questions for you (since i myself has struggled a lot with this problem in my life).


So what is the problem that you are experiencing?


You are suffering from what the shamans call soul loss (a.k.a."dissociation" in the scientific western world).




What creates soul loss?


When you experienced a serious trauma in your life, a part of your soul (the essence of who you are / your unique identity / your connection with you / the part of you that makes you feel alive) left your physical body and went back to the spirit world. It did so to protect you from experiencing the full hurt of the trauma; it would be too much to handle for you to experience the trauma in its fullness at that time.

So now, your soul is fragmented (all the different parts of your soul are not present inside of you). Your consciousness no longer have access to those parts of yourself. You have lost the full connection with yourself; and you are desperately trying to reconnect with your lost self.

So in order to feel alive again, you must retrieve the parts of your soul that has left you. It is possible to retreive the lost parts of your soul--Shamans can help you with this...

Author: Adam Damani (soulwarrior)

My homepage: soulloss.hemsida24.se





Book: Soul retrieval: minding the fragmented self (book)



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Reply Omni
1:31 PM on June 3, 2013 
This is vital information for your everyday life! This is interesting that you bring this up....as I have heard this from the late and great Ted Andrews...an author, meta-physician and magician/wiccan (if i can recollect correctly) who wrote a book on how to read and see the human aura. He says in his book that seeing holes in one's aura could possibly be a sign that, when they experienced Trauma in there lives, there consciousness or a part of themselves would exit the body...going along the same lines you discussed above, to lessen the pain and hurt one would experience.

This is a very real experience...I have asked a few ppl about where there attention was in traumatic experiences; and many of them have stated that they blacked out or don't remember all that happened as there recollection of it was choppy.
Reply Soulwarrior
10:34 AM on May 21, 2013 
If you were in contact with 100% of your soul, you cant even imagine how alive you would feel. The meaning of life is to bring ourselves together...so reconnect with our full self.....reintegration
Reply Maria aka Xc
10:09 AM on May 21, 2013 
Funny thing is, I recall a few years ago asking myself "where have I gone - it felt like a piece of me was missing; literally. What you stated above makes so much sense to me.
Reply Maria aka Xc
10:07 AM on May 21, 2013 
Very interesting!... thanks for this information Soulwarrior. I think there are many who suffer from soul loss and are not aware of it, in the sense that it is not talked about much - at least not from this perspective.

I've heard others inquire as to whether or not some people are soul less, and I'm leaning on the belief that this is what they may be referring to - those suffering from soul loss.

It seems that many of the symptoms are synonymous of someone experiencing depression - and is this the cause of most depression. Are we too quick to use the term 'depress' - is it too broad?

Just thinking out loud!

Thanks for bringing this to light!
Reply Soulwarrior
9:53 AM on May 21, 2013 
HAHA, i copied and paster from my website (my website text is black). I now became aware of it....hope you enjoy the text and I more so hope that you can relate to it on a personal level (othervise its no use for you to read it).
Reply Maria aka Xc
9:50 AM on May 21, 2013 
Thanks solodolobolo!... was just waiting for soulwarrior's response as to what he would like done. It appears to be fine now!
Reply solodolobolo
5:44 AM on May 21, 2013 
X-c says...
SoulWarriorm I don't think your post is visible - at least not on my screen.

The text appears to be black! for now, just click and drag a highlight over it with your mouse and it should be sweet.
Reply Maria aka Xc
11:49 PM on May 20, 2013 
SoulWarriorm I don't think your post is visible - at least not on my screen.