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Posted by KarenW on April 30, 2013 at 8:50 PM

OK, not that I watch Coast to coast that often but I found this interesting. So how does one take the remote viewing aspect of it. Is time and space malleable and is this a fate people can avoid? Me personally I do think this "drastic" of an event can be avoided though I do think something can happen on a lesser scale. I have always seen myself living in a mountain area. My sister says the same things only she adds that where ever our family and other like us end up it is considered a "safe zone" after hearing some of this last night I kind of got a shiver up my spine.

Mind you my baby sister and I had a "strained" relationship until about two-three years ago when we both figured out we had similar gifts. My middle sister who is a family therapist also remembers seeing ghost as a child. She believes it was the adults reactions to our "gifts" that caused trauma to us as children that left us all three in laten willingness to resume our responsibilities to our "gifts" Mind you my middles sister is the very last of the three of us to resume the process of awakening. I believe her children have played a strong part of this in her life as did my child.

My thought is that it may, unfortunately, take something on this scale to thin the herd out to remove the staunch resistance. Mind you that The prime creator has always used nature to sort things out. For those conspiracy theorist those that think their in control of this are not. When the poop hits the fan and the realization that things did not go in their favor; Anger and blame of the controlling negative entities will begin to purge their own ranks. The bunkers that are being built to withstand this very thing will be the target of the negative entities ire. My sister for some reasons has had dreams on this issue. She tells me that the powers that be think they will be safe but they will not.

If it is allow to go that far. It will be corrected as easily or as harshly as it needs to be done for the sake of every being involved balance will be restored. Again this drastic vision this person is seeing does not have to occur but could.

So thoughts or discussions on the Remote viewing kill shot?

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Reply Omni
7:32 PM on May 6, 2013 
Thats why I call them "the powers that never were" lol. This is a really great post, and so is ABB's response! I'm starting to see alot of common things being spoken about within this community and others. It is true that many more people are realizing things aren't right.

Speaking of safe it just me but I feel that in terms of natural disasters, the area I currently live in hasn't really been affected much at all. I truly believe that some zones are "safer" than others for a variety of reasons. Geography being one of them of course, but I never really considered that the type of ppl there can be a major determining factor as well. I do have to admit that I heard somewhere that in these times, if you live in an area with a high volume of crime, negativity, and just plain cruel ppl...get out to a more positive environment for your health and survival. Who said this idk, but this blog is very intriguing. Thank you
Reply AstralBooBaby
1:27 PM on May 6, 2013 
You make so many interesting points here but I just want to touch on a couple -- the first is that you are correct in that you and your siblings have a natural gift to see beyond the veil and you are also correct in that more than often, our parents; the educational system and countless habits that we develop causes us to shut down and block off these natural abilities and awareness. I am so happy to see that more of us are reconnecting to our inner-child and allowing the true beauty and wonder of this timeline to merge with our mature perspective! As for nature having a way to balance itself? You are very correct in this as well. Many things that we see as anomalies and even things we judge as immoral is due to a severe imbalance that 'man-kind' had set forth a very long time ago. For instance, the oppression, murder, suppression, disrespect and dishonor of the divine feminine in females (mostly) and males has some serious repercussions and it is why so many biological males are being born with an over-abundance of 'feminine' energy and so many biological females are being born to neutralize some of that over abundance of masculine energy. Some dare to say that those who don't wear the male patriarchal image of masculine and feminine are ?abominations? but in their ignorance and lack of understanding -- they do not realize that those of us who they mock, disrespect and ridicule have taken on a very challenging anchors to balance things. What we do is a powerful example of unconditional love for ALL? Now, all of what I have shared is leading to your ultimate point and that is the potential 'gloom and doom' disasters that nature will likely bring upon humanity in order to help restore balance... I too have seen and continue to see probabilities in this regard but I also know that nothing is etched in stone... In lieu of what I had just shared, much more is being done both in front of and behind the scenes to lessen or curtail the level of disastrous natural events that could fall upon humanity. However, I would be remiss if I were not to flat out state that so much damage has been done - some things just cannot be avoided. There will be more cataclysmic events but to what extent they will be, no one really knows because again, we are speaking about probabilities or possibilities based on how much time humanity can get their own life in balance and order. Lastly, I will say that I totally agree that those who really helped to engineer the terrible imbalance on this planet - the so called 'powers that be' will not be as safe as they think they are. They will finally learn the hard way that NO ONE is above nature and the Creation, no matter how powerful they "believe" they are or want to be.