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Posted by Maria aka Xc on January 19, 2013 at 12:45 AM

On Lukewarm people

We all can identify with people who are neither here nor there. Those that are easily swayed by other's beliefs; not able to follow through on what they stand for.

 Lukewarmness has nothing to do with not being able to have an emotion or being spiritually closed up / withdrawn. This is not the reason why one should question or assume this to be why bad things still happen to them or why they continue to fail. Anyone , be he be spiritual or not; if having the will to bounce back from such adversities, will; if the desire is there, and will eventually stand tall again.

 Lukewarmness stems from long periods of mindlessness towards ones inner self / growth. You don't just wake up one morning and discover that you have lost touch with your true connection to the divine presence / God / Divine Almighty. The state of lukewarmness is always followed by ongoing faithlessness and behaving in contradictory ways that hinder ones spiritual path. If attention is not given over a period of time, there is built up that if allowed to manifest, leaves one experiencing a sense of disconnectedness to the almighty source.

If one does not tend to the nurturing and care of a plant, does it not wither away ,dry up and eventually die?

Another factor of lukewarmness is the growing tolerance to living a life that we know is not in alignment with our beliefs. We begin to adopt the approach of "well, it can't hurt!" No ones perfect! "I'm only human!"

We try to justify our actions this way, to make concessions for the guilt that starts to rise within our souls - a way to ease our conscience.

When we fall into lukewarmness, the vision that we once held within our hearts will utimately become a blur; it is now that our spirituality becomes a drag: a duty or a chore. At this stage, we most likely are still going through the act of meditating; appreciating a good book should it fall in our laps. Even indulging in conversations about spirtuality is still possible, for here, we are merely talking about it, but no longer do we practice what we preach.

I think that this has been planted in my subconscious, to remind me that I must be ever so vigilant of the torch I carry within. You see, I've been down this road before; a few years back, and well, I got sidetracked by life itself. When facing the crossroads, I undoubtedly ventured on the wrong path; but thankfully, that path has inadvertently led me right back to where it all began. So; all is not lost afterall!

 My hopes is that in creating this blog (I hope I was not too redundant, as I'm freestyling as we speak lol)that I prevent even one person from making the same mistake I did in prolonging my spiritual journey. With that said; let's all help each other in standing the test of times! Whether it be a word of encouragement; one of our little quotes; photos; even a little "Hi" can carry weight! Thank you for your time.


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