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Posted by isis_dreaming on March 10, 2012 at 6:20 PM

I was aware and investigating all the 2012, political and social theories, but this experience is what, I think, really 'woke me up'. When I moved to a new location, I cleansed the apartment due to "old hag" experiences I was having in my previous apt. Someone died who previously lived in that place, I was also seeing their dog who did die in the apt. I wasn't real woo woo about it until I started having the experience of "old hag' about 3x a wk and felt like I was becoming 'crazy' due to sleep deprivation. I was scared to sleep in my own bed. After I moved, I did have two more experiences but after an additional sage cleansing it seemed to stop for months. These attacks weren't sexual at all. A few months later, a new upstairs neighbor moved in with her sister and mother. She was exceedingly friendly and for some reason would try to flatter me in a rather, to me, insincere way (she didn't even know me). We were talking about 'ghost tv shows' and she mentioned that she 'dreams' that she can leave her body at will and often 'walks around' other peoples homes while they are sleeping. She said she felt guilty about it. What's to feel guilty about a dream, I thought. I really thought she was just nuts. She also told me her mother could 'see things'. At this point I had not yet taken up a spiritual study.. I had read esoteric texts since a pre- teen, but having gone off the path due to many circumstances and being a big 'fraidy cat at the time, was not meditating anymore, but still studied diverse practices. She took a rather, what I felt was an insidious interest in me, asking what religion I was and bringing conversation always around to what did I practice ? After seeing books on tarot,meditation,astrology,kabbalah, she asked me if I was jewish etc. She was always coming to my door complimenting my collection of plants and then would ask if she could come in to see them. She was way too 'observant' I noticed, and she only came in a few times b/c she made me creeped and rather slimy feeling afterward. She was always commenting about how I needed to 'teach her'...whatever she noticed me working on while in my home or whatever book title she could read on the coffee table. She would talk to my dog, even through  a closed door,saying she wanted to be friends. Anyhow, a few months later due to a situation at my job, I started meditating again and reading like a madwoman to 'catch up' b/c I felt I was materially and spiritually under attack.She would keep asking me what I was doing b/c she could hear me doing a mantra or 'overhear' a podcast I was listening to and wanted a copy of it. Mind you I hardly talked to her otherwise. One night I heard a noise in the LR. I got out of bed (at the time I assumed I was dreaming) and my dog followed me. I ended up scaring a shadow out of my home and my dog startled a cat. It didn't feel it was the same type of 'entity' like the 'old hag' I was having before. It seemed more 'human'- like someone just looking at my stuff. Over the next few months other incidents happened and it started getting more physical. I would feel someone trying to open my mouth as I slept. They would climb in bed with me and hug me. I couldn't make out a face but the shadow had a shape. The shadow then climbed in bed with me one night and started humping on my leg- I had had enough and finally had the presence of mind to ask it what the hell it wanted then  hauled back and 'punched' it. The last incident they tried to get overtly sexual by stimulating me awake. At that point I grabbed it and let it know in no uncertain terms was that consented to. But because they had touched my genitals I was really angry. One day that upstairs neighbor cornered me in the foyer to ask me if I could 'curse' our noisy neighbors.. of course I looked at her like she was mental and just said that I thought the universe takes care of things at that level, for the most part, w/o my interference. Anyway, she made a comment about how wonderful my energy was and she loves being around me. She stepped at me to hug me (w/c I protested, but she did it anyway). At that point I noticed the outline of her body and realized she looked just like that shadow that had been coming around my apt at night and I remembered what she said a year earlier about how she can dream that she is wandering around in peoples homes at night and feels guilty about these dreams. Since then she has continued to try to find out what I practice, she has sneakily blown some kind of powder in my face (which made me really ill) and I have been warned in a reading to stay at least 10 feet away from her. I don't notice any more nocturnal visitations (I tried a few things to protect myself, once I accepted perhaps this was really what I thought it was). Now I know why she wanted to befriend my animal companion b/c the dog would constantly be barking at a dark living room at that time. or growling at dead air. The dog doesn't seem to do that as much anymore. But i am wondering if she is just much better at skulking around.


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Reply Jah 3000
12:41 AM on March 15, 2012 
Yeah, that sounds really creepy! Its true that a lot of times people think they are seeing or feeling the pressence of a ghost but they are really picking up the energy imprint of someone living or their own astral body. I don't know what to say about that neighbor of yours but I wish you luck with it. Seriously.
Reply Twilla
12:24 AM on March 15, 2012 
Wow very facinating story thanks for sharing. Actually reminds me about late last year always in the mornings, I would awake to something jumping on my bed when I would sit up I wouldnt see anything. Then sometimes I would her a loud crash like something bing slamed or thown to the ground in a lound bang. I would sit up and find mothing out of place. This would happen every morning for abou two weeks . Thhis may sound strange but it almost felt like a small animal maybe a cat jumping in the bed, but his was before i had a cat. Anyway it finally stopped all together.