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May God bless your good work sir. saving millions of lives daily. i am very much grateful to you sir. friends for the past 20years I've been a carrier of Genital Warts. i have visited many traditional center and others temples all to get my self a cure. b

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May God bless your good work sir. saving millions of lives daily. i am very much grateful to you sir. friends for the past 20years I've been a carrier of Genital Warts. i have visited many traditional center and others temples all to get my self a cure. but all my time was worthless. i was checking a blog and i saw a comment on Dr Akuna strong herbal medicine and how he has cured numerous of persons. i visited his website and also saw testimonies of him too. i was convinced that he must be my healer and i contacted him and he gave me directives on using his herbal medicine and how he will prepare it for me. i abide and obeyed and after 4days later i received his herbal medicine. and after using it for 2weeks i went to the clinic and test again and i was found negative. friends i can't testify how happy i am today being cured from Genital warts. he has remedies for all kinds of disease. Contact and your cure from great Akuna. his email:drakunasolutiontemple@gmail.com or his What app:+2348154625070 visit websites:http://drakunasolutiontem.wixsite.com/dr-akuna

6 Herbs That Will Make You Healthier

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From headaches, nausea, fatigue and insomnia to the common cold and moodiness, all collegiettes deal with aliments from time to time. While your first instinct may be to pop a pill when you’re feeling off, there are much better, more natural options that will not only relieve you of your symptoms, but also make you healthier and happier in the long run.

So the next time you’re feeling less than stellar or you’re just looking for a boost, try a natural plant! All of these herbs can be found in a variety of forms, such as teas and capsules, and you can find them in most grocery stores and health food stores.

1. Rhodiola

Rhodiola, also known as “golden root” or “arctic root,” has a long list of health benefits. The herb reduces stress, aids in muscle recovery, strengthens the nervous system, fights depression, increases immunity, enhances memory and improves hearing, among other things. It is best taken if you want relief from stress or if you’re running low on energy and motivation (in other words, perfect during finals week!).

“Rhodiola has a regulating effect on cortisol,” says Mary Helen Lee, acupuncturist and co-manager of White Moon Healing Center in Chicago. “People get excess cortisol from stress. Rhodiola has a very calming and stabilizing effect on the nervous system because it's able to help balance adrenal chemistry. Because of this, it helps support the immune system as well.”

Rhodiola is best taken in capsule form, and it is important to make sure to get a supplement that is guaranteed Siberian-grown. Some good brands to try are New Chapter or Gaia Herbs.

2. Ginseng

Native to eastern North America, American ginseng is considered to be a stress reducer and energizer. American ginseng (one of many varieties of ginseng) has been proven to increase energy and endurance as well as physical and mental performance while nourishing your mind and body. “Ginseng will improve alertness and exercise performance,” says Virginia Hadley, registered nurse, nutritionist, counselor and herbalist at Bearfoot Herbals.

Amanda Ball, a freshman at Western Michigan University, had a good experience when she took ginseng. “Ginseng helped me become healthier; when I was taking it, my hair and nails grew significantly!” she says.

Ginseng can be taken in capsule form (NOW Foods is a good brand to try), or it can also be brewed as a tea (Triple Leaf Tea is a great choice).

3. Peppermint

It might be better known in candy form, but the peppermint plant has a wide range of medicinal uses. “Peppermint is perhaps best known for helping digestion,” Lee says. Peppermint can help with gas, nausea, indigestion and cramps. It also relieves cold symptoms, such as a sore throat.

“Whenever I drink peppermint tea, I feel like it opens my airways and it soothes me, calms me down and makes me feel refreshed,” says Hannah Schuring, a senior at Portage Central High School in Michigan. The peppermint plant is best enjoyed in tea form; if you want to try it, try Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Herbal Tea.

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is used to treat a variety of aliments (and it really does smell and taste like fresh lemons!). “It aids digestion, decreases depression, decreases spasm (painful menstrual cramps, intestinal spasms of IBS/IBD) and, in higher doses, induces a state of relaxation,” says naturopathic physician Dr. Katie Stage, ND.

Lemon balm also has calming properties and can be used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Unlike Adderall, lemon balm does not have detrimental side effects – in fact, quite the opposite. “Lemon balm helps to quiet the mind and increase clarity and concentration,” Lee says. “It's a safe herb (a member of the mint family) that can be taken daily as needed.” Focusing during your next history lecture will seem like a breeze!

Lemon balm is available in many forms, but capsules and teas are the most common. A good brand to try is Solaray. If you want to try lemon balm in a tea, Traditional Medicinals Organic Lemon Balm herbal tea is a good option.

5. Valerian

Used as a treatment for insomnia, valerian root has a calming effect that enhances sleep, allowing for a restful night. “It improves sleep latency, meaning people who take it fall asleep faster,” Stage says. “They also report more restful sleep. [Valerian] does this by binding to GABA (a relaxing neurotransmitter in the brain) receptors, thus inducing a feeling of relaxation at lower doses and sleepiness at higher doses.”

As collegiettes, we often suffer from lack of sleep (loud neighbors, piles of homework, an eventful social life), and it can be difficult to wind down. With valerian, though, you’ll drift off comfortably and wake up rejuvenated! Valerian can be found in capsule form; a good choice is Nature’s Way Valerian Root.

6. Ashwagandha

Valued for centuries for its healing properties, ashwagandha, also known as “Indian winter cherry” or “Indian ginseng,” is useful in treating pain, fever and restlessness. This revitalizing herb has the ability to stabilize your mood, and it also boosts the immune system as well as brain function.

“It modulates the immune system, meaning it increases immune response when needed (such as when someone has a chronic infection like hepatitis C) and decreases immune response when needed (autoimmune diseases like lupus),” Stage says. “Ashwagandha also is great for energy, helping establish healthy sleep patterns and supporting people who are anemic or depleted after being sick (it increases red and white blood cells).”\

If you’re feeling ill or like you’re fighting off a sickness, ashwagandha will help you return to full health. If you want to give ashwagandha a try, it is available in capsule form. Some reputable brands to try are Gaia Herbs or Nature’s Way.

It’s inevitable that we’ll experience health problems in life, but with some natural herbs to help alleviate your ailments, you’ll be free to spend more time being healthy and happy, and who wouldn’t want that?

Article taken from http://www.hercampus.com


Posted by AstralBooBaby on March 30, 2017 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (1)

Out of curiosity and in lieu of the mounting uncertainty that so many people are expressing about having Donald Trump as America’s 45th President - I decided to do a quick calibration reading on him and what I received, may be somewhat surprising to many! I would be remiss if I were not to state that I am in no shape or form, affiliated with any political party or special interest group. In fact, I am really not much of a follower of politics. Therefore, I hold no bias or emotional attachments to this situation, which makes a reading in this regard much more palatable to a genuine and divinely inspired reading! My intent is to share my impressions and readings that may help to shed a little more light on the silver lining beneath a perceived large dark cloud.

At this present moment, President Trump’s calibration level reads at a positive 525 - this level is in tandem to the spirit and vibration of love, care and ‘service to others!’ It is worth stating for the record that I have done calibration readings on other heads of states and politicians in the past and without a hitch, the majority would register in the zero to negative ‘service-to-self’ end of the spectrum. To date, Trump is the very first person of His caliber that I have performed this form of reading on and got a positive 500+ designation!

Despite the stern ‘shoot from the hip,’ with no filter', shrewd and ruthless business man – President Trump's vibration encompass sympathy and care. I can feel that he really does have a profound love for this country as well! Interestingly enough, I also got a strong impression that President Trump genuinely cares about what people thinks of him. It’s almost as if there are two polar opposite versions of the same man but given the seat that he’s in, the dual persona will work perfectly! I am sensing a strong eagerness and passion to earn the favor of the American people, more-so than from His peer group and constituents! I feel his passion and desire to get things done ASAP and this is a major factor behind the signing of so many Executive orders at an unprecedented pace.  I have heard and read people accuse President Trump of many things but I would like to go on record as stating that he is definitely misunderstood and for whatever amount of time He will hold in office - many will come to understand Him more. After the dust settles and people begin seeing the fruits of his works manifesting and that is to restore the republic!

In closing, I feel that President Trump genuinely wants to give the power back to ALL of the people and He will do everything in His power to do just that, despite intense opposition. More Americans will eventually learn of His true intentions and will be pleased with the way in which things will turn around. Ironically, those who voted for Trump with an exclusive ‘service-to-self’ mantra are in for the shock of their lives once Trump shows His righteous hand. On the contrary, those who bought into the divisiveness and propaganda, will find themselves rather pleased with the much of the outcome.

Remember, nothing is ever what it appears in this game called life. Now that there’s a ‘trump card' on the table – be prepared for a lead in a ‘game’ to be played unlike we’ve never seen before!


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Due to a combination of the fears, frustration and uncertainty with our current political landscape in conjunction to energetic shifts, spiritual and psychological warfare - we are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety, anger, frustration and instant agitation. Agitation in this global climate has caused an escalation in physical combativeness on a level never before seen. In essence, more people finding it so much more challenging to NOT loose their cool over the slightest hint of what he or she may find bothersome or offensive. For these reasons - I have decided to provide some effective tips on what we can do to help maintain our sanity and calmness when in the face of such trying times!



Taking deep breaths is one of the most effective method in this regard because doing so will cause your muscles to relax; oxygen levels improves; blood pressure lowered and healthy endorphins are released! The moment you sense, feel or see something that triggers a knee jerk response - immediately shift your attention away from the situation; take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth… Continue to take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth until you feel more relaxed and unfazed.


The beauty about situations that may get our blood boiling is that we don’t have to consent to them! Hence, no response, no charge! All is required in this regard is to immediately turn our attention away from the disturbing situation and state to yourself ‘I do not consent!' By stating the aforementioned, you are in commanding the situation to leave your existence immediately. You may have to repeat the statement of non-consent more than once in the more 'aggressive' situations.


I learned this great tip from watching my sister, especially in situations where she found herself being challenged by way of lack luster customer service in Department stores and the likes.  Simply smile back at the person and situation and say something complimentary, kind and endearing instead. An opposite response to what is being given often works like a charm and both parties walk away in a better head space.


This one is pretty self explanatory but can definitely pose to be more difficult to put into practice than said. When and if you find yourself in a situation that is riling you into a state of combativeness or irritation; you have every right to refuse to give justification to the situation by simply turning away and walking in the opposite direction.


One of the best ways to keep a cool and level head is to stay ahead of any potential hot spots or situations! Create a small space or sanctuary for you to simply sit back and relax, as you play the soft music of your choice with light and fresh incense or heated oil co-creates a neutralizing ambience! Individually, aroma therapy and soft high vibratory music will reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, improve digestion, and increase circulation. Just imagine the double BOOST that one would receive if we routinely and/or periodically used both methods together? 


ABB's Predictions/Probabilities for 2017!

Posted by AstralBooBaby on February 28, 2017 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (1)

Originally posted on the astralboobaby.net homepage January 1, 2017.


I have made prediction and probability videos in the past based on popular prophesies and conspiracy theories but this year, I have decided to publish my most pressing projections for 2017, as the main topic and theme for the first month of the year!


I would be remiss if I were not to state that whenever a prediction or likely-probability has been deciphered - it is based on the specific time and place the reading was done. Due to the combination of our collective awakening, energetic shifts, Mandela effect and CERN – there’s an increase in erratic and quicker shifts in projection than ever before!

For obvious reasons, I cannot list specific names on certain readings due to the level of sensitivity surrounding the read but should the reading play out – you will know who the person(s) implied are... Last but not least, I must warn you in advance that a few of these readings may be a bit unsettling to some but as with any prophesy, prediction or potential - nothing is ever truly set in stone! Therefore, if you read a potential that is bothersome or unsettling; meditate, pray and set an intent to help change the outcome OR trust and know that everything that occurs will serve as a catalyst and will lead all of humanity towards a collective state of realization and knowing.

11 Potentials to Play Out On The World Stage in 2017

By: ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby

Donald Trump


Despite a concerted effort by many American citizens via protests; special interest groups and political adversaries to derail Donald Trump’s Presidency – He will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. However, I don't see the completion of a full term (90% probability)

 Wars & Rumors of Wars?

World War III was indeed thwarted due to the win of Donald Trump! However, I do feel that a false flag, conflict, blame and controversy (Cold War) involving Russia, America and Israel may mount, as special interest groups and sects fan the flames and play the ‘blame game’ to provoke and intensify the probability of a ‘hot war’ and the war on the free flow of information. (82% probability)


Illegal Immigrants

The building of the great fence along the borders of New Mexico will be the newly elect’s top priority in conjunction to deporting millions of illegal immigrants with criminal records. However, his effort will be met with controversy and resistance as His action will be widely criticized, interpreted and cited as racially bias, which will fuel racial tensions (93% probability)


Warring In Israel 



Conflict in Israel will spark unprecedented exodus and an even more unprecedented immigration into East of Germany (87% probability)


Civil Unrest


Civil unrest and protests will continue all over the country in response to Trumps inauguration and presidency -- pockets of chaos and unrest increases in New York, Texas and Baltimore after unarmed citizens are shot and killed by cops (91% probability)

Passing of Political Icons

 Great losses on the political landscape in 2017 – A very powerful and influential female politician will be transitioning due to matters related to the brain (85% probability) and former US President will pass due to a heart attack (92% probability)

Censorship of Alternative News Outlets

Efforts by political giants to politicize and demonize ‘fake news’ of alternative outlets will escalate - the goal is to weaken the credibility of independent and alternative media outlets in order to justify laws to censor and further control the free flow of information. However, the aforementioned efforts will backfire and will attract an even greater audience to alternative media outlets (92% probability)

Scandal & Controversy


Shock, scandal and controversy erupts at a fever pitch in 2017 surrounding a series of expose’ and arrests of very wealthy, influential and celebrated politicians, celebrities and government officials for their respective connections to child pornography, pedophilia and/or child sex trafficking (92% probability)

Bizarre Occurences



Colossal sink-holes causes the fall of large infrastructures and populated areas to collapse underground or under water in Europe – location most likely to be affected United Kingdom, France and Spain (86% probability)


Increased Untimely and Suspicious Passing of More Icons of Entertainment

Highly suspicious and the untimely passing of four (4) iconic pop stars from the eighties (80% probability); will also loose thirteen (13) popular actors/actresses. Frequency of losses will generate and attract more interest in alternative media and conspiracy theory outlets (92% probability) 


Official Disclosure of Another Kind?



In conjunction to escalation of UFO sightings all over the world – an official announcement will be made by highly respected and reputable sources that we are not alone in the universe will be announced (95% probability)



The Mandela Effect ??? Another Possibility to the Phenomenon?

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The Mandela Effect – Another Possibility to the Phenomenon?

By: ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby

Nowadays, everyone seems to be talking about or interested in the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect - perhaps this is because we have all we have all witnessed or experienced situations corresponds? No matter the reason for one's point of interest, the subject matter is relevant and as the veil become thinner - this subject matter and then some, will remain a major point of focus!

What is the Mandela Effect?... It is an event or occurrence that happens when a person or collective group of people has a clear memory of something that seemingly never happened in this reality. The term was coined in 2010, by a blogger named Fiona Broome, who had described an experience at a convention called Dragon Con. Fiona had discovered that others had a false memory similar to hers, which was that Nelson Mandela had died during his imprisonment in the 1980s. She made a connection with a collective memory of Mandela actually passing away in prison in the eighties yet somehow be released from prison to go on become President of South Africa! Myself and others that I know have clear memories of the media reporting that Mandela had passed away in prison. This memory is etched in my mind because I had a few passionate Afro-centric teachers and elders in my life at the time, who had expressed great grief and sadness of the news. However, we all know that a different reality has played out but why and how?


I would like to share a personal account to which I feel is a major factor of influence in this regard. Imagine an actual play-by-play of events that a few people have a clear experience of occurring, only to have it actually play out with mass consciousness, months or even years before after the fact? Sounds confusing? Allow me to explain... In the early months of 2011 - I was on the telephone engaging in some pretty in-depth conversations regarding the metaphysical with a longtime friend. Somewhere during that call, my friend asked me if I had heard the news that Don Cornelius, TV host and founder of Soul Train, had committed suicide by way of a gunshot wound to the head? I told him that I had not heard anything on the matter but he proceeded to speak in more details of his disbelief of the news. I recall him stating that he was listening to the local news from the living room television, as he was in the kitchen preparing something to eat. After our conversation ended, I logged online to find any news article, video or feed that would give the details on the claim but to no avail. When I found nothing to validate what my friend said that he heard, I simply put it off and didn’t think anything else about it. 

February 1st 2012 - the official news broke that Don Cornelius had committed suicide, by way of a gunshot wound to the head! Everyone was talking about it and the news of the tragedy was everywhere! It was at this point that my distressed friend called me to ask, if I recall him speaking of this occurring almost a year prior to? Needless to say that he was very confused and couldn't figure out how could he had possibly been wide awake, hearing of this news from the television almost a year before it had happened? All I could tell him at the time is that he is not loosing his mind - that this is clearly related to the paradigm shift. Upon doing research for this article - I tried to find any story or testimony, similar to what we had experienced, in relation to the death of Don Cornelius. I didn't find anything but that does not mean that others haven't experienced something likened to. For now, this experience appears to be unique to my friend and I but in these unprecedented times, we should all pay attention to what is unfolding around us. I have a strong feeling that some among us are shifting in and out of alternate timelines and perhaps, this may well be a symptom of spontaneous time travel.


In most instances, the Mandela effect is overwhelmingly recognized by a collective group whereby subtle alterations in every facet of society (mostly media and history) is different from what a collective group of people may remember. The alternative memories can be found in everything from DVDs, history books, newspaper archives, and so on. The lingering question of the day is how is this all possible? Some people attribute it to the cosmic paradigm shift and as a result, several alternate memories and parallel realities colliding with one another and we are seamlessly moving back and forth between the fabric of time and space. Others are saying that this could be the result of manipulation of timelines by savvy inter-dimensional forces with highly advanced technology to thwart global cataclysmic events. Some believe that this is the by product of CERN. Last but certainly not least, many believe that this could be the result of people time traveling and altering subtle things in order to shift an spiritual and ecological equation. I personally feel that all of the aforementioned matters and then some are indeed contributing factors.



As I have been stating for years, reality is not as solid and fixed as we perceive it to be – and I have more than enough experience to know this for a fact. Modern scientists are cosigning the fact that we are in a virtual computerized universe and this in itself has staggering implications! The great awakening in conjunction to energetic expansion has to be considered as well. Make no mistakes about it, we're experiencing events that is surely speeding up our collective understanding and evolution as a species at an unprecedented pace! It is such a magical and magnificent time to be alive on earth at this time! So, please keep your eyes opened and your intentions clear and in the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, to Anakin Skywalker, from the Epic film series Star Wars -- “may the force BE with you!”




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There was a time not long ago,

when I would always hide

my feelings and emotions,

I kept them all inside

and I prented more than not,

at everything I'd do.

Then I would compliment myself

because nobody knew.

I'd listen to their points of view,

some were not to cool,

As I judged them,

I thought that they would judge me as a fool!

It semed that they'd not notice

when they made a huge mistake

how come i thought they'd notice me 

and every move I'd make?

I really envied all their fun

if I could be like them

to love myself, I wondered if I dare.

But then to come and think of it, I really shouldn't care.

If someone disaproves of me,

that's their prerogative,

but now I'm going to let me out-

I have the right to live!

Spirit animal/animal totem

Posted by Ihatewasabi on November 13, 2016 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (4)

I  have been curious about my spirit animal for a while now and I think I've finally figured it out with help from my angels. It seems so obvious to me now because this animal has always appeared in my dreams. It is amazing to me how my angels communicate with me through dreams. I asked my guardian angel to show me my spirit animal yesterday and that same night I had a "ridiculous" dream that I was trying to put rhinestone/diamond underwear on a dog. I woke up with that image in my mind so now I'm sure my spirit animal is a dog. I have always had dreams with dogs chasing me etc. so this makes so much sense to me. I did some research on what it means to have the dog as a spirit animal and it fits me to tee. What are your thoughts on spirit animals?


Posted by AstralBooBaby on November 1, 2016 at 12:00 AM

An astral parasite is defined as; an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment or sustenance. It could also be defined as a person/being or entity who receives support, advantage, or the like from another or others without giving any useful or proper return.

 Make no mistake about it, parasites are everywhere in dense physical life and the truth is that this is no different on subtler planes of existence! However, for this month's theme, I wish to focus specifically on the vibratory layers and frequencies that we define as the astral realm(s). Ironically, we all witness the presence of astral parasitic influences all of the time through people that we see and interact with everyday! In fact, I have learned that no biological form is immune to astral influences! It's all a matter of us learning to know what to look for!

Just as we have microorganisms and the likes that attach themselves to us in dense physical reality, astral parasites behave in a very similar fashion. The only difference is that astral parasites cannot be seen or detected through 3D tools or systems. These parasites can only be recognized via pineal gland activation; strong intuition/discernment and the power of the divine spirit.

Based on what I have experienced and observed by way of many travels to and from the astral realms - parasites can cover a very broad range of shapes, expressions and forms. For example, some of them appear to be geometric in shape, while others appear to be plasma; spherical, ghostly and foggy and then there are those that appear to be similar to bizarre looking insects, alien-like or dark and shadowy. Some astral parasites may even look similar to human skeletons! However, the most notable and influential astral parasites, appear to be those who hold the form of reptilian or clown. I would surmise that the aforementioned types are commonly seen and labeled as ‘demons’ or ‘djinns’, although both entities can take on more of a broader range of shapes, forms and appearances.

Just as nature has given to us life forms that feed off of various forms of pests or insects that could be parasitic and problematic if not held in check - it appears that the lower astral planes has a similar set up. Astral pests and bugs are being held in check by forms, such as astral spiders! I had done a YouTube video in 2003, about astral spiders due to them being commonly seen by other astral travelers. Astral spiders are without exception, extraordinarily larger than earth spiders and like earth spiders, they come in a broad range of shapes and colors. They all seem to be highly charged, telepathic, psychic and intelligent! Some may argue that any spider or critter, be it physical or astral is not a positive thing but with regard to astral spiders, I have found them to be a positive element for defense and protection against smaller astral bugs and parasites. Indeed, astral spiders help to keep other astral parasites in check by blocking, neutralizing and even absorbing their respective psychic or energetic chords. Therefore, if you happen to see an astral spider as you travel about but you don't feel drained or tired the next morning, CONGRATULATIONS, you have a powerful tool of protection against astral parasites, by way of an astral spider! 



Any conscious or sentient Being who has been to or gained access to the astral realms is at risk of attracting astral parasites and it does not matter if we are consciously accessing the astral realm or not.  I have learned that there are certain individuals who are the most likely to attract them! Astral parasites can latch on to one’s astral, emotional and/or light body in order to feed off of one’s energy centers (chakras). They can also plant thought projections into the mind of its target to influence or possess the host. They can also send electrical signals and impulses to the mind via the auric field in order to move the host to engage in aggressive behavior patterns that attracted the parasite to begin with. In other words, it appears that if we are already engaging in thought-forms, behavior and patterns that are appealing to an astral parasite - we can magnetize the parasites and they can influence us to engage in the behavior far more frequently than we would have done, on our own accord.

Whether we are a Being who travels the astral realm spontaneously, as a voyeur, investigator or to do clearing work - we will quickly learn that portions of the astral realms are very dim to down right dark and gloomy (the lower or lowest realms in particular). However, like a moth to a flame - some astral forms will be drawn to those of us have larger auras and/or bright radiant light from within but the parasite will observe from a safe distance because our protection barrier is very strong at in this state! We could literally obliterate an entity or parasite when/if our light bodies are vibrating at a certain frequency! On the contrary, Beings who are in a perpetual state of negative thought projections, emotions and behavior, are the most vulnerable to astral parasites! The reason for this is because when we are in any of the aforementioned states - our aura becomes weak and our inner-light is dimmed. Our energy streamers will begin vibrating very slowly and thus, we will be giving off electromagnetic pulses that would be the closest energy source or 'life' force for the said parasites.

Mind Altering Substances Can Make Us Very Vulnerable To Parasites!

Everything is energy and has a multi-dimensional subtle copy of itself crossing dimensional layers and timelines. Therefore, that which we smoke, drink or place on us, will affect us physically, mentally, energetically, psychologically and ethereally. Substances that hold heavy vibratory imprint will not only dim one’s inner light but weaken the aura and create a disconnect between mind and soul. As I have stated in the past, when we are not in control of our own mind – someone or something else will be in control of it! Astral parasites, entities or what many label as demons are specifically drawn to individuals who are under the influence; this is primarily due to the greater propensity to mind-control or possess his/her host.

Those of us who are very fearful, selfish, greedy, deceptive, lustful, hostile, vengeful, war-like, hateful, and violent are by far the most desired by some of the more aggressive and insidious astral parasites. There is no doubt in my mind that all of the world’s most infamous and notable serial killers, war mongers, sociopaths, psychopaths, rapists, pedophiles and lovers of violence have or/had astral parasites and attachments of monstrous proportions! Hosts and hostesses for these 'possessive' types are an easy gateway and target by Beings who want to generate the energy of chaos, pain and suffering, so as to experience and harvest these energies.


The symptoms that I listed can be attributed to many conditions and possibilities. However in this regard, I am listing all that I have been able to map over the years via intuition, discernment, experience and observation. The operative word is ‘may’ in relation to the symptoms listed in conjunction to astral parasites. If you are or know someone who’s having any or all of these symptoms, please seek higher or professional counsel to rule out any potential medical issues.


  • Sudden impulse, thought or strong desire to do or perform something that is out of character.
  • Acute depression w/pessimistic attitude.
  • Strong interest in being entertained or take part in violence or violent acts.
  • Abdominal discomfort/consistent fluttering and cyclical pain.
  • Lacking in self control; feeling as if you will is not your own.
  • Feeling extremely tired and lethargic in the morning and/or during the day, no matter how much sleep or rest you may be getting.
  • Chronic headache or backaches in the mist of having done anything to cause such a thing to occur to begin with.
  • Sudden reoccurring nightmares (will see strange beings and creatures) and night terrors; anxiety, panic attacks.
  • Hearing voices in your head; commands and directions to perform a harmful duty or act to yourself or others.
  • Expressions of obsessive and compulsive behavior.
  • Strong desire to eat or drink foods that are not commonly or normally consumed.
  • Desire to participate or explore sexual acts and activity not organic to self.
  • Sudden and acute hyper sexuality.
  • Dramatic change in personality and speaking voice.
  • Consistently cranky, agitated and paranoid for no apparent reason.
  • Forgetfulness; doing, saying and performing things but having no memory of them.
  • Extreme and instantaneous mood swings (bipolar).
  • Constant thoughts of suicide.




The good news is that with consistency, dedication and discipline, it is not that difficult to shake-off (astral) or protect one's self against parasitic attachments. The very best solution in this regard is to hold a strong defense! Maintaining a strong body electric is 'key' because having a strong mind, body and soul is the equivalent of keeping an impeccable multi-dimensional immune system!


  • Periodic detoxification of the body and major organs with all-natural herbs, juices and oils.
  • Eat foods high in electricity (all green) and lots of sun-lighted or alkaline water
  • Greatly reduce or totally remove dense meats and processed foods from your diet. (Naturally these items hold dense energy, which could weigh down your energy bodies and weaken your auric field)
  • Practice celibacy or abstinence periodically for at least 3 to 4 months (includes no masturbation).
  • Do not use any mind altering substances such as synthetic drugs, alcohol, laced marijuana or cigarettes.
  • Remove yourself from dark and heavily dense people, places and things and step into places full of life, light and love!
  • Meditate or spend quality time taking in rays from the sun!
  • Refrain from impulses, behaviors and urges that are in alignment with some of the slow-vibratory behavior previously listed.
  • Routinely burn rosemary, white sage and smudge the corners of your most common dwellings.
  • Make use of all natural oils, candles, incenses, created and designed maximize one’s health, wealth, vibratory frequency and spiritual clarity!
  • Keep your dwellings clean and orderly and your body fresh and clean (negative astral parasites thrive on foulness)!


In a nutshell, the very best way to deal with any parasite is to simply stop entertaining, focusing and doing the very things that is attracting and feeding them! Don’t cooperate with the parasite and it will inevitably leave or die off.

Continue to question, learn and GROW!


Posted by AstralBooBaby on October 1, 2016 at 2:30 PM

Controlled Opposition of the Collective Conscious Community?

By: ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby

    Controlled Opposition is when a deliberate attempt or conspiracy is made to either create an opposing effort to any existing power base in order to obtain control of any opposition to one's own desired outcome or intent. It should be of no surprise that some protest movements are being led by government or corporate agents and others are lead by puppets who are under ‘service-to-self’ or nefarious spiritual influences. In conjunction to, every major religion has their own spin or definition of the opposing forces that humanity is contending with but at the end of the day; these are reminders of the level of deception and ill-intentions we may content with.


For us to truly understand the relevancy of how what was previously shared can easily be applied to what many of us are classifying as either a ‘great awakening, ‘paradigm shift’ or ‘ascension’, we must first examine what a movement is. A movement in this context is; an act of moving ideas, places, people and things from one place to another. Many groups, sects and cults throughout time and memorial have prophesied a time when everything under the sun and in the universe would change, move or evolve to a higher respectful status. In truth, the revelation of such things are not really prophecies at all, they are cycles. Yes! Nature and the universe has natural movements and cycles build in and given that we are connected to the earth and the universe, naturally we will be affected by these natural cycles. The growing unrest with the way things are and have been in every facet of our lives is ironically accelerating a global shift of consciousness like we have never seen in this life time. Rest assured that there are forces, groups and sects who greatly benefited from the way things have been and are working to a point of leaving no rock un-turned in order to counter and ultimately still control all aspects of this particular movement.


Those who wish to keep humanity mentally or physically enslaved are very aware that this larger than life movement is here and there’s nothing that they can do to stop it. However, they are clear on how to use measures, tactics and methods to potentially steer humanities great awakening in a way that would not disrupt their power structure and base as much. From many of our respective vantage points, these tactics appear to be working but if one has the eyes to see the bigger picture – we can see that such a plan can only exist in another reality and not the one that is unfolding. Since this movement is one that primarily reset or regenerates the consciousness of humanity; this is the point of focus that I shall expound upon.


Where the head lead – the body will follow


Humans have been programmed and conditioned to depend on rulers, authority figures and/or leaders for direction, guidance and to feel safe. There is nothing wrong with leaning on leaders for guidance and a voice for the collective, IF those who lead and sincerely have the best interest of those that they are coalescing. However, history has shown us a consistency that too many leaders used their positions to extort, exploit, oppress, incite senseless wars and in some cases, murder and tortured the very people who put a great deal of trust in them. Without fail, these leaders were able to gain their positions from a disconnected and unconscious collective whom were baited with fear, dogma and emotional driven propaganda. Should humanity be surprised to have the manifestation of such a chaotic, violent and deceptive reality with heads of states, tribes and civilizations that we have been dominated by throughout history? For if the people then and today were more consciously in-tuned with one another and the world in and around us, such leadership could not have ever risen to power to begin with. 


Motivation Behind Seeking Higher Consciousness and Understanding



Having the vantage point of communicating with people of all walks of life, from all around the world, there is a consensus of feeling tremendous mental, psychological uneasiness and spiritual unrest with the way things are. Naturally, those who feel such uneasiness, will begin to question the world around them. Some are revolting, rebelling and even demanding a global revolution! They are looking for answers that their current leadership and even religion has failed to provide answers to. When the paradigm shift begin stirring our core and motivating us to seek higher understanding, we will inevitably find our way to those of us who show great leadership qualities. We will find ourselves being drawn to those of us who passionately and poignantly speak about the answers to what we seek.


Those of us who are commonly labeled as ‘conscious’ or ‘enlightened’, are usually the first line of appeal and interest when one begins to ‘wake up’. The reason for this is because said individuals will speak the language that the ordinary world does not speak. My question is; are we equipped to know the difference between one who is genuinely there as a beacon, anchor or way-shower or are they yet another pawn, tool or puppet, strategically put in place by nefarious forces who want to lead you out of one system of dependency and control and into another? Make no mistake about it – this paradigm shift and movement has been co-opt. How could something so massively influential and eventful not be? I have been observing others who are seen and revered as ‘conscious’ for a long time and although I will not give actual names, I will certainly provide tips and advice on how to know the difference between one who is truly a natural vessel in aiding this movement vs., one who is not.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” -Vladimir Lenin


Seven Signs that One May Be An Agent or Puppet for Controlled Opposition In the Conscious Community

Constantly focuses on and promotes a ‘Boogie-man’ or ‘fear mongering’ narrative – Such person(s) will use the bulk of their platform to direct their audience into believing that there’s one particular sect or group who’s out to harm, kill or destroy them. This is not to say or suggest that there may not be some validity in what is being shared because most who are waking up will be baited with hardcore truths but it is when the person(s) entire platform is geared in such an imbalanced and polarizing way. The tactic is typically used to bait people into their emotions and when one is in their emotions, they are far less likely to operate in a fully self-realized conscious state.


Heavily backed and promoted by mainstream and social media – If I were your slave master and never wanted to see you free, do you honestly think that I allow anyone to use my resources of control, let alone my most influential systems, to teach my slaves how to break free? Stop and think! We must always be clear on the fact that nothing really expands on the mainstream or even social media for that matter, without the green-light from the puppet masters and gatekeepers who have their allegiances, to special interest groups and sects. Therefore, if one is financed, paid and allowed to gain greater exposure, promotion and backing by way of these outlets, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is highly probable that they are an agent or puppet for a controlled opposition.


Never offer any solutions to a challenge or problem – I have witnessed many who have large audiences who do nothing but engage in emotionally charged debates but offer no solutions on how to become truly self realized or empowered. This is again, another distraction tactic used to bait the viewer into nothing but amusement and entertainment, while appealing and coddling to the ego and emotions of their followers.


Uses platform to primarily ‘Expose’ certain individuals – There is a time and place for everything but when and if a person’s entire M.O. is to reveal the secrets and details about trivial matters such as a person’s private life, scandal and/or matters that has no bearing on society as a whole - watch out! Celebrities and celebrity gossip is a huge point of focus for several so called ‘conscious’ icons and pillars. Celebrities garner a great deal of attention by default and there are those who will exploit this fact to further their own self-serving or those they are servicing. The use of celebrity gossip, rumors, hearsay and scandal by members of the so called ‘conscious’ community, is really no different than how salacious bloggers and supposed journalist uses celebrity or popular names and likenesses – its all to sell something or to distract the people from the focus of a greater more meaningful existence.


Creates a relationship of dependency (potential cults) – I have witnessed those who have made claims that they are the only ones on earth who have knowledge of this or have authority over that and for this reason, their trusted followers must solely depend on them for important information from a higher authority beyond this world.


Promoting the God/Superiority Complex – In the climate of intense racial disparages, I can truly understand how one who holds such a platform can be appealing to a lot of people. However, we must be leery of anyone who solely pushes a supremacy doctrine solely based on skin color, gender, ethnicity, etc. For if one were truly conscious, we would see that every tribe has their respective strength’s and weaknesses and could use room for growth towards total self realization. A truly enlightened person would teach, advocate and explain how all tribes have been brainwashed and manipulated by a common thread but as long as one side continue to bait and harp on who’s more superior or powerful over another -- all involved will miss the greater point in what it means to be conscious.


Advocating and Promoting Physical War and Violence – War and pestilence (disease of the mind) is and will always be used to justify more violence, death and destruction. How can one truly become self realized in the mist of violence, destruction and mental disease? Can we now see how and why an opposing force would want such things at this time? A truly conscious person would empower themselves and others with the right knowledge to galvanize and strategize; to use logic, reasoning and rightfully so. Don’t get me wrong, something physical war is necessary but it should always be a very last resort.

Discernment is Key!


In its simplest definition, discernment is nothing more than the ability to decide between truth and error, right and wrong. Discernment is the process of making careful distinctions in our thinking about truth. I have always been an advocate and teacher (reference how to discern video below) for everyone to one to empower and teach people how to decode and see things for themselves. Discernment cannot only be applied in this respect but as it relates to every facet of our lives. So, I say, tread lightly and discern heavily! Your awakening and elevation of consciousness depends on it!

Continue to question, learn and GROW!