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Posted by AstralBooBaby on August 27, 2020 at 12:20 AM

As stated in my live-stream, published on YouTube on August 16, 2020 - I briefly shared a visitation experience by way of an astral layer within my bedroom space... I also mentioned that I would likely recreate the image of the group of Beings who showed up in a parallel window (portal) within the same space of my bedroom… They were lurking in on me as I was enjoying a telepathic engagement with my dearly departed mother, who’s energy was right next to me......


When I had awakened on the astral plane to which I could perceive these Beings -- I noticed three were already peering in on me and then another came and another... About 6 to 8 of them were eagerly gathering into the window... They seem like really joyful and happy creatures! They were all chattering at a high pitch, which sounded sort of chip-monkish but once I had zoomed in on the one that first that caught my mind's eye and I literally heard it chanting 'how do you do?' over and over again! This was an immediate reminder of my mother who transitioned the end of 2018… Hence, when my mother lived on earth, she greeted everyone she met with a very enthusiastic 'how do you do?'....


No doubt about it -- these Beings were clearly intelligent, but they were also magical, majestic-like, beautiful, adorable, cute and energetically alluring all at once times 100! The vision was one thing, but their energy was something else... It was obvious that they really wanted to come to me! It was also obvious that they knew me but obviously I did not consciously remember or know them. At one point, they had begun projecting through the portal (window) in order to get to me, but I mentally told them to not come in and they obliged. It was at this point that the older of the group telepathically stated, "I don't think that not even He knows who he is and how great He is!"


These Beings looked alike but there were subtle variations in their features and personalities... The image below is the best I could do in order to demonstrate how they looked. I didn't see the lower part of their body, but the upper form was pretty close to what you are seeing here... The most obvious physical traits were their large heads - which reminded me of a humanoid child's head and they literally glowed from within of beautiful bright white!... The most stunning attribute were their eyes -- they looked like super luminous yet, sparkly and shimmering jet-black diamonds. This picture does not do them any justice but hey, it is what it is. To all my astral, inter-dimensional, extra-dimensional travelers out there – have you ever seen Beings like these? If so, I would love to hear your take on who they are.


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