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Posted by AstralBooBaby on July 29, 2019 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I was transported to another place this morning through a powerful rainbow magnetic spiral (Yes, I was wide awake)... The preparation, feeling and sensation to a bi or teleportation is somewhat different from an astral projection experience! One of the things that makes this way of travel different from astral travel is that the mode of travel seems to be generated by an ‘outside’ force, whereas astral travel, always starts from ‘within’...

I was transported to another place this morning through a powerful rainbow magnetic spiral (Yes, I was wide awake)... The magnetic pull was so intense, that it literally pulled my physical mattress approximately 5 inches from its base border in the direction from which the doorway or portal had opened! It also lifted up my physical body and pulled it forward on its side with almost no effort! When my energy body transported through this rainbow spiral, I almost instantaneously found myself sitting next to an Ethiopian looking woman on a tier within what appeared to be an interior dwelling; she had a child in her lap. There were other children playing approximately 7 feet away from us just below the tier level that we were on. Being a little confused as to what happened prior to the teleportation and where I was -- I extended my hand and introduced myself to woman that I found myself sitting next to. She smiled and extended her hand politely shook mine and they felt very wet. She immediately apologized for getting juice on my hand... I told her, that it was ok but as I said this, I was thinking - where in the world am I now? So, I asked her where was I? And she said, with a smile on her face 'you are in Corta'... Then I asked, Corta? She said yes... Then, I said and asked again “I am in Corta?” - just to make sure that I would remember the place and word upon returning to my 4th dimensional vessel… It was at this point, that she and another young and beautiful Ethiopian looking woman, who unbeknownst to me was sitting behind me, said ‘yes, Corta!'... The young woman sitting behind me was looking puzzled like ‘why isn’t he comprehending what we are saying here, lol?’ Just when I was about to ask more questions, I felt a vibratory shift and was back to this world.

I immediately jumped up and started to Google the word 'Corta' but my findings were limited. I am wondering though, has anyone ever heard of or know of a term or place called Corta, Caorta or Courtah (not sure of the actual spelling?)… There is some kind of significance to this for sure… I already have my own thoughts and feelings as to what this was but I would like to get as much unbiased feedback as possible before I make any final conclusions.


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By popular demand, I have re-drawn the elemental that I described in this particular video; seen below! I tried to get as much detail in this image as possible but this depiction still doesn't do justice to the wind elemental that I had seen during one of my most profound travels beyond the extreme ristrictions of this physical world. The image above is a scaled down version but the image, which looses a lot of details. The image below is a blown up larger than life version (this environment sort of distorted it more from the original) of the elemental. I made 2 versions because its difficult to see the details of the elemental in the smaller cropped photo (above), than it is for the larger than life sized version (below).


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By: ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby


A loyal supporter and Youtube viewer, had recently written me to inquire about a revelation shared by another spiritualist who happens to be a natural at astral projection. The revelation was regarding the occurrence of a severe astral storm that caused the death of millions on the astral plane. The bringer of this news requested prayers for all of the souls and spirits who were impacted by such an unprecedented event. Understandably, this news sparked a lot of questions and concerns, questions and even fears, in not only the person who reached out to me but others who had read or heard the shocking news.


The person who wrote me (whose name will remain anonymous) is seeking my perspective on the matter, had posed some very good questions and I will now use this opportunity to respond to those questions to the best of knowledge. It is my intent that I may bring clarity, peace and higher insights for all who need it.




Although I was not a witness to the event in question, I was able to get a confirmation that such an event had occurred. However, in the past, I have witnessed massive white neon white clouds of clearing energies sweep across the astral plane and even tornadoes. These storm-like energies are generated by the group consciousness of anchors and pillars still living on earth who wish to help bring balance and to help free many souls who are there to 'see the light' (so to speak). These are also Beings who are living on earth but are doing a great deal of work on the astral but just as there are Beings who want to bring peace, balance and order on the astral, there are forces that enjoy and revel in the opposite.

The astral realm can generate similar storms that we experience on the physical plane and those storms can be generated by a built up anger, rage, fear, hate, maliciousness intent (by malevolent entities and forces) and gloom by a collective group consciousness as well. Astral storms of such a destructive magnitude are very rare and I attribute the unprecedented storm to a combination of an out of balance collective group consciousness in conjunction to the acceleration of subatomic particles affected by the massive paradigm shift that has been incrementally unfolding within the universe for many years now.

I surmise that two extreme events catapulted ferocious thought forms and energies at such an accelerated rate, that no one saw it coming. No matter the reason, never forget that all layers of reality seek to create balance within and for ‘self’ and I am sure that this recent event on the astral is no different. In essence, this is ‘cause and effect’ playing out as it rightfully should.




Those who were affected by this storm appear Beings and souls who have chosen to live or remain on the astral plane after physical death, for one reason or another. This would explain the ‘death’ for these Beings because they do not have a physical body waiting on earth for them to come back and generate or rebuild another astral body via a dense physical body. For more information on reasons why some souls may choose to live or stay on the astral realms for prolonged periods, please reference my Youtube video; What Happens When We Die.



Based on what I have learned thus far, the answer to this question is ‘yes and no’… If we are using an astral vehicle by way of a physical body, our astral body can be stopped, impaired or slowed down from having any direct influence or impact on the astral plane. For example, a close friend shared an event where she was attacked on the astral plane by someone who is still living on earth. She visualized a larger than life size ice-sickle and impaled her attacker in the upper body with it. She witnessed her attacker appear to die but what she had actually done was blocked off this person’s ability to access the astral realm in a ‘physical-like’ way. The person’s astral-body is now immobile and useless for her ‘attackers’ spirit and/or consciousness to use. However, her attacker can create or regenerate her astral body by way of her physical form but this could take months and even years to achieve! I would be remiss if I were not to state that we can generate or regenerate an astral body by way of our physical body. The physical body and soul can absorb rays from the sun and star-dust from the physical and create as many astral bodies that we have the discipline and focus to create and generate. Again, that is until the physical form and connection to the sun is completely severed. If my dear friend was attacked and impaled by someone who only had an astral body, that Being would be rendered incapable of regenerating and their astral form will simply recycle back into the astral realm and their spirit will be released.


Remember! Having an astral body is much like having a physical one… They are both temporary modes of transportation (vehicles) designed for us to interact, experience and influence, in a more impacting and direct way within the reality, realm or world of our respective interests. Once that vehicle has been compromised or destroyed, our spirit, consciousness and soul is shifted or released and the vehicle once used is recycled in their respective environments. In the ultimate scope of view, the real you, me and/or US, is ONE with all that there is and yet to BE! So, fear not my friends! No matter what vessels or vehicles we encase, we are and will always BE in some form or another, for eternity!


Mirror Image?

Posted by kubbyk on September 30, 2014 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello family! I have been having very strange occurences trying to gain a better control of my flow of energies for spiritual travels so that I may do it safely but also be able to travel at will. A little back history: A few years ago I suffered deeply from depression so was prescribed antidepressants and an antianxiety pill @ uni(because I was having intense panic attacks sometimes 2-3 times daily, but I didn't feel comfortable taking an addictive substance in my emotional state so I opted to just take the antidepressant). Along with the pills, I had therapy and met with a psychiatrist regularly to discuss how the med was working. I remember her saying, "People report having very strange intense dreams and usually do not like this, so we will either switch to a different med or tinker with the dosage." She asked me if I had had any very strange intense dreams and I said no, even though I was indeed having them. The astral/dream travels were so intense that I'd be in another world before I closed my eyes for sleep and I knew these dreams would be a great way to heal spiritually because I realized each dream no matter how frightening or blissful was a gift that I could use to examine Self. I've always had these experiences ever since I was very little but they returned in full force while I was on the medication. (I am no longer taking it and haven't been for at least 2 years)

So jumping to this particular experience from a few months ago.

I have never recalled the systematic step by step transition of astral or spirit self leave my physical body, hover or take notice of my physical self at all before traveling around the room/house/neighborhood/etc and then leaving to go into the astral. It has always been POP! Close your eyes here, open your eyes there. But on this occasion, I remember being very away of resting in my bed on my side and first I saw the back of myself (as I suspect I look if I'm just asleep on my side). I felt like I did when I was litte and would snuggle up in the small of my mother's back. But then I asked myself, "who is this woman? Is this mama? Is this me?" And then somehow my perspective changed and I was seeing this person face to face - a hybrid of both myself and my mother but she looked to be wearing my night clothes and it definitely felt like me and looked pretty much like a copy of me. My confusion came from not understanding from what level of conciousness I was viewing because I wasn't sure if it was my astral self looking at my physical self because I started out on my left side looking at the back of Me/Mom. Then this Me/Mom was turned around and I could see her face and her eyes were open (like mine were a lot when I'd have sleep paralysis as a child. I would make it as far as sitting up in the bed to get out and have sleep paralysis and be hearing audio from the walls and seeing different images on the wall almost like having multiple screens set up.) but then I seemed to flip to the other side and was looking at a mirror of myself again. So instead of being on my left side seeing the back and then front, I was now looking from the vantage point of laying on my right side to look at myself. Or maybe my mom was projecting and didn't recall? Were we both projecting and I was aware? Was I seeing my astral body or my physical body? Was I trying to get back into my physical body after being astral. I felt like my physical body was waking up to see this but I don't know. After a few seconds I fully woke up laying on my left side at the edge of the bed.

Strange and powerful attack

Posted by Marneus Calgar on September 10, 2014 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (5)

After about a week ago when I awoke in a state of sleep paralysis, something strange happened. Now I usualy have sleep paralysis, sometimes 5 times a week. I almost always experience entites that attack me or just look at me, but it is never to intense, sometimes i feel drained after it and sometimes good and comforted. As I am in this state I am aware of the things happening arround me. I can hear and repeat what people talked about in the other room, or I can hear what was on the TV at the time so it is not just me dreaming. But this time, the week ago when I fell in the paralysis state, I was on my bed on my back and i felt something pull my hair, it was real physical pain. This is not the first time i feel physical contact with these "entities" in this state, but it never hurt like this. As I looked up I saw a black mass that started changing form to imitate me. It changed it's face to my own, and continued to pull my hair and it started to produce grotesque inhuman sounds, and laughed at a high pitched frequency. Then it started to change form again, changing it's head to mimic a black cat, I think it was trying to mimic my own cat Jinx but badly as it's face was very diferent from my own cat, but this is just an asumption. But my face was mimiced to the detail. I would love to hear your thoughts about this. I apologize for my spelling in advance as this was hastly written. (:

Mysterious Phone Call in the Astrals

Posted by Sinorona on July 4, 2014 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (3)

Last night, i had a short-lengthed astral projection which had taken place after a few dream sequences, and i found myself in a plant nursery, i was casually looking around as you usually would, and when i returned my sight to the center point, a 19th Century phone popped up in front of me out of the vibrational energy in the astral environment, this phone had no numbers on the dial buttons, but when it began to ring the numbers "313, 333, 13" kept echoing in my astral mind once or twice that was inaudible from external sources, i was confused at the moment and had no idea where or how this voice was entering my receptive frames. When i tried to approach the phone nob with my hand, my hand had began to vibrate with such numbing intensity it took time to pick up the phone. When i managed to pick it up, it instantly placed the speaker on my ear, and i heard this: "You have to pass through 9 Dimension in this Solar System (reference to the 9 planets) in order for your soul to exit the magnetic field of the Sun and travel elsewhere (in the Universe)" and the projection ended instantaneously...

What do you think? I found this really insightful and symbolic.

Astral Sex & Immortality

Posted by Endless Mystic on October 27, 2013 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (3)

Hey guys!

   Its been such a long time since I've been "spitual" lol... Nah, I've been spirtual since my birth! I was wondering if any of you had astral sex and what that was like. I am also curious, how about astral sexually transmitted diseases (ASTDs)? I've been so curious about this topic and there arn't any sites that answer my question or I can do a survey on like this one! Can you make an astral condom? How would that work? Just imagine one? Did Astral Boo Baby do a video on this topic? HE SHOULD IF HE DIDN"T! For those expeiranced in teh art of astral/sould sex, please dish the secrets and tips and casutions!  for the rest of us who are having fun with the topic;  Leave me your thoughts or comments. :) Peace!

New Member

Posted by Megadrive08 on July 13, 2013 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (2)
Greetings, I'm a new member here, I wanted to talk about astral projection an how I can further progress with it. I've had many experiences through sleep paralysis this is really were my path started as I started become self aware and was quite stunned and exited by my experience, the first strong sleep paralysis i experienced was around 2011, I was asleep in bed and awoke and could not move my physical body, I first panicked and tried to wake up my partner by trying to call out, it felt like my mouth was moving but no sound came out, this was one of the things that made me think even more, how could I be paralised and move my mouth!! It then hit me that it was not my physical body that was moving but my astral body. I have had further experiences in meditation state where I saw myself looking back at me, I was observing what felt like 20 seconds then freaked me out some what and brought myself out of meditation state. The last experience I had was Incredible, I awoke again in sleep paralysis and decided not to panic and to just go with it, I focused at the centre of my head wear the pineal gland sits, after awhile a vortex tunnel opened that I strated travelling through, it was purple as I was coming to the end of it I was looking at a picture of someone but could not see the head, I started to panic as I wanted to see who the person was and the more I tried to force it I couldn't do it and could only see a hand and torso, all of a sudden my astral body fell out of the side of my bed, I couldn't control it then felt like I was looking at the floor or was in between the floor boards and thought to myself am I going into the front room downstairs, I couldn't see anything then I came out of it. The start of this year I was suspended from work for two months and during this time progressed well spiritually, I could go into sleep paralysis at the drop of a hat and this is when my most profound experiences happened, since this I'm back at work and haven't had any further experiences and feel like I've hit a dead end, I previously meditated using candles where I would gaze at the flame then go into meditation state and focus on the flame I could see when my eyes were closed, I think this helped alot in my experianes, any advice as I'm trying to reconnect? Would love to hear of your experiences to, thanks :)

Am I truly ready to travel?

Posted by 1stfiresun on June 17, 2013 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (7)

I’ve been trying to astral project for a while now taking the necessary steps (like raising vibs, eating right, and thinking positively, meditation dream journaling ) to figure out what works for me but sometimes its like I let fear seep in each time I come close to doing it,( idk i might be scared that something evil is just waiting by my bed when Im about to travel ) and its like my body and soul wants to make it happen but I get scared and I draw back within just to have sleep paralysis. Its tough for me because im used to being scared in general but being brave about situations I come to but when it comes to astral projection its like I cant even be brave like no matter how brave I am subconsciously clench up. i really want to astral project becuase i feel i need see something new to help change myself or just mybe have strong taste of something new to help pull me out of this matrix, i hear so many great things about OBEs like the traveling & the learning. I would like to hear what ppl think feel free to comment pls.

Directors of Fear

Posted by Kenya Lynem The Psychic on June 16, 2013 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (10)

What fear does you justice in an energy roll of light? Does the fear dissolve or does it linger around us too? What fear dissolves in a midst of substance that is given too much at one time? Does the light dissolve this? Does the third eye dissolve this? Or does our substance abuse our fibrous way of living here on Earth?

Get into a way of nothing here quick!

What way of nothing do people fear our walk? Our heart? And our living? Near death situations like making someone nervous or angered or strained? What strain in our fiber does it linger so much it bolts energy to clump down our energy chamber to slow us down? What does this?

The fear director is you. The feel of fear is emotional strain. The actual dignified balance of love is here. What fear is not appropriate for us to understand that energy bolts into our flame of throwing to do nothing with in this lifetime? The softness of skin is not here for this flame to throw out toward one that has been hit nowhere.

When you cry out to an ancestor to fix everything, you don't have anything to do but move chairs to get out the flowing door that has much to do with love. Living. And any dignified manner of being. What flame is thrown your way to make you stop?

What flame is thrown your way to make you blame?

What flame is thrown your way to make you say, "Woeth me and doeth you and business none?"

What flame can this feel be now? A support system that blames the world to do anything with your mocked ways of love and light? What free flow is this?

I have to nothing to do but say, "Woah."

I have nothing to do but pray.

I have nothing to do but love.

I have nothing to do but jive.

I have nothing to do but "I love you."

I have nothing to do but "I love."

I have nothing to do but "I."

I have nothing.

I have.

Everything and all there is.

Everything and all.



Beyond to a factored zeroed point of feel.

What feel is this?

Expecting nothing.

Expecting something.

Doing nothing but them.

Solving nothing.

Hearing a bit.

Hearing a move.

Showing each other that their love beingness is something to do - but for them - but for me.

But for anything to do but this.

But for anything to do but love.

But for anything to do but you.

Do you.



Love Boo is this from Babyshaman aka Kitara aka Kenya Lynem the Psychic