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Spiritual judgement

Posted by Soulwarrior on July 23, 2013 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (3)
Ego judgement vs. spiritual judgement: what is the difference? When the ego judges someone, it is because it wants to make the other person feel guilty or shameful for what it has done - it wants the other person to suffer; it seeks revenge. At the same time the ego can feel better or superior to the other in judging the other person. The ego is built on separation from God and from other people. Therefore it cannot see that judging your neighbor is the same as judging yourself - for you are your neighbor. Judgement of the self is a judgement of the other. judgement of the others is judgement against the self. For we are all one. The ego is a hypocrite, it is a scribe and pharisee. When the holy spirit judges the other, it is because it wants to help the other person grow in self-awareness, and when the other person becomes more self-aware it will do better choices in the future. And if the other person still insist on not improving his choices, now that he knows better, you will leave and give the other freedom to experience the consequences of his choices to the point where the other person will be so tired of the consequences of his choices that he will find the motivation within himself to change on its own accord. In other words, you will allow the other person to learn about the consequences of his actions the hard way, through the school of hard knocks ( Gods law of karma/cause and effect ). In other words, you believe in the innate goodness in the other person to change when it has had enough of the consequences of its mistakes. The spirit never stops believing in your goodness, even if you have done the worst choices imaginable in the past. It never looks back to the past, but keeps its eye on the future. It never looses hope on you. The spirit knows that the past is dead and always looks forward - it is only focused on the immaculate concept for each person. The spirit knows no judgement, guilt, shame or revenge. It is a force of unconditional love - and love knows no guilt. The holy spirit holds the immaculate concept for even the worst human being such as hitler. For think about it: what makes you think you are better than hitler? What says that you couldnt do what hitler did, given the circumstances? Maybe you too could develop into a hitler, had you had his childhood and circumstances in life? Dont be so quick to judge, mr ego. Guilt imprisons you to your past, Love sets you free from the past and looks at the future. If you feel guilty for something you have done, you are making the whole of humanity guilty. For you are humanity. The one is the all and the all is the one. And if you forgive yourself unconditionally, you have set the whole of humanity free. Guilt is an illusion that is based on ignorance and of separation. Set yourself free from all guilt by studying the words of jesus. For more: www.askrealjesus.com

A queen from my past

Posted by 1stfiresun on July 20, 2013 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (6)

So I ran into this girl from the past that i had once dated in high school, back then things were simple between us I was attracted to her and I could tell she was really into me. She was dark skinned had a pretty smile, smart, aaaand was the preachers daughter.:roll: back then I really wasn’t a Christian I didn’t have a strong faith in anything until I went to college and had all these spiritual experiences and knowledge come into my life. at the time life seemed to just pull us apart we were both graduating and decided to put everything on hold and focus on ourselves, 2 yrs pass and we met up and she instantly gravitated towards me, my philosophy about life, and wanted to know everything about me but I was very secretive and didn’t like to really let anyone know what i was up to personally, but she really wanted to know what makes me so sure in life and over time she won me over. I finally told her about the lucid dreams obe’s and things ive been feeling in my heart to be true, but to my surprise she didn’t run away because she was really into me and she knew that whatever I was doing was most likely positive. But at some point her Christian faith became a problem.

At some point she wouldnt listen to what I had to say because the ‘’good book’’ said the opposite. Honestly most of the things I heard her say sounded absolutely sick. after awhile it started to dong on me that even though she had a good heart and a beautiful soul she was slave and was afraid of be convicted of thought crime by god(thinking that she was actually saving me from the fiery pits of hell)/(that im evil and everything that I experienced was demonic). after that I came to a cold realization that she had been brainwashed beyond repair/ saving. Not going to lie I fell head of hills for her, but after this break up and a few other blow outs ive had over religion with my own flesh and blood I felt this blanket of loneliness cover my world. I live in the south where in the African American community Christianity and any old lies passed around a camp fire are figured to be true. i mean Im a man and all and I don’t mind being by myself but I don’t like being alone…like really me the cool quarterback outta school that everyone was cool with is lonely? and deep down i sometimes get scared for ppl can anybody understand what im feeling fill free to comment.

Love But Nothing Intefers

Posted by Kenya Lynem The Psychic on June 25, 2013 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (5)

When love comes through bold, what being stops all that supremacy? Purpose? The love of the nation is not where it could be - or is that fear that talks more bold? The energy of love creates this feeling of hate and remorse when fear cannot bow downward enough. To give enough. To receive enough. The frequency your sound a bit higher is where you may know. But when fear comes through live - you will know that your 3rd eye dictates what you may feel that to be. Such as this:

I cannot do anything in the world for someone until something is done about my check account. Why would someone do this another individual?

Why would people want to view you in certain ways until then?

Where is the calling of the mix that isn't anything like my son or daughter? When they cry, do they cry with a sudden loud bang or a silent purr?

When people don't see you, how come they see others more?

The light is extreme here. I dim this a bit but not all the way. So when I am seen clearer in viewed sources, I will not state how I am taken or why I may be used. The using is not here. The mirroring is a factor of using that seems to be. The way people use their thumb to comfort them as one. They suck on this for life times and don't ever take anything from anyone. This is the love that intefers with your memory of who you are.

So as you begin to recall - you will notice a lift in spirit and a sigh of relief. I am that there is! LOVE

Crying in nature

Posted by Soulwarrior on May 17, 2013 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

This is a shared experience between me and omnichromiatic, I MUST share this here....

Soulwarrior post: 

"I cried in nature today. All the tears ive been keeping inside just rushed out....and it was such a freeing experience. I cried for about 10-15 minutes NONSTOP. It opened my heart a lot....and it took away all the numbness of my senses...I felt alive again...

All senses hightened , smells, visions...all senses hightened and I was totally one with life....present and alive....

I highly recommend you go out in nature and CRY as many tears as you can cry...think thoughts of love and feel the beauty of nature...and feel love and compassion for yourself and feel deep appreciation for life and for all beings you hold dear.....and all tears come out....

But be aware: All repressed (supressed) emotions will come up in the surface after crying (all energy tubes in your body will open). In my case, a lot of HATRED came out 30 minutes after the cry. All unresolved issues and trauma feelings came out.....so it was lucky that all the trees in nature took my energy

Because when we cry, we take out all repressed emotions to the surface to be healed....

So CRYYY as much as you can.....it will open your heart....

After crying, i feel high,,i feel so blissful and extatic.,,,,and it transformed my whole being.....


The heart is the door to the kingdom of heaven....

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Not Hatred, I mean ANGER.

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Wow! its amazing that you posted this! I have just recently cryed, like similar in the same way you have two days ago. I shared my experience with a friend on here who could sympathize with me.


She too explained what had happened to me in the same way you have. When I cried soul worrior, I too began to cry about everything in my life. Alot of repressed and old emotions and feelings came back up...my TRUE feelings about everything came to the surface; feeling of saddness, loss, mourning, alienation, confusion etc. I truly felt and understand now after reading your post, that it was my HEART that was speaking and conveying how I really feel when I was crying. When I cried, I wanted to YELL, and SCREAM, and WAIL like a young child. I feel that I would have really let alot of old energy out if I had done so. I would have continued to cry if it were not for this friend asking about me, as I had promised to chat with them here.


After crying, I felt sooo much LIGHTER, and content. I felt more at peace than before, and had a gentle smile on my face. Crying really is cleansing and purifying when its sincere and genuine. Crying, and the tears/water that come along with it imo, are symbolic of the transformation and washing away or out of something thats old, obsolete, or repressed, Crying is a way for our bodies to naturally rid of emotions and energy that has currently affected us, or has been affecting us for a long time. Crying is one of the best Catharsis for the body.


Thanks Soulwarrrior! Ive been watching the information you have been projecting lately and I must say I am resonating with alot of it. Thank you thank you thank you! Keep being and doing you

Much Love <3

Side effects of masturbation

Posted by Soulwarrior on May 9, 2013 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (7)

Ladies and gentlemen.

Many people have questions about the side effects of excessive masturbation, and I am here to use my own life and my own experiences with masturbation, to speak about some of the negative side effects it has had on me.

First, I have an announcement to make.

I have been a heavy masturbator to porn videos for almost my whole life, and I am getting to a point in my life where I am seriously needing to stop it and perhaps regain balance in the activity of masturbation.

I have just started to come to a point in my life where i no longer feel the orgasm any more the way i used to... ive gotten so used to the orgasm that I no longer derive any real pleasure from it as i used to before....

A negative side effect of this is that I have lost the natural attraction to girls. When I see a girl on the streets, or when I talk to a girl, I no longer feel the natural attraction that I used to (because all my sexual energy has been wasted by all the masturbation...).

This does not feel good, because without sexual energy, you cannot feel passion for a girl anymore. And without passion, you cannot enjoy feminine energies anymore. You begin to feel that a part of you has died.

The second reason why I feel I should stop masturbation is:

To become more productive and focused in my life, and in my goals.

I feel that the addiction to porn is making me less productive and focused. When the desire to masturbate takes me over, it is very difficult to find peace and balance in what I am doing - i am always pulled towards my desires to that I can no longer focus 100% on the present moment. There is always a feeling of procrastination and lazyness that follows it...

In other words: the desire to masturbate all the time, is making it more difficult for me to find peace in the present moment, to stay focused in what I am doing for a longer period of time, and this all makes me less productive and slows down my feeling of getting forward in life.

A third reason why I have decided to stop masturbation is:

It gives me a feeling of reducing people to objects. This also makes it more difficult to stay in a love vibration, it closes down my heart...and makes me loose connection to my inner truth. It disconnects me from God, it disconnects me from my inner light in some way. Its hard to explain. But it feels like its making me less pure in some way.....I would like to look at another person and feel love when im looking in their eyes ...and not feel that I want them to BED.


A fourh reason why I have decided to stop or slow down the rate of masturbation is:

BLURRED VISION and FEELING OF DISSOCIATION. One thing I have noticed after masturbation is blurred vision and dissociation feelings. My vision literraly gets blurred in some strange way.

Accompanied with this feeling or blurred vision comes a feeling of dissociation. I feel like im here, but im not really here (if you know what I mean). I feel that I am doing something, but im not really in what im doing. My mind is always subconsciously somewhere else (i am disconnected from the presence in subconscious ways...). Whatever i do, im not there..wherever i am, i am not here....a part of me has left me (and i feel lost from life)

In other words: It takes me away from the present moment, and disconnects me from the presence. It dissociates me from the present moment .....Its a very strange feeling. And its mostly a negative feeling.

With this feeling of dissociation comes a feeling of apathy and no-feelingness.

I feel less able to enjoy and FEEL the small things in life (a flower, a bird singing, a piece of music).

Accompanied with this feelign of blurred vision and dissociation comes a feeling of disconnection from life (i no longer feel the music, hear the birds, feel the air touching my body).


These are some of the symptoms i feel after every masturabation session (ive just become self aware of these aspects for the first time and noticed that it has to do with the masturbation).

A fifth reason why i have stopped masturbation is: PSYCHIC ATTACKS

One thing I have noticed after masturbation or heavy sexual fantasy nights is....its always accompanied with a shadow entity or a negative sleep paralysis.....and when i wake up the day after i feel drained of energy and dissociated.....as if something has stolen my life force....I feel apathy and feeling of meaninglessness. I feel bored, apathetic, restless, hopeless...

These symptoms are ofcourse not MAJOR in my life; they are only side effects that I have noticed with masturbation. And its getting to a point in my life where its getting unbearable.

To summarize: Masturbation makes you less able to enjoy the small things of life....and make you less able to be present in body, mind and spirit.....it makes it more difficult to be in contact with your heart......it makes you less able to connect with feminine energies.....It makes you less able to fall in love with a physical girl......The list is endless.

A SEVENTH reason why i have stopped masturbation is:

IMPOTENCE when having physical sex with a girl.

I remember a few years ago, when i had sex with my last girlfriend. When I had sex with her, i noticed something strange happening (i couldnt work in bed). I just wasnt turned on by my girlfriend anymore.....

It made me less able to enjoy physical sex....because sex to me was always a MIND thing...Imagination thing....but to have sex physcally (that just didnt work for me)....

AS soon as i get in bed with the girl, i get turned OFF emediately.....because sex for me has always been a mental thing...

So excessive porn watching and masturbation make you less able to have a positive sexual experience with your partnes (it kills the sexual relationship with your partner).

So ladies and gentlemen...there are some of the side effects.....hope it helps....

Feel each other more

Posted by Soulwarrior on May 9, 2013 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (3)

Greetings fellow earthlings.

Today, i would like to talk about yet another important subject: "the importance of appreciating and feeling another person".

I have experienced a new revelation about the nature of todays world: "we have forgotten to FEEL each other"

People, we need to see, feel and appreciate each other more often. Because if we dont....we will all be discouraged from our own inner light and inner beauty (=spiritual death). We will loose ourselves in a vacuum. Perhaps that is a big contributor to todays apathy and feeling of meaninglessness in the world?

Even though many of you (myself included) are a source of appreciation to ourselves, and a source of encouragement unto ourselves, we still cant deny the need for us to be encouraged and seen by other souls. I mean, isnt that the meaning of life?... To see each other? To FEEL each other ...think about it...

Appreciation is a feedback mechanism that drives us, pulls us, motivates us.....reflects us. If that source of supply of appreciation is not regularly there, we will fade away and wake up feeling : What is the need of doing anything anymore? Why not just lie in the bed for ever? Noone is out there seeing me anyway,...so why continue with anything?

There is a spiritual danger involved in a culture that lacks appreciation. A big part of this is also that we have a culture that is collectivist (we have been programmed to appreciate parts of the collective). We have not been encouraged to see and appreciate the individual. So this is a cultural problem as well.

Ther is also a STRESS FACTOR involved in the lack of appreciation of each other. We are so stressed that we dont have the time and energy to see and appreciate each other. Many people may appreciate and see whta I do....but they just dont have the time, energy and ability to express what they truly are feeling appreciate-wise.

So this is a cultural problem as well ( lack of time, energy and dedication to appreciate).

The third thing i would like to say is: SELF ABSORBTION. When we are so absorbed in what we are doing , we also forget to take a deep breathe and to appreciate the work of another.

We must have a balance between self absorbtion, and seeing, feeling / appreciating another person for his or her unique strenghts and talens and contributions to the world.

Seeing another, is seeing God. Because everyone is a unique expression of Gods glory .....

Ask yourself this question: "how often do i think about a person, or several persons in my life...and feel uniquely for that person? How often do you FEEL for a particular person in your life?

Just some thoughts....

It is time for us to SEE and FEEL each other....othervise we will Fade away ....and we will loose ourselves....we will stop believing in ourselves....

My skype is: adam.damani (feel free to add me)....

The day we forget to appreciate,that is the day we have lost our souls....


Appreciation is the highest language of LOVE. Those who are able to appreciate, are able to LOVE


Posted by LifeWonderer on April 11, 2013 at 4:20 AM Comments comments (3)

 Hey I hope everyone is doing great! :D I've been having this idea and feeling floating around me for awhile. It kind of started after i watched astralboobaby's video about twin flames and soulmates. So I've been seeing my boyfriend for 3 years now. Everythings fine and I think that he's a wonderful person who's unrivaled to anyone i've ever known. But for me I just feel like we're so different and I just feel like we're not really meant to be. I'm confused because I don't know if it's from the idea of having a soulmate and I'm just not aware how a soulmate would be like but I don't feel a strong connection with him. Can anybody tell me what it feels like to have a soulmate? and for anyone who can read people I would like to know if I'll ever find my soulmate or have already found him. I'd really appreciate any advice or help. Thanks everyone even if you just read :) I love everyone on here!!

ch 1 on Duality and Ego

Posted by Soulwarrior on March 6, 2013 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

THis is chapter 1 of my book "conversations with god - a different messenger"

About Ego & Duality



God, I have studies spirituality for years now. Yet, it doesn’t seem that is has helped me get any closer to a life of more peace and love that I had hoped. On the contrary, I feel I have become even more judging and intolerant of other people and their choices the more I have studied spirituality. What went wrong?

Like most seekers, you ran upon a spiritual misconception

What misconception?

That some things are spiritual, and other things are unspiritual. You still have not understood that no path is more spiritual than the other. All paths are valid. Unless you have understood this, there can be no hope of finding the peace you say you are looking for in your spiritual search. This is the misconception that has been handed down from generation to generation of misunderstandings of what spirituality is all about—having evolved from the old idea of good and evil, into the new idea of spiritual and unspiritual.

Here comes a great truth:

All paths are spiritual. There are no unspiritual paths.

Do you think I would allow for any unspiritual thing to exist? Let me tell you that if something exists, I must have intended it to exist for a spiritual reason. As long as your limited understanding creates a dual split by calling some things spiritual and other things unspiritual, let me tell you that you will not find the peace you say you are looking for in your spiritual search. You have to be all inclusive; not part exclusive.

So what is the answer?


It is the conscious realization that there has never been a good-bad, spiritual-unspiritual, ego-noego split. It was mans limited understanding that gave rise to this split that has separated man from the oneness and unity of existence. It was mans failure to see that I have created all things for a spiritual reason, that gave rise to this dual split: everything belongs in the bigger picture.

As long as you live with this dual split in your mind, you will inevitably fall judgments upon your surroundings on a conscious and unconscious level.

This automatic judgment of your surroundings then leads you closer and closer to separation, and further and further away from the unity, and oneness, of existence.

This is what has created all the suffering in your life—and in your world at large.

Did I not symbolically advice Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

Before eating from that tree, you had no conception of good and evil. You were in a state of innocence and full unity with existence, and with all that is. You were, symbolically, in the Garden of Eden. For that is the absolute world from where you come, and to where you will return when your dualistic earth life is over. Your life on earth symbolizes Adam and Eves fall from Eden.

Do not condemn this dual split. The dual split was part of my great plan for mankind. I actually wanted Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And you will all symbolically return to the Garden of Eden—you will all return to me.

What? Did you want Adam and Eve from eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil?



The experience of duality (as symbolized by the fall of Eden) was your choice and agreement—on an individual and on a collective level—to go through the experience of my absence in you, so that you through the experience of my absence in you, could rediscover the true importance of my presence in you. This was my great plan.

I am love. I am joy. I am freedom. I am truth. I am goodness. I am compassion.

But how could I appreciate or know the full value of me, if I had not gone through the experience of lack of me—through each and every one of you individually, and collectively, as a human species?

Let me explain this in a different way:

If you have never had a moment of true hunger, can you truly appreciate the presence of food?

If you have never explored the idea of war, can you know the true importance and value of peace?

If you have never known suffering, can you learn what compassion is?

If you have never explored the idea of limitation, can you value and appreciate the idea of abundance and freedom?

If you have never experienced a lack of love, can you know the true richness, beauty and value of love?

If you have never experienced the suffering of doing choices that go against your heart, can you find the true inner motivation to do choices that are in alignment with your heart?

Similiarly, if you have never experienced the absence of me in you, can you learn about the true importance of my presence in you? No. My absence shows you the importance of my presence.

Now do you know my plan behind this dual split? Do you know the reason why I allowed Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

I wanted you to have a human experience—to experience the lack of me, so that you could find the importance of me.

If you really want to seek me, you must first leave me.

If you truly want to find the motivation to seek me, you must first explore and experiment with the idea of being away from me—your current human experience.

The more you lack me, the more you want me. And the more you want me, the stronger you will seek me. This is my plan for humanity on an individual and on a collective level—I put you on planet earth in order for you to find the motivation to seek me. The fall from Eden was not a curse; it was a gift. It symbolizes my master plan for humanity. You will all return to Eden.

My own life testifies very much to these truths. The moment in my life where I felt most strongly motivated to seek love, was in the moment of my life when I lacked it the most. I once had a period in my life where I hated everyone and everything, without the slightest resistance. One day I was surprised to notice that my hatred took me to a point of suffering where I couldn’t take it anymore. It became too much. That was when it happened—I surrendered to my heart and bursted in cry. When I finally decided to let go of all that hatred and surrender to my heart, it was such a beautiful and healing experience. The contrast showed me the true importance of love. If it hadn’t been for the period of hatred, if it hadnt been for the contrast, I wouldn’t have come to learn the true beauty and importance of love. Since I was given the opportunity to experience suffering through a lack of love, I got an opportunity to experience the contratst to learn the true importance of love.

In the absence of me, in you, you could re-discover the true appreciation and importance of me, in you. If you have never experienced enough suffering of doing choices that go against your heart, how can you find the true importance and motivation to do choices that are in alignment with your heart? As hunger motivates you to seek food, so too does darkness motivate you to seek the light. Everyone will surrender to their hearts sooner or later. Everyone who leaves me will inevitably come back to me.

Many spiritual people—especially within the so called new age movement—are talking about becoming "free from the ego". I have found this to be one of the greatest barriers for becoming more loving and peaceful. Do you agree?

You have made a good observation. I neither agree nor disagree. But based on my observation of what works and don’t in relation to what it is you say you seek in your spiritual search, it will not work to believe in a misconception of "getting rid of the ego". When you try to "get rid of the ego" as you say, you will only feed it, not transform it. The transformation and purification of what you call the ego can only happen when you fully accept it, and stop fighting against it.

What you resist, persist. What you accept and embrace with love, transforms.

When you fully embrace and accept your shadow, or what you call the ego, it will not only transform and purify; it will also be able to give you its lessons undisturbed. When you suppress the ego in the false hope of getting rid of it one day, you will not allow yourself to experience the ego (the lack of me) so that you can find the true importance of my presence in you. You have to be away from me to find the motivation to be with me.

Every emotion that stems from the ego is there to help bring more awareness into yourself. Allow yourself to explore the ego without resistance and to learn from it and its emotions. The ego is your teacher on planet earth that I have given you. It is a gift and not a curse. Learn from it. See what it has to teach you about you, and do not hide or run away from it in the false hope that it will one day disappear. You will only delude yourself.

Wow. Say that to those love and light preachers in the new age communities around the world who think that the ego is something you need to suppress in order to one day magically get rid of it. Say that to those who think that it is evil to feel and openly express emotions such as hate, anger or bitterness.

Tell them that you cannot truly appreciate food if you haven't allowed yourself to go through a moment of real hunger.

Tell them that you cannot truly appreciate light, if you have never had a moment of darkness.

Darkness motivates the light.

Tell them that you must lose yourself to find yourself.

Tell them that you cannot appreciate my presence in you, if you have not truly experienced my absence in you.

I will. I happen to find this to be one of the most important things for the new agers of this world to be aware of.

It is. If the parents are overprotecting their children from experiencing true hunger, how can they expect their children to find true inner motivation to seek for food? They will grow up taking food for granted and not be able to, truly, hunger for food. They will never seek it.

This is what I would teach all those love and light preachers out there. You cannot teach about the importance of love if you don’t allow people to familiarize themselves with the lack of it.

Is there not a danger that this argument will be used to give people a good reason to never improve themselves?

I know exactly when you will improve yourself. That is when you have become tired enough of not improving yourself.

I know exactly when you will do choices from the heart. That is when you have suffered enough of doing choices that go against it.

I know exactly when you will choose love. That is when you have suffered enough of choosing hate.

I know exactly when you will forgive. That is when you have suffered enough of living in unforgiveness.

So do not worry. I have given the human soul a self regulating mechanism that won't allow you to go too far in the wrong direction before it will force you to surrender. When you have had enough suffering of doing bad choices, you will all surrender to the right choices once again. This is true on an individual as well as on a collective level.

I can truly say that I am happy that I was allowed to do choices that went against the heart; so that once I finally surrendered to my heart again, I was much more able to appreciate it.

More On Control...

Posted by eerie777 on March 4, 2013 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (11)


Letting go of control...


There is a fine line between supporting someone and trying to do things for them... We need to let go of the illusion that we can control circumstances and outcomes in others lives... it is only natural for us to want to make things better for others, but that is just not our job! We can be caring and compassionate towards them, yet we still need to allow them to be!

It is really non of our business to deprive anyone of their life experiences and lessons! No matter how heartfelt the intention - solving their problems is not an act of love, but of sabotage!

When we honor their growth process we are not really abandoning them! We are allowing them the opportunity to meet the challenges they have created/set up in order for them to evolve Spiritually! We must conserve our energy in serving others and striking a balance is necessary!

Know what is feasible for you to do... then let go of unrealistic expectations - do what you can do -

then let God handle the rest!

Dark Entities from the eyes of a psychic

Posted by Randus Phillips (Randy) on March 3, 2013 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (6)

(These are excerpts from the psychic's books that I've read, my mother used to wonder about Hitler and want to read and research him. I used to wonder why the mean, the evil, the hateful and the rotten always seemed to get a head and surived in life and they very rarley fall into a pit. Then socialpaths never seem to "go away" it keeps "comming back" I hope that this could be helpful for others)  

I believe that I may have had one or two dark entities around me when I was going to school, through out those 2 years they gave me hell.    It was the same two studenets, I could feel their negative energy being projected towards me or I feel drained by being within a few feet of them.

The Dark Side

The Dark Side is that segment of the spirit world made up of those

who’ve rejected God and His laws of humanity, integrity, compassion

and nonjudgmental love. Those who occupy the Dark Side will be

called “dark entities” for this discussion. Their polar opposites, those

who embrace and revere God and the white light of the Holy Spirit,

will be called “white entities.” Please don’t even let it enter your mind

that “dark” and “white” have anything to do with race or skin color.

The mere suggestion of any such thing is offensive.

God didn’t create the insidious, evil negativity that rules the world

of the Dark Side. What He created is spirits endowed with free will.

And some spirits used that free will to turn their backs on their Creator

and pursue lives unencumbered by responsibility to anyone but

themselves. Their choice, not God’s. And there’s no horned, pitchforkcarrying

god who presides over the Dark Side. Dark entities are their own masters,

too narcissistic to believe in a being superior to them, and they

bring up Satan and other mythical devils only when they’re facing consequences

they don’t like and need someone else to blame.

The Dark Side exists in both human and spirit form, just as we

white entities do. In human form, they look exactly like the rest of us.


(Don’t forget, if it weren’t for the choices they’d made, they would be

the rest of us.) They might be a family member, a lover or spouse, a

next-door neighbor, a co-worker, a Boss, a supposed friend or even a political, religious, or spiritual leader you sincerely believe has the best of humanity at heart. In spirit form,

their negative energy can deeply affect everything from mechanical

and electrical devices to our mental health without our even realizing

what’s happening. But whether they’re in human form or spirit form,

the entities of the Dark Side all share the same basic qualities:


✴ They have no conscience, no genuine remorse and no sense of

responsibility for their actions. They take all the credit and none

of the blame for everything that happens around them, and self-justification

is their first and only response to criticism.


✴ In psychiatric terms, they’re true sociopaths. They mimic human

behavior brilliantly without ever really feeling it. They can simulate

extraordinary charm, sensitivity, empathy, love, regret, even

devout piety if they can use it to their advantage to gain our

trust. Once the act has worked, as it often does, they promptly

drop it, having no further use for it and frankly finding it to be

too much work. We white entities, because our emotions and

faith are genuine, have trouble imagining that we’ve been witnessing

a performance. So we stay around, trying desperately to

resuscitate that wonderful person we’re sure is in there because

we saw them with our own eyes, unable to grasp that that wonderful

person never really existed in the first place.


✴ As far as the Dark Side is concerned, we white entities are nothing

but a collection of walking mirrors. If their reflections

through our eyes are flattering, we’re valuable to them. But the

minute we catch on that we’ve been looking at a mask, and they

no longer like the way they look in our mirror, they’ll react in one

of two ways—they’ll get as far away from us as possible, or they’ll

repeat the performance that won our approval in the first place

in the hope of winning it again.

✴ As far as the Dark Side is concerned, we white entities are nothing

but a collection of walking mirrors. If their reflections

through our eyes are flattering, we’re valuable to them. But the

minute we catch on that we’ve been looking at a mask, and they

no longer like the way they look in our mirror, they’ll react in one

of two ways—they’ll get as far away from us as possible, or they’ll

repeat the performance that won our approval in the first place

in the hope of winning it again.

✴ Dark entities live by their own self-serving rules, which change

at their convenience and don’t necessarily apply to anyone else

around them. In their minds, their behavior is always acceptable,

but they might become outraged or deeply wounded if

someone else aims that same behavior at them. The result is

that the white entities close to them are kept constantly off balance,

which gives the dark entity that much more power.


✴ The goal of the dark entity isn’t to turn a white entity dark. They

know that can’t be done. Their goal is to extinguish the white entity’s

light, since darkness can’t exist where there’s light. They

don’t necessarily try to destroy the white entity physically. More

often they’ll simply create as much emotional turbulence, selfdoubt,

guilt and depression as possible in as many white entities

as they can seduce into trusting them.


✴ Dark entities rarely enjoy each other’s company—with no light

to extinguish, no flattering reflection to gaze into and no control

to be gained over someone with the same bag of tricks, what

possibly would be the point? Instead, they deliberately seek us

out. And at least once in our lives, we’re likely to seek them out

too. It has nothing to do with being stupid. It has to do with taking

our spiritual responsibilities seriously and believing it’s our

moral responsibility to reach out to someone we perceive to be

lost, in trouble or misunderstood.

Now, about this myth of being able to help a dark entity. It’s

against our humanitarian instincts to turn our back on a child of God

who needs us. But I promise, when it’s the Dark Side you’re up

against, you’re wasting your time. A dark entity can’t be turned white,

any more than a white entity can be turned dark. You can’t appeal to a

conscience that doesn’t exist; you can’t inspire genuine remorse in

someone who takes no responsibility for his actions; and you can’t

ignite sincere love in someone who loves God Himself only on an as-needed basis.

I say this as both a spiritual psychic and as a person who’s learned the hard way: If there’s a dark entity in your life, in Jesus’s own words, “Shake off the dust from your feet.”

No discussion of who dark entities are would be complete without

making it clear who they aren’t. Not all murderers and other violent

criminals are dark entities. Not everyone who’s ever hurt you is a dark

entity. Not everyone who’s ill-tempered or hard to get along with is a

dark entity. Not everyone you don’t like, or who doesn’t like you, is a

dark entity. There are white entities I don’t like. There are white entities

who don’t like me. This isn’t about labeling people, or passing

judgment, or worst of all, becoming a spiritual snob, which can be just

as repellent as the Dark Side itself. It’s simply about learning how and

why we need to pay close attention to who is in our lives. True, we

wrote every one of those people into our charts before we came here.

But we wrote in some of them to teach us the wisdom of knowing

when to walk away—the one area in which the Dark Side can be of

use to us, for a change.




            The Left Door


The Dark Side, as you can read in that designated section, is made up

of the true sociopaths among us, those without conscience or any capacity

for remorse, those to whom love is strictly a means of manipulation

and ego inflation and most of all, those who, no matter what

rhetoric they’ve devised to gain your trust, have turned away from

God. Let me repeat that, to make a point I don’t ever want you to

question: The Dark Side is those who have turned away from God.

God has not turned away from them, any more than He ever could

or would turn away from any of us, because we truly are His children.

If someone’s life is devoid of God, it’s always his choice, not His


When a person on the Dark Side dies, their spirit never experiences

the tunnel and the sacred light at its end. Instead, they're propelled straight through the Other Side’s Left Door, Please don’t let

me create the mistaken impression that when we reach the Other

Side we see two doors and have to choose between the left and the

right. Only a handful of times have I heard of a near-death survivor being

conscious of finding two doors at the end of the tunnel, and there

was no danger of their stepping through the wrong one.

The Dark Side has already chosen the Left Door through a remorseless

lifetime of physically, emotionally and/or spiritually abusing

God’s children, so no other door is ever visible to them when they

die.The vast majority of us are propelled straight to our appropriate destination with no awareness of doors at all.

Inside the Left Door is an abyss of dark, Godless, empty, joyless, all-encompassing nothingness. The only permanent residents of this abyss are faceless beings in hooded cloaks, who have become the archetype for the scythe-bearing Death figure and other characters of utter hopelessness throughout art and literary history. These beings don't act as dark spirit guides or avenging angels. They function more as a Council, overseeing the paths of the souls who make a brief appearance in their presence.


And the soul's time in the And the soul's time in the abyss behind the Left Door is very brief, because unlike those spirits on The Other Side who can choose when and whether to return to earth for another incarnation, Left Door spirits travel straight from their bodies at death, through the Godless darkness they've chosen, and right back in utero again, on a self-inflicted horseshoe-shaped journey that leaves them as dark at birth as they were at death in their previous life. In other words, taking Ted Bundy as a perfect example of The Dark Side, the instant he died, his spirit traveled through the Left Door and entered the womb of some unsuspecting woman who is probably still wondering to this day where she went wrong as a parent, when the truth is, the dark course of her child's life was already determined before it was born. So if there's someone in your life from The Dark Side whom you're convinced you can change for the better with enough love and patience, please remember that you're fighting a perpetual soul cycle that makes spiritual progress impossible, and that's a fight you can't win.

    [I can’t tell you how relieved I was, and how many of my longstanding

questions were answered, when I learned the truth about the

Dark Side’s journey through the Left Door and back into the womb.

For one thing, as a psychic, I can look at most people and see a whole

crowd of spirits from the Other Side, from Spirit Guides to departed

loved ones to Angels. But from time to time I’ll notice someone who

seems to have no spirits around them at all, who seems isolated from

the divine loving support that constantly surrounds most of us. I used

to worry that I was developing blind spots where some people were

concerned, and if that were true, I would need to do something about

it. Now I know that there’s a perfectly good reason why some people

don’t have a team from the Other Side around them: It’s impossible to

accumulate a team from a place you’ve never been. Those solitary people

are dark entities who, by their own choice, take the Left Door, and

pay a horrible spiritual price for it.

I’ve found great spiritual comfort in the truth of the journey of the

Dark Side. On one hand, I know that the perfect God I believe in

could never be vindictive enough to banish any of His children from

His sacred presence for eternity. On the other hand, I couldn’t make

peace with the idea that Ted Bundy and I, who are what I’ll politely

call polar opposites on the subject of the sanctity of humanity, could

end up in the very same embrace of the Other Side between lifetimes,

as if there is no significant difference between my soul and the soul of

a serial killer.


Now I know what sends Bundy and Hitler and other card-carrying

members of the Dark Side through the Left Door for countless dark

incarnations while most of us make it safely Home to the Other Side:

The Dark Side members defiantly turn their backs on a God who

never did and never will stop loving them, which is the one thing most

of us find as spiritually inconceivable as the Dark Side itself.

And to prove that our Creator really does love each of His children eternally and unconditionally, not even dark entities are doomed to

horseshoe from the Left Door into the womb again forever. The spirits

and Angels on the Other Side are well aware of these lost spirits, and

sooner or later they literally catch them in their quick transit from one

dimension to another and bring them Home to be embraced by God

and infused with love again by the white light of the Holy Spirit, the

only force powerful enough to reunite them with the sanctity of their



{The dark entities will all eventually be absorbed in to The God Head/God's uncreated mass}