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Posted by SheOnAnotherLevel on June 17, 2014 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (5)

New research from the Washington University School of Medicine has revealed that compared with the general population, alcohol, tobacco and drug use is much higher among individuals who have psychotic disorders.

This is according to a study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

The research team, including first author Dr. Sarah M. Hartz, says their research is the largest ever study that assesses substance use among populations with serious psychiatric illness.

To reach their findings, the investigators analyzed the smoking, drinking and drug use of 20,000 participants.

More than 10,000 of the participants were free of mental illness, while 9,142 had been diagnosed with either schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder (characterized by hallucinations and delusions) or mood disorders, including depression.

Among participants with mental illness, 75% were smokers 

A new study has found that alcohol, tobacco and drug use is

significantly higher in people with psychiatric disorders,

compared with the general population.

From this, the team found that 30% of participants with severe psychiatric disorders were binge drinkers - defined as consuming four servings of alcoholic beverages at one time. The researchers note that the binge drinking rate of the general population is around 8%.

The results also revealed that over 75% of participants with psychiatric disorders were regular smokers, compared with 33% of participants without mental illness.

Furthermore, around 50% of participants with mental illness demonstrated a heavy use of marijuana. Marijuana use of the general population is approximately 18%, according to the researchers.

Around 50% of participants with psychiatric illness used other illicit drugs. Recreational drug use in the general population is approximately 12%, the researchers note.

The investigators say their findings are of great concern, since people with serious psychiatric illness are more likely to die around 12-25 years earlier than individuals without mental illness.

"They don't die from drug overdoses or commit suicide - the kinds of things you might suspect in severe psychiatric illness. They die from heart disease and cancer, problems caused by chronic alcohol and tobacco use."

Patients 'need more encouragement' to curb substance use

Findings from the study also opposed previous research, revealing that factors including race and gender do not have their "typical influence" once a person develops a mental illness.

Dr. Hartz explains that when it comes to smoking, rates have decreased in the general population over the last few decades. She notes that individuals over the age of 50 are much more likely to have been regular smokers at some point during their lives, compared with younger people.

But their study findings revealed that among individuals who suffer from mental illness, the smoking rate is over 75%, regardless of their age.

Dr. Hartz says their results raise the question as to whether more focus on helping patients with mental illness to reduce their alcohol, tobacco and drug use would extend their life span.

She believes that health care professionals should "do a better job" of encouraging their mentally ill patients to stop using these substances.

"Some studies have shown that although we psychiatrists know that smoking, drinking and substance use are major problems among the mentally ill, we often don't ask our patients about those things," she says.

"We can do better, but we also need to develop new strategies because many interventions to reduce smoking, drinking and drug use that have worked in other patient populations don't seem to be very effective in these psychiatric patients."

Medical News Today recently reported on a study suggesting that drug addicts are able to quit smoking if additional therapy is offered to them.

Written by Honor Whiteman of medical news study


What is your take on this study and psychotic disorders?



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We have all heard about the importance of forgiveness towards others who have intentionally or unintentionally caused us emotional, mental, physical or psychological scaring and distress… Such distresses and scares, can and does create anger, frustration, depression, sadness and distrust and this is totally understandable.  Also, we often hear or even read about the importance and power of forgiveness… Some of the most poignant messages come from one of the most respected and honored books in history; the Bible... For example;

Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.

I am posting this blog as a reminder for not only the forgiveness of others but ourselves.  There’s an old rhetorical question;  if we don’ t love ourselves, how can we truly love someone else? The same rhetorical question can easily posed in the same regard; how can we possibly forgive others, when we have not forgiven ourselves? The truth of the matter, in both cases is that we can’t! However, we can set forth the ‘intention’ to balance our respective scales (so to speak) and work towards our own ‘self-forgiveness’…

Here is what I think, is a great link with cool images,  providing comprehensive tips and directions on to forgive ourselves (if applicable). Enjoy!



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This weekend, I had tweeted a message challenging my twitter followers to ‘smile’ and give a word of encouragement (or inspiration) to a stranger because by doing so, we just might change a person’s ‘light’ or life, even… I saw a comment on Facebook in relation to the aforementioned twitter message from Marie;  basically stating that we should in essence do this year around and her comment got me to thinking… So her suggestion inspired me to write this blog and challenge everyone on a broader scale to give ‘a smile’ and words of encouragement to a stranger.  I also wanted to share my most recent story regarding this matter.

For starters, I have always given a smile and words of encouragement to people that I don’t know and my most recent words of encouragement was to a young lady I had come across while visiting my close relatives… I was sitting in my parked car in my sister’s neighborhood talking on my cellphone… As I was talking, I noticed a vehicle driving up on the opposite side of the street… The car was quickly parked and out jumps this very attractive young lady… She appeared to be in her mid-twenties…  Although her hair was pulled back in a pony-tail, it (her hair) still looked a bit disheveled… Sshe was moving at a frantic pace and appeared to be pretty stressed in the face…  She reached in the back of her car seat to release a toddler girl – appearing to be about 4 years of age. .. I watched this young lady quickly pick up her child and guardedly walk her off to a nearby home…  She never noticed me watching her the whole time… A couple of minutes later, the same young lady previously described and mentioned, returned to her vehicle  without the child (still at a face and frantic pace) and when she was about to open the car door, I quickly rolled down my window to get her attention… I said “Excuse me! Excuse me Miss” – She stopped and looked over in my direction and I said with a smile “Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you have a very beautiful spirit and beautiful bone structure to match, you should consider getting into some modeling”… She smiled back and me and said, “thank you” --  “I was actually thinking about doing it (modeling) but I am so busy with motherhood, school and work, I have no time to do it” I said, to her “you must find the time to do it --  I have an eye for these things” and she smiled again and said, ‘thank you, I will’… Her whole vibe instantly changed and she even slowed down her pace a bit and of course, she drove off…. As she droved off and got a little closer to my car, she looked at me again and smiled even more brightly than before…

Here’s the irony, I had come that very same day to visit my sister because they had asked me to hang out with them for a movie and then to a restaurant…  We were also slated to meet up with some other relatives and have a big POW-WOW for the weekend! The restaurant that we had originally planned on going to after the movies was Fridays. We had actually gone to Fridays but we sat and waited for service too long and the customer service was just crappy! So, we all got up and left that particular place… We were thinking about going across town to another Fridays but since it was getting late, we decided to go somewhere else and so, it was decided that we go to Apple Bees instead…  Keep in mind that none of us had been to this particular restaurant in years! When we got there and was seated, to my slight surprise, I look up and see the same young lady that I had seen earlier! She was there, working as a waitress! She didn’t work our table but when I saw her, she had a glow and was walking with a level of confidence and calmness that I didn’t see from her, just a few hours earlier! She never saw me there because she was too focused on her job and her customers…  This was synchronization and a full circle moment this was indeed.

I share this story because again, I have done this time and time again… You never truly know how much a smile and a few words of encouragement and inspiration can or will affect a total stranger, until you do it frequently enough!  So again, I challenge all who read this message to do this same – it doesn’t cost you anything but a little bit of care and time, which can go a very long way! Another divine gift, that may ‘keep on giving’.

Take a moment

Posted by KarenW on January 31, 2014 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (2)

Ya' know I was just sitting here thinking about some of the TV shows I have taken in recently. I like Sci-Fy but there are only so many reruns one can watch. As boredom would have it I ventured off in television land and watched a show that I even hate to admit I watched "Honey Boo Boo" or something like that.

As I watch and cringe at the antics of the entire family I wonder are these folks really like this. I then think they are not that good at acting and to be this redneck they would have to win awards. My mind then, ego in full swing, trails off to how un-displined, un mannered, rude and just plan can't believe there are people who do this kind of stuff and then my thoughts trail to why the HELL am I watching it.

As I sit and ponder the seemingly un ending potty jokes I note that during the honeymoon episode the family ate hot dogs almost on the entire trip (or so the reference was made on several occasions as this the food of choice) mean while one "decent" meal discussed at the end of the trip. I think whoa no wonder everone is over weight.

Next the episode where there house hunting. They see two houses that I would have assumed were in the "budget" that would meet the expectations of the unususal family. Then the realtor showed them a house that would have been out of my budget. As the family is coming through the house of 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms the family dispreses to the restrooms like it was a public facility. If that were not enough then they raid the refridge and eat the home owners food. My jaw dropped for several minuteson this one.

I began to ponder some similarities I saw in these families with the lower class attitude and disrespect they showed others and began to think of my own family. My parents were raised by parents who for multiple reasons could not be present. So my parents though they did have some social graces were above this bunch but in some of the conditioned responses I could say not by much. So it is a wonder that my sisters and I lived passed high school and college but not without finding out that real people act a little differently.

This made me think of boy friend who yelled at me because I wiped the knife I had just used to apply mayo to my bread back on the jar. To me I was just savigng this for later but with his reaction I realized this was "not proper" social behavior (i never wiped the mayo off into the jar again still today. You would have thought I shot JFK that day).

Anyhow, to make the long beaten path around things I realized that these folks did a lot of things together that most families don't do. Or even singular people. They laughed. It didn't matter if it was about B,O. on the trip ( apparently 8 people in the camper had not bathed in 4 days), about stealing hotdogs, french kissing the Graffie at the safari zoo in georgia (swear to God two of the older girls did this), and so on. I will leave the rest to your imagination.

Any way besides their deploriable disregard for each other or their neighbors they all seem "happy" or at least the laughter was there. At first thought I could not believe that I watch this or even admitted to doing so(this was not my first straying off to watch this show) then after I recovered from the shock of the behavior again wondering what the hell I was thinking. I do not begrudge people living the lives they agreed to live...still shocked but it is what it is. But my mind wonders back again to even though this is a total mess....is it really a mess. The laughter was hearty and honest. I can't say that I have been as open and honest with my affections to my own family as they were (even though IT seemed screwy).

When is the last time you just sat down with any one and laughed, tears in the eyes, doubled over at a wardrobe malfunction, (forgive me) redneck fart joke, outhouse humor (if your not replused) or any various things that people do that are just plan silly (taking no offense)?

I realized these people despite all the flaws I could pick apart in my own viewing of this...they laught at and with each other ever day. Sometimes the simple things in life can get overshadowed by stuff that means nothing. ....

Just an observation. I was really giving it to these folks for being so unashamed of shameful behaviors that I missed the fundamental happiness even if it did come in a mud hole the girls dug up in the yard in lue of a swimming pool. So, who is really the twisted one here?


Posted by Maria aka Xc on January 1, 2014 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (12)

CHAPTER 9 of "Connected by Nature's Law" by Michael Laitman

I know this is quite a lengthy read, but if you have the time; in my opinion, it's worth a look at! If you would like to read the book, please see the link in closing! Don't be put off by the chapter- title (The end of the Ego); as you will clearly see as you proceed!................


After centuries of scientific development, we are discovering that there are fundamental laws in our world that affect us and the quality of our lives. Our work in this world is to evolve and discover those natural laws in the world around us. As intelligent beings, we are distinguished from the animal kingdom and can test and examine those laws of Nature—what benefits us, what harms us, how to improve our lives, and how to secure a better future.



Man is not an animal who acts by instincts, guided only by its natural drives, dictating its behavior from within. Unlike animals, man has freedom of choice in his actions. But that freedom sometimes yields undesirable results. Humans sometimes harm themselves, while animals do  not. Animals don’t use drugs or alcohol, or hurt each other unnecessarily. They eat one another, but only to sustain themselves, not because they have an ego or are inclined to harm or dominate others.




In other words, humans have a “surplus desire” that is not subject to Nature’s absolute laws. Rather, we can use our will freely—for better or for worse. Our desires go beyond eating, reproducing, and building a nest or a den. We also want to travel, to see the world, to develop science, knowledge, culture, education, and whatever else makes life enjoyable.




For some reason, humans conduct their lives in a worse way than do animals. I sometimes envy cats and dogs because their lives are good and secure, and they seem to have everything they need. Humans are constantly suffering, stressed, competing, and consuming themselves.


When we look at others, we envy and hate them, yet we demand respect from them. Throughout history, we’ve never known how to use our superior human traits. Instead of establishing happy, good lives, we’ve come to a place of depression and hopelessness.


The life of an individual begins with the father’s drop of semen. Nature has prepared for us a safe place in which to develop, a womb that guards us. Once we have grown in the protective shelter of the womb, we are born into this world. We rest in the loving arms of a mother and father who watch over us because we are dependent on them and cannot cope on our own.




Society, too, watches after children and treats them with understanding until they grow up. This is how it’s been for generations until recently, when this, too, has been hampered. But until maturity, when we can stand on our own two feet and sustain ourselves, we receive our kin’s support and that of the general society, which aids our development.




We are lenient toward children and provide for their needs because you cannot ask them to be independent while they are still developing. Our relationship toward the new generation is instinctively embedded in us by Nature. Afterwards, when children become adults, they join the circle of life, and society’s attitude toward them changes quite abruptly. Nature’s laws ascribe accountability, and the family and the environment demand responsibility and reliability.




The wrongs we do when we are age ten, which might be treated as mischievous, will be treated very differently when we are twenty and we can be punished for them. There is an actual inversion in society’s attitude toward us. As long as we’re juvenile, Nature and the social environment are considerate and kind. But as soon as we grow older, their attitudes toward us change and become seemingly inconsiderate, while we would prefer to continue being treated like children, and not committed to growth.


We would like to be excused and treated as nicely as before, but circumstances have changed. Now we are expected to fulfill some roles if we’re to be treated well by the environment. The forgiveness we’ve been accustomed to throughout our childhood and adolescence is gone.




The change in attitude toward us on the part of Nature is extreme. Among animals, the parents guard their young until they are on their feet and can move and get to know their surroundings. Within a few months or up to two years, depending on the species, the young are set free and must provide for their own food, safety, raise their own young, or become part of the pack.




It would seem that it needn’t be that way for us because our society is one of intelligent, knowledgeable, and understanding people. We use intelligence to change the world, making it better and more comfortable. So why can’t we make a better world for adults?




Once we’ve reached adulthood and began to run our own lives, why can’t we build for ourselves good and favorable relations and continue this way? After all, we see that Nature has promoted us through evolution, made sure we’d suffer and change through pressure, punishments, and torments, so we probably can learn from Nature’s guidance.




Indeed, if we relate to the social environment properly and build together a wholesome society, we will live as before we were born, when we were protected in the womb, and as we do after birth in the “incubators” of family, kindergarten, and school. Why can’t we relate to each other in this way and continue in a favorable manner? Also, if it were previously so, what’s preventing us from continuing this good, healthy way of life?




If we examine history we will see that previous generations lived in clans, like villages, where everyone cared for everyone else. The men would all hunt together to get food for the clan, and the women would all stay home, prepare the food, and tend to the children. Everyone was looking after everyone else’s children. Today you can still find this form of life in different places in the world.




So why didn’t we continue to develop in that form, maintaining that good environment on a broader scale using the technology, culture, and education we’ve developed?




What spoiled those relationships? What changed?


  What happened is that our egos grew, and as a result, we’ve drifted apart from one another. We began to look at each other not as brothers, but as competitors, assessing who was worth more and who was worth less. Now we want to dominate others, “buy” them as employees or slaves. We even want to steal what’s theirs because we no longer have anything in common with them, such as keeping a household together.




Our egos began to separate us and detach us from that primitive society, that primordial commune, and spoiled things for us. If our egos hadn’t grown, and if we’d be growing only in knowledge, things would have been better. The problem is that the growing ego is the one prompting us to obtain knowledge and discover new things. The thrust of the growing ego to develop us and the desire to receive more and more, are all good. But if that desire had evolved toward obtaining good things not only for ourselves, but for our environment, it would have been better. If we’d known about it in time and tended to it at once, we’d have overcome the ego and it wouldn’t have separated us. We’d see to it that all its actions—nurturing the desires within us—would be turned only toward the benefit of the environment.




But is that possible? History proves it’s not. Thus far, we have been developing and our egos have grown into a mountain of hatred, envy, lust, pursuit of honors, and a desire to dominate everyone. This is why we are in such a crisis today. We have everything, yet because of our ill attitudes toward each other we cannot establish good laws, we are unhappy, unwell, and insecure. Because of the competition among us, we are destroying Nature and ecology, since we’re using our egos to harm others. We cannot control the ego, and as a result, our lives are growing worse.


Nature, which develops us through its laws and through the environment, treats us in two ways. On the one hand, it intensifies our egos. On the other hand, it shows us how the growing ego within us constantly separates us and positions us against one another. It is the cause of everything that’s bad, and we’re being punished because of it.



But what can I do if I have two opposite forces within me? On the one hand, there is an inclination within me that causes me to feel satisfaction when I benefit myself at the expense of others. On the other hand, in that same inclination, I feel no satisfaction because when I use it, the result is that everything—society, science, education, culture, and personal life—is ruined by that same power of development, namely the ego.




The question is, “Can we change how we use our egos? And if we do, how?




Nature is the force that surrounds us and operates on the whole of reality in a uniform manner, following a single law—the law of unification, participation, and love, the Law of Bestowal. This is how Nature operates all its parts on every level—the still, vegetative, animate, and human.




This is why there is evolution, which wouldn’t be possible if Nature didn’t constantly add heat, food, and everything else required for growth. If we can’t find within us the power to restrain the ego, we must find in Nature a force that will allow us to use it in a positive manner. It doesn’t mean that we should stop being egoists, because precisely through this motivation we’ve obtained many things beyond food, clothing, housing, and health. For a third of the day, in our so-called “free time,” we can do many things that would be good for everyone.




If the ego has brought us to such excellence in our technological development, we must learn to use it for the best, to harness it and steer it away from hating others and toward loving them. Thus, we will maintain our standard of living, and will continue to develop in every realm of life in this world, family, children’s education, culture, health, and everything else.




If we only knew how to use our egoistic nature in favor of the environment and society, we would develop ourselves and our surroundings, and we would do it in a good and favorable manner. We’d think about how to give people the ability to take the whole of society into consideration, so they would feel as people felt thousands of years ago when they lived in clans, in small villages, when we were all kin. We will help people come out of the state of not thinking of others.




Long ago, people considered everyone as one entity because the ego still wasn’t developed in people. But can people today progress with their egos so they are above them, regarding everyone as related, as family?


Can we suddenly find a cure that would make us see the world through an integral perspective, that all are one?


How can I regard all seven billion people as parts of me, something I didn’t know or feel before?




This would be very different from myself today, when I patronize others. Instead, I would feel that I had to take care of them at least as well as I would care for myself or for my children, whom I care for even before myself.




What is the “cure” by which we can mend our relations and our attitudes toward the environment and toward humanity?




If we find it, there is no doubt we will be able to continue thriving despite the crisis that is seemingly arresting our development. Now, it’s as if we have nowhere to develop; we’re at a deadlock, feeling as though we’ve lost our way in the desert without knowing where to advance. Therefore, we need to consider where we can derive the strength to use our nature in a positive, rather than negative manner. Currently, we constantly want to bring the whole world under our own governance for our personal benefit.




However, it is we who are suffering from this intention, yet we instinctively operate this way. If we inverted our attitudes and thought of the well-being of others and the environment as we think of our own children, instinctively, the world would be filled with love. Moreover, perhaps we will finally understand that it is we who are ruining our world; corruption is not coming from outside us. Perhaps if we established among us relationships based on kindness, consideration, and unity, we would cause Nature and the environment to become united and considerate, as well.




Recent studies have shown that all parts of Nature are interconnected, that Nature is “round” and integral, and that we are adversely affecting the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of Nature. If we establish good relations among us, then not only will our behavior toward Nature and the environment change from the current trend of corruption and ruin, but the quality of our relations will improve, as well. The relations among us are also based on our mental and intellectual powers, the powers of our desire. These are the greatest natural powers in reality.


These forces exist in that same field, passing through our entire world from end to end, and governing all systems—from interstellar  to human. Therefore, we may, by balancing our relations, induce greater balance in Nature. Not only will we become balanced, but our entire world will become calmer and more balanced.  Nature teaches us that the only way we may influence people is through the environment, precisely because of our egoistic desire to rule over the environment. In other words, beyond being alive, people depend on the environment, wanting to rule over it and use it for their own benefit and “bend” it so it is under their rule. If we position a person in an environment that presents the opposite—expecting a person to be kind and considerate, or it will reject that person—the person will have to invert the original tendencies to envy, lust, honor, and power to follow society’s demand to favor others.






It is precisely that evil inclination within us that demands a connection with the environment, except currently that connection is such that the evil inclination is king. Without revoking that connection, the environment can make us understand that if we want to be great and proud, we must operate kindly, not cruelly. Gradually, because we depend on society, that person will understand that the desire to be in favor of self, to the detriment of society, must be inverted to be in favor of society.




We can see this in the corrupt examples in our world. Take a person who wishes to be elected President. In fact, that person wants to rule, showing everyone that he or she is great, can set new laws, establish a new regime, and create a new government, while being superior to all others. But then the nominee tells everyone the opposite: “I will serve your needs better than anyone; I have only your interest in mind; I am your best choice; I will be like a father/mother to you.”


This is common behavior in many situations. Our intentions toward the environment might be completely egoistic, but we understand that we must act in the opposite way, so we pretend to do so. Thus, there is only one way to induce change. If we show people an environment that will educate them toward new values, we will have no problem.


An egoistic person who wants to be President, who promises everyone jobs, housing, vacations, healthcare, and security, will be treated in this manner by society. The society will say, “If you want to be the President, first work for us, bring in good results, and then you’ll get appreciation. You’ll get what you deserve according to the good things you can do for us.” In other words, we’re returning to the situation where we cannot complain to anyone. While we are trying to change our lives, we cannot ask anyone to change. We’re not pointing a finger at people, demanding them to change. That demand, that whole approach, is very unwise. What we can do is reach every person indirectly through the environment, and affect him or her in such a way that that person will receive all he or she needs, without making any effort. That person will grow as if in a greenhouse, with the right temperature and moisture, in ideal conditions, and by playing and acting, that person will grow into the mold of the new society, and will be happy, just as children learn by playing and thus become more understanding grownups.




In other words, it’s all up to the influence of the environment on a person. If we’re smart, we won’t have to think of how each of us should change. Instead, we will create a “theatre,” a game of life that is fun to play. We will spend the free time the ego has made available for us on building a good, proper environment for us. With the help of educators, assistants, and teachers, and without any deep contemplation or effort, we will grow like children who grow by playing, achieving the change with ease. All we need to know is how to wisely use that free time and the laws we are learning about, and how to bring ourselves into the proper form.


We didn’t do this previously because we didn’t know about it. We were too naïve to see the evil in us. We thought our egos were helping us develop, and we didn’t regard them as bad. We felt they pushed us ahead, building ourselves families, societies, and countries. But we didn’t feel how removed from one another we’d become. We didn’t realize the ego would inflict such ruin and harm.




Only in recent years have we begun to realize how desperate we are. Only by building a new environment can we influence ourselves to create “new humans” in an incubator-like environment, or greenhouse. Like a sculptor, this environment will mold us into new beings. Instead of using the power that we have above the animal to be bad humans, we will be good humans.




For that to happen, we will use the power that exists in society, in the environment, in humanity toward a positive direction. Anyone who begins to bond with others will feel that he or she is together with everyone in heart and soul, one mind, seemingly one body. It will be so strong that we will perceive those thoughts and desires roaming in the world, and each of us will seemingly include the whole of humanity within us.


Then we will see how evolution and Nature’s impact on us have brought us to a wondrous state where each of us feels the self as the whole. We will come to a state where a person exits the sensation of this brief and limited life, and begins to feel the integral world through the whole of humanity. In this way, we will actualize the primary force of life. The ego, which separates us and elevates us above the animate level, will then raise us to the human level.


As animals, we are different from other animals in that we desire to use the environment either in our favor or to the detriment of the environment. Using the environment for my favor means that I want to receive everything that the human environment has to offer. If I want to use the environment in a crueler manner, meaning to its detriment, then I may exploit others’ money through fraud, or invade another country to enslave its people and take its natural resources.




In other words, Man rises above the animal level in two aspects: in regard to the environment, and in regard to human wisdom. On the one hand, the human environment is something that animals don’t have. However, Nature has built the human environment for us, tied us to it, and compels us to live in it, if we wish to live in comfort. We could not exist as humans without it. If I were to live in the jungle, I’d descend to the animate level.




Therefore, when we use the environment to its detriment, we eventually end up in a crisis, since we are interdependent, and that dependence causes us to hate each other. Then, everything comes to a halt and life isn’t good anymore. It brings no joy, freedom, or warmth. On the contrary, life is so mechanical and intimidating that we prefer the escape of drugs or alcohol, or even try to kill others because we don’t know what to do with those around us.




It’s a terrible situation, but this is our reality. We’re dissatisfied with life, we look at our children’s schools and the atmosphere there, and no one is satisfied with what they see. All we can do is tell ourselves that it’s the least of all evils.




On the other hand, we have human intelligence, which animals do not. With it, we can criticize the things we encounter and draw conclusions, such as that the source of our bad lives is our attitude toward the environment. If that attitude is turned to good, we will be able to feed the entire world just on the surplus food production we currently discard. The funds we spend on arms would be enough to build a house with a swimming pool for every person in the world! There is also much we can do to preserve the ecology in every area on the planet.




A few years ago people were excited about a new particle accelerator in Switzerland that was trying to discover the Higgs boson particle, which supposedly exceeds the speed of light. Building that accelerator required collecting money over several years, but the amount required to finance that entire project was equal to the amount of money the U.S.army spent in just two weeks in Iraq.


This is just one example of what we could do with money if our attitude toward the environment were different, and we weren’t wasting such fortunes on defense and arms. We can see what treasures we have, a gold mine that we are throwing out to sea, and our egos are consuming everything, preventing us from using our resources to have a good life.




If we could examine what we could acquire when the global arms race stops and the waste of over- production ceases, we’d see that five to ten percent of the world population could provide for all of humanity. In other words, the only reason we’re over-producing is because of our egos.




Therefore, we needn’t think that if we produce only what we need for sustenance we’ll be left spending our free time basking in the sun. To maintain the right attitude toward the environment, we will need to partake in creating that favorable environment several hours a day. This is why we are being given this “free” time. Every person relieved from caring for self will need to accept everything that the new world and the new relationships entail, and then tend to those new connections. To be liberated from caring for self, we will have to promote our relations with the environment, constantly giving them preference above the inclination of our egos.




We’re talking about using known forces of Nature, but people will agree to this only when they have no other choice, when millions of unemployed take to the streets and mothers are afraid to send their kids to school because of violence, drugs, and prostitution. This will be a situation where people are afraid to go out into the streets, and no one will know what will happen tomorrow in regard to personal security and health care.




In such a state, the entire development of culture— which is very important to us as humans—stops. We have to determine that living such a life is not considered a life.




Even today, fewer and fewer people wish to marry or have children. Our own children don’t want to exist, and question why we brought them into the world. We’re coming to a generation that sees no future, and we cannot live, much less develop without envisioning a future. This is why despair and depression are the most common illnesses worldwide, with antidepressants given even to our pets!


Theoretically, we could have evolved beautifully, as in previous generations when we were developing instinctively as brothers, all together. But we failed because while we were evolving naturally with our egos, we came to a state where only now can we see that the ego is our evil inclination, which harms us.




Who among us ever thought that his or her ego was bad?




For instance, when I was a child I loved technology and science, so I studied them at school. I also participated in various courses and later on went to university. When I finished my academic studies, I worked at a research center. My ego was constantly pushing me toward things I thought were good. I wanted to get to know the world. This was a certain type of desire for control, except it was not aimed at forceful domination over others but above it.




At that time I thought I didn’t care about humanity; I didn’t want to look at all those pathetic little creatures. I wanted to be godlike, to know everything that’s happening, highest qualities of Nature that govern man. I wanted to understand and absorb everything—the wisdom in Nature, the capabilities of Nature—and not just to be superior on the human level.




Although at the time that trait was not that evident to me, in retrospect I realize that it was stemming from a desire to control. I remember how I related to humanity and to everything on Earth. I didn’t only want to absorb our planet, I wanted to be at a level where I absorbed the entire universe. While that approach is egoistic, in those days it drove me forward toward development. Only later did I realize that if development is not in favor of humanity, it is bad. Actually, there are several degrees of “bad.” I could be bestowing upon humanity because I had no other choice, or because I wanted to receive greater rewards for myself. Alternatively, it could be that I simply loved humanity. Although I think I will benefit from giving, I begin to understand that doing so is good even if it doesn’t immediately reward me. There is a special force within that trait that warms my heart and broadens my sensations so I only enjoy loving others, not what I might receive from them in return.




All of a sudden, great hollows emerge in our feelings and awareness that we are currently unaware of. But gradually, through cause and effect, we open up more and more qualities that were latent and that are now evolving. Although these are trivial things that we already use, those qualities are already in us, but previously we had no recognition of evil, so we couldn’t use them to treat ourselves.




We need to understand that it is precisely the growing ego that pushes us to obtain wisdom. This is how it promotes us. Although it’s ego, it’s not the evil inclination. There are two levels to the ego. One level is where I want to fill myself with knowledge, a good feeling, food, sex, family. It’s as if I were alone in the world, hurting no one, just like any other organism that satisfies itself. Another level of the ego is where there is an evil inclination, when I want to fill myself with wealth, honors, and knowledge, things I can obtain only by exploiting the environment and exploiting others.




Wealth, honor, and knowledge are degrees above the animate level. These are human desires, which I use to satisfy the human part in me. They derive from the ego and stem from my desire to satisfy myself as much as possible. This is the part called “evil inclination,” when I want to satisfy myself by oppressing others.


 And there is also another part that manifests when I use others as they use me, in a good way, as in a family, as with loved ones. In a family, I use those I love and they use me for mutual pleasure, mutual benefit and fulfillment, so we are happy and content. This is the bonding part: we could be friends, a couple, or just anyone. Because it involves using others, it’s also considered ego, inclination, desire, but it is not bad because it doesn’t intend to harm others.




Only if I intend to obtain pleasure by force is it considered evil inclination because I want to enjoy without considering others, or while harming others. There is a broad range of relations here. I could be taking pleasure regardless of others, or I could be deriving pleasure specifically from hurting others. But all and all, my desire to enjoy the suffering I cause others—or the fact that I have no regard for another and don’t care whether or not another suffers—is called “evil.”Let’s assume that I committed bank fraud and managed to steal one dollar from every customer, then got away with it and received millions. I might enjoy the fact that I became rich, but I might also enjoy the fact that I degraded others by managing to steal from them.




These are just part of a broad range of attitudes I may have toward the environment, beginning with being inconsiderate and ending with my enjoying the suffering of others. If I am simply inconsiderate, I let others work for me and treat others like the machines I operate. I receive what I need as if it were 200 years ago, when workers were treated as slaves. If I also take into consideration the capabilitiesof others, I try to use others as much as possible, meaning I take their personalities, knowledge, and skills into consideration. Today, our evil inclination has so evolved that we as humanity enjoy harming others.




These selfish pleasures are signs that we have reached the most advanced level of egoism. In our development, everyone is at a certain level and my ego enjoys considering how much I am superior to you, how I can exploit you. It’s no longer enough to be rich if no one but my banker knows about it. I enjoy only if everyone sees my fancy car, yacht, that I own companies and control people. Also, I enjoy oppressing others because money alone doesn’t satisfy me anymore. Rather, I measure myself in relation to others.




All the above is considered “using others to the detriment of others” because I want to be above them. This is what’s causing today’s prevailing sense of dissatisfaction and rising suicide rate in the wealthier countries. Nothing is enough for us anymore; we’re at a dead end, and we can’t receive any pleasures anymore. Yet, the ego is also developing us. It’s bringing us into a state where we don’t know where to go. It’s brought us to a point where we don’t enjoy even the desire to be superior to others. And if I can no longer enjoy superiority over others,




I have nowhere to develop and nothing to live for, because being richer and more powerful won’t give me anything, so why should I bother if it doesn’t please me anymore?




Today, Man has lost his motivation to develop, the foundation, the engine of development. He has nothing more propelling him to continue. He doesn’t care if he has more or less. He is indifferent about the future altogether. This is a projection of our lack of desire, this helplessness within us. Previously, we wanted to be rich, strong, and wise. Today we want nothing. In fact, we don’t even want to continue the species; we wonder why on earth we should have children.




Everyone is in this general confusion. The situation is very complicated, multilayered. The solution is only in our relation to the environment, and its relation to us. If we establish good relations among us, proper ones, we will be able to create a glorious life and will receive new energies, unlike now when we are powerless and have nothing and nowhere to continue.




Until today each of us developed individually, linearly, as though on a straight line from the beginning of time up to this day. Our desire evolved in both quantity and quality, and has brought us achievements. But suddenly there is a stop, no reason to continue. We’ve come here running and have stopped midway because we have no reason to keep running. We’ve lost our way in the middle of the desert. It’s as though we’re in space.




The individual motivation is out, which is why we’re immersed in the despair that started some fifty years ago and has inflicted crises in every area—education, culture, and our personal lives. In fact, it is these crises that have caused the stoppage. This motivation will not be renewed, for we have reached the end and have nothing to live for, as physicians who prescribe antidepressants will testify.


Statistically, the suicide rate is about one million a year worldwide, a 60% increase over the last 50 years or so. Now we want to save the patient called “humanity” before it dies. The situation is critical, but it is not hopeless. We can correct it by using the additional power that will move humanity forward. It is a force that does not come from within humans, because we have nowhere from which to draw further desires to live. Instead, only when people begin to connect with others will they find additional powers.




We can see how the patient called “humanity” receives additional powers and comes out of the depression, helplessness, and deadlock. We can see how it acquires its life from its surroundings and discovers that the environment is actually itself, meaning that we are all one. In other words, by uniting we bring back to ourselves parts that are actually ours, but that we didn’t feel as such. It’s like a woman who becomes a grandmother—it gives her a new life. She loves her grandchildren more than she loved her own children because now it is the only pleasure she can have in life. To her, the grandchild is literally a cure. To summarize, our current state is such that if we don’t acquire from the environment additional desires from which we will feel great additional pleasures, we will not only end up in despair and depression, but in terrorism and world wars. We will be helpless, hopeless, and won’t understand why we are in such a world where it’s better to be dead than alive. We will conduct ourselves according to the maxim, “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we shall die.”




We will experience eruptions and riots just so we can ignore the question, “What is life for?” Even now we can feel the question, but it’s still in miniature proportions. People seek peace and quiet in many ways, but can’t find any. Later, this will result in eruptions that will lead to wars.




We may be in despair because we cannot find a cure to our situation, but a cure is present. The cure is bonding and uniting. Only by uniting with Nature and with others will each of us receive new energies, support, and warmth. And within the new desire we’ll receive from the environment, we will receive new fulfillment.




When we connect to everyone, we will discover within the environmental fulfillment that will raise us to the human level. We will begin to feel our lives above the animal level. We will feel Nature’s perfection and eternity, and the relative calm that surrounds us now. We will also recognize the bad that has already been revealed allows us to mend the situation successfully.



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Someone had recently sent an email to my attention, stating that they had seen a video by a well-known self-identified messenger on Youtube. He had expressed in his email letter, that this person had done a vlog, warning and telling of a conspiracy by the 'global rulers' to make people gay by way of chemical warfare -- through the water and food supply. The young man stated that the person who had presented this message, also stated that those who are gay, will go down and 'perish' right along with those who devised and executed such a plan. The person who had written me, stated that 'he' is a 19 year old, self-identified gay male. He had expressed in his email of how terrible, hurt, sad he felt after hearing this message. He had also told me that after watching such a video, he found a video that I had done about loving ourselves unconditionally and the message within this video made him feel better about himself (fine example of synchronicity). In the closing of His email message; this young man stated that he’s feeling very confused and out of balance. He doesn’t know what to believe or what path to take as it relates to his sexual orientation?


When I read this person’s email, I felt their hurt and confusion very strongly. I don’t think that some messengers (be they appointed or self-identified) take into account, the magnitude that their message can have on some people; especially impressionable minds. I had addressed this young man’s concerns more directly and my advice on ways to navigate through this life with the ‘burden and cross’ that he bares (so to speak). This young man’s email letter inspired to write this blog as a reminder to everyone; please put your discernment frames on and remember to ‘feel’ a message from your core and not with the ego or personality that you are temporarily using to experience this reality. I would also like to make everyone a little more mindful of who and what a messenger is and how ‘some’ of them may distort their message (be it consciously or unconsciously). First of all, a messenger may have valuable information and knowledge but a messenger doesn’t necessarily have wisdom. Hence, some people may not have the level of awareness or consciousness to ‘wisely’ execute their message in the most effective way but of course, they are growing and learning still as well. Hence, no messenger is perfect and NO messenger’s ‘message’ is perfect for everyone.


Here’s another layer to the ‘messengers’ that I would like everyone to always keep in mind… For one – all messengers are not representatives for all of society, although some may think or believe that they are. This is because everyone on earth is not here from the same soul-group; we are not ALL on earth under and for the same circumstances, agenda or purpose. The few things that we all have in common no matter what our reasons for being here, is that we either ‘fell’ or agreed to ‘descend’ downward to exist here… Again, we are not here under the same situations. Most messengers are here for their children or family members of their respective soul-groups but in their minds, they may think or believe that the message that they have is for everyone.


The other layer to some messengers is that sometimes, they will deliver a message with their prejudices and biases still in the mix! I am speaking of the ego-conscious levels that they had prior to them supposedly ‘waking up’ or becoming ‘conscious’. Hence, they are delivering the message from their egos and not, the heart of the messages themselves… I have seen some pretty effective and charismatic messengers, prophets and the likes, using their platform to exalt their own prejudices and bias towards a particular race, group, gender, etc. When a messenger takes a public platform, her/his job is not to attack, demonize and make a judgment call about a person or group. They are there to bring information that should lead one towards ‘remembrance’, ‘enlightenment’, ‘self-love’ and ‘self-determination’… The greatest messenger, prophet, deity or leader in history; the one that many call Jesus, did not verbally attack or make public judgments about those who are lost, scared and confused. In fact, he hung out with the outcast and misfits of His time because he too was one but still, he didn’t distort his messages from an inflated-ego – he did it through wisdom and unconditional love… He is most known for showing understanding, consideration and compassion where it mattered but handed down a ‘heavy fist’ if and when the time came to do so.


In closing, I wish to add that there are those who claim to be a messenger or prophet but are nothing more than an agent for a group who seeks to deceive, mislead, manipulate and confuse. I will not cite any specific person or group, who I feel is guilty of this but I will say again; let’s work on our discernment muscles and if we come across a ‘messenger’ whose ‘message’ does not resonate with you OR their message makes you feel terrible, sad or depressed – their ‘message’ IS NOT for you or applicable to you! As I often state; take whatever resonates and leave everything else behind, even this ‘message’ (pun intended) :)


Astral Sex & Immortality

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Hey guys!

   Its been such a long time since I've been "spitual" lol... Nah, I've been spirtual since my birth! I was wondering if any of you had astral sex and what that was like. I am also curious, how about astral sexually transmitted diseases (ASTDs)? I've been so curious about this topic and there arn't any sites that answer my question or I can do a survey on like this one! Can you make an astral condom? How would that work? Just imagine one? Did Astral Boo Baby do a video on this topic? HE SHOULD IF HE DIDN"T! For those expeiranced in teh art of astral/sould sex, please dish the secrets and tips and casutions!  for the rest of us who are having fun with the topic;  Leave me your thoughts or comments. :) Peace!


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I've read a lot about anger and opinions here and I wanted to share my experience of it.

My grandmother asked me how I look at people that are angry, abusive and who attacks others. I had to bring up a memory of when I was very angry and I thought about that feeling and why I felt it and of course it had to be the worst scenario. So I thought about my ex step dad and how angry I was at him a time ago for beating up my mother when she was pregnant with my brother and not giving a damn about my other brother watching him doing these abusive things. I came to the conclusion that it had to do with something about your loved ones or yourself becoming attacked by a certain someone who also attacks your perspective/opinion on what is "good" and what is not. This anger becomes bigger because you do not understand where these actions come from or why it is happening or for what reason it did happen and it left me in a BIG cloud of confusion, which to me is some sorts of a chain reaction of the "anger" that you are feeling inside. This thing or happening that you perceive as "bad" bubbles up inside of you like burning hot fire when you are reminded of this happening that you still don't understand and with time when this anger does not become confronted so that you can understand the "bad" perspective, it becomes bigger and bigger until there is just pure hate inside of you. This process does something in you so that every person around you that reminds you of the source of this anger, you start to hate that person as much as you did with the source because it is a perspective you just can't understand and something you see as "bad". One important thing that I noticed also is that this anger that you have grown inside of you has made you a puppet of some sort and the anger makes you act out VERY EASILY on everything that anger wants you to act out on...

As you can see, this is a very bad and toxic chain reaction by the emotion anger and you affect yourself in many ways but most important you affect everyone around you, you maybe even make them around you, join your hate and anger. This toxic emotion is like a virus. There is and I am sure that it is, MORE terrible things in the anger then what I have come up with and I imagined this anger that I had but I imagined it 20 times stronger and then I understood where this man (my ex step dad) where he came from and I thought to myself... “Oh god, I feel bad for him”. I can just imagine how his life was from the beginning. I forgave him in myself and I accepted what has happened and so I've learned also that this virus inside of me, anger, disappeared when I did this. Now I told my grandmother... Well… I think these angry people deserves a second chance and that you should show them equal love as you show everyone else or even more because they really, really need it. Of course, she did not understand my point of view and I understand that. Perspectives are very dangerous in some way so I have a kind of respect of my perspective and others perspective of things and I don’t bother forcing my perspective on others, this I think is very important in life because opinions come from that someone’s perspective and the chain reaction of anger that I talked about just now, starts when that perspective (opinion) gets attacked by someone and this is exactly what happened to me.

I had one incident where I was on a party and a fight broke out where some of my friends fought with another crew that was also my friends. I was standing there with several others and tried to stop the fight. And there was someone there who jabbed me on my face several times and well I didn't mind it because I was focused on stopping it thinking that he maybe was confused. After a while I left the party with some friends and the crew that fought earlier saw me walking with my friends and they confronted us and said that they wanted to attack us too. One specific guy who earlier hit me several times in my face when I tried to stop the fight, he had this look on me, all this night. I never figured out why but as we were standing there he jumped at me and punched me in my face several times again, telling me to pinpoint my other friends’ location or he wasn’t going to stop. I kept standing there up-straight and let him hit me, why? Because I knew that the root of the problem was something in him that bothered him and that blew up his anger in him. How do I know that? Because I've been in the same situation with ANGER I had recently at this time learned to control that emotion but he hadn't. His friends that were with him tried to stop him and drag him away from me eventually because they saw that I didn't put up much of a fight and that it was useless. After he was calm, they went away and left us with a “sorry about this, he’s drunk”.

As time went on, I never hated this man or felt angry with him, I always said “Hi” to him when I saw him but of course he rejected my intentions. Now from some of my friends, I've learned that his father had died and that he was in a big depression in his life and that's why he drinks himself full of alcohol every weekend. This made me understand from my perspective that everything has a cause and that it's not because he is a bad person, it's because he can't control his emotions and thoughts and he is in a state in life where these toxic emotions runs through him every single day. His perspective of life was brutally attacked by the death of his father. He is a friend of mine today by the way, his anger towards me disappeared.

It's important to note that we usually want things in life to be in OUR way and if it doesn't go our way, we don't understand why it didn't go our way and we feel attacked and start to think endless so that we can feel good about ourselves or we just handle this confusion with anger or sadness. It's impossible in life to have things YOUR way, you will only have it your way temporary because present is evolution, every second that goes by is evolution, things change and you have to change your perceptions too so that YOU can join the evolution and gain MORE knowledge & experience in the end which is the main ingredient for your growth in life and which will also broaden your perspective.

We should always help, learn but most important love each other through our perspectives and some people will see this as the ultimate shot to their heart because they don't UNDERSTAND it and sees it as “bad” and we have to understand also that if that's the case then we will receive HIS perspective and his complaints which from OUR own perspective looks “bad” to us and the angry cycle continues…

Stop the cycle and you will feel much better and learn to agree to disagree when you need it, accept people for who they are and learn to be supportive instead of accusing! LOVE ourselves and others because we are the biggest book of learning.



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Ok first off I am a very firm believer in the illuminat, but i hear a lot of talk of how these rappers and singers are also in it and i just have a tough time beliving they have anything to do with it at best there unwilling participants. I havnt done much research on this topic, watched a couple videos here and there and they always come of sketchy to. If anyone could shed some light on this it would appreciated.


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When celebrities talk and do (whatever) people listen! Thanks to the most recent antics of Disney Kitten Miley Cyrus, the talk and interest in Saliva has gone mainstream! Now, I have to be honest, I am not one to follow the personal lives of celebrities but when this story was brought to my attention, I was curious as to how the media would spin this? Why? Because almost everyone who ever written me to talk their experience with Salvia, had a transformative ‘awakening’ like revelation from it. They all said that it was real and how they saw other worlds and even ‘alien’ like Beings that were undeniably real! You guys know that I have been publicly talking about the true but suppressed nature of reality for sometime now. Although I have never taken tried Salvia, I can say without a doubt that the visions, experiences and revelations that I have had on my own natural journeys, coincides with many testimonies and stories from people who actually tried Salvia.





Nevertheless, Miley Cyrus is being portrayed as someone who is ‘out of control’, ‘zany’ or a symbol of shame and embarrassment for women and a bad role model for little girls. Of course, I can see how and why the justification for such things may be written but what is Miley Cyrus really doing different from what the average male or female whose coming of age, hasn’t done? Her behavior may be questionable but she’s definitely not doing anything that I have seen teenagers and early 20-somethings do 10x times worse! Could the media be making Miley Cyrus out to be some ‘insane’, wild-child as a way to upstage and vilify her for inadvertently bringing Salvia to the mainstream?  After all, if the average person who learns about Salvia from Miley, aren’t they inclined to associate her bizarre behavior to her this so called ‘drug?’ – a label that the media has tagged Salvia as… Ultimately, what I am asking is this; could their be apart of a conspiracy to spin the Miley Cyrus façade as a deterrent towards Salvia? Please weigh in…


For those who are not sure of what Salvia is, please reference the article and link below for more information in this regard;