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Bypass your reptilian brain

Posted by Marie <3 on August 6, 2014 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (2)

According to this article, we have reptilian brain responses. Recognising them helps us cut them off and reach a higher level of consciousness. The biggest thing to learn is DISCERNMENT but that requires DETACHMENT. Detachment is the state of being OBJECTIVE. In order to discern (or filter if that makes more sense to you) a situation (frequency) that you have manifested into your current reality, you must be able to detach yourself from it before compulsively (reptilian brain response) reacting to it. Being ‘impulsive’ is to react without forethought. This is harder than you think, as we have all been wired/programmed to operate at this level since birth, some label it 'survival mode'. It's just not needed.

Humans have 3 independent yet interconnected sections in our brain:


1) The Reptilian section 2) The Limbic section & 3) The Neo-cortex section. Each section has it’s purpose.

The Reptilian section (1) is the instant (no discernment) ‘survival mode’ response section of the brain. It is the oldest in terms of our human evolution, ‘The Old Brain’, The Reptilian Brain. And is related to traits like impulsiveness, manifesting our world based on negative thoughts, getting sucked into media stories, sexual/violent TV shows, watching too much news etc. Understand that as a human being, you are (well your brain is anyway) a hybrid of reptile, mammal and your true potential: creator. Upgrade your mind frequency and functioning through constant detachment and discernment and you will change your life.

Understand the blessing of contrast that is provided with low vibrational manifestations (thoughts, emotions, circumstances). This contrast is not meant to drag you down into lower vibrational responses (although it will if you don’t understand how to get your mind right), it is meant to assist you through this observed duality you achieved through detachment/discernment, to tune into high vibrational frequencies that are in line with your life’s bliss, your life’s purpose, whatever it is that you are desiring to manifest into your life. Contrast and duality are tools (red flags) that help keep you in alignment (if perceived properly) and increase the specificity of your emitted vibration, to bring in what you want as quickly as possible.


Your perception needs to be shifted into the (2) and (3) section of the brain. Nothing is ‘bad’ unless you invite it to continue to be ‘bad’. Anything that ‘pops’ up into your reality that makes you feel bad (remember your emotions are your compass), they are simply the smack across your face you need to snap back into alignment and emit the frequency of what you want which was provided to you through that experience that you attracted to begin with.

Ask yourself about military conflicts and the reptilian based authority that persuades masses into low frequency acquiescence and perpetuation of such low frequency manifestations. Consider which part of your brain is being triggered when you see an advertisement or a TV Show or a news program. Our current world is controlled by reptilian brain dominated authority. It’s in your face y’all!


Albert Einstein said: “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

So remember - Detach by watching what you do/say and learn discernment for yourself and others around you.


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People lie all the time, but depending on how skilled they are, it can be difficult to determine when someone is lying to you. Do you know how to recognize the signs that someone is lying to you? Some of the signs are obvious while others are more subliminal, but there are ways to catch someone in a lie, you just need to know what they are. Here are some easy ways to recognize liars and catch lies:

1. A person who is lying to you won’t make eye contact with you or they make too much eye contact. If a person is lying they may feel you are scrutinizing them and they will look down at the floor or away from your eyes. Some people try to stare you in the face in a deliberate way because they feel like making eye contact will make what they are saying more believable.


2. Liars avoid using contractions…. “I did NOT have sexual intercourse with at woman”. This is an attempt by the liar to be absolutely clear what they mean but it ends up making the story a lot less believable. Stalling tactics are also common. The liar may ask you a question like “where did you get that information?” while they try to back peddle and come up with an explanation for your question.


3. Weird Body Language. Liars often fidget, turn away from the person to whom they are speaking, blink rapidly, smile less and have pitch changes in their tone of voice. They may cross their arms which is a sign of being “closed” or trying not to reveal too much information. Sometimes people fidget excessively when they are lying. They could fidget with a part of their body or touch parts of their face, an ear or a nose or play with keys or another item that they have in their hand.


4. Liars provide additional information without being asked for it. They seem to think that by embellishing their story you will find it more believable. What happens is they tend to make the story more complicated and less believable. The more elaborate the story, the more likely that it is a fabrication and nothing near the truth.


5. A person who is telling a lie will get defensive. They will do everything in their power to deflect your attention away from themselves and will get angry that you are questioning their innocence. People who are telling the truth tend to go the opposite way and go on the offense. This will become obvious to you when you are trying to have a conversation with a person and they try to change the subject or move the conversation in a different direction.



6. If a person is lying they tend to over-embellish insignificant details while avoiding important ones. Exaggerated details make the liar feel better, but the person who is hearing the lie will start to get the feeling that something is definitely amiss. This can make it easier to catch a person in a lie because you can jot down details of the story that you are being told and then ask questions about those details later to see if they are still the same.


7. Watch the eye movements of the person. If a person is remembering something they tend to move their eyes up and in a left direction if they are right handed. If they are making something up, their eyes wil move up and to the right. Left handed people do similar movements but in the opposite direction. People blink rapidly (“eye flutter”;) when they lie or they may rub their eyes. Eyelids also tend to close a little bit longer than a normal blink if a person hears something or sees something they they do ont like. Hand movements towards the eyes can be a further indication of “blocking out” the truth.


8. Some people sweat more when they are telling a lie. Measuring perspiration is one of the markers of a polygraph test but is not an indication on its own of a person telling a lie. Some people sweat more when they are nervous or if they are shy. Sweating together with blushing, trembling and difficulty swallowing can be a clear better indication that someone that is lying to you.



9. Watch for micro expressions. The true measure of a person’s emotions will quickly flash across their face at the beginning of a conversation. It could be a half smile that lasts for five seconds or a worried look that lasts the same amount of time. These micro expressions are sometimes noticed by people subconsciously and they tend to know right away that a person is lying, although they do not know how they know this. A lot of people tend to feel a “gut instinct” about something such as a person who is lying, and this is usually as a result of seeing a micro-expression during a conversation. The micro expression is quick but if you watch for it you can see it.


10. Ask the liar to repeat their story again. If the story is fabricated it can be very difficult to remember all of the details that they gave to you the first time around. You may notice that the person looks very uncomfortable and worried about what they are going to say to you when you ask them to repeat details that they clearly made up the first time around. Most of the time it is easy to tell when someone is lying to you because you feel it and you know that the person is not being one hundred per cent truthful. If you start to look more closely at the person’s behavior and movements, you will start to notice a lot more things more easily. At first you may have chalked these things up to a gut feeling, but soon you will see that you are more observant than you had originally thought. Liars are easy to spot when you follow some main guidelines and start to be more observant of the person that you are talking to.

Source: “10 Easy Ways To Recognize Liars,” from lifespan.com


Read more at http://www.the-open-mind.com/10-easy-ways-to-recognize-liars/#kVSsZDJcxpAC3UGR.99


Do we actually need food/water or is it a control thing?

Posted by Marie <3 on June 30, 2014 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (2)
Is it possible for us to survive with no food and water?

Doctors are trying to determine that as they are baffled by an Indian man who claims not to have eaten or drank anything for the last 70 years. Old news from last year but it's doing it's rounds so I thought I'd post it.

He is in perfect health AND was tested to see if he was actually eating/drinking in secret...he wasn't lying about it.


Prahlad Jani is a local to the Indian city of Ahmedabad and is claiming he has not consumed any food or liquids since he was 8-years old. He also claims to have been blessed at the age of 8 by a goddess. This allows him to survive without sustenance except for that which he derives from the practice of meditation.

Read the artcile and watch the video HERE

The director of DIPAS believes that the results of Jani’s observations could “tremendously benefit mankind.” Professor Anil Gupta of SRISTI, involved in monitoring the tests, described the team as being “intrigued” by Jani’s kriyas apparently allowing him to control his body’s physiological functions.

But Jani is not the first person to be tested with such claims. HRM, another Indian man, was tested for 411 days intensively after he claimed that he did not eat any food. While HRM did consume boiled water, during his 411 day observation it was confirmed that he did not eat during the period and yet his health was perfect.

So, this is doing it's rounds again on FB...I'm assuming to remind people that not everything we have been told is a truth. Do you think that's how the industries are going to collapse? We will all have the downnloads to become free from filling our bodies with poisons/food? :D Hope so. What's your thoughts on this?

Notice, it's once again the people who follow Hinduism that does this - maybe we should be taking Indians more seriously. I wonder actually whether the ongoing, and increasingly violent war with Indians and the media is all set up so we don't look at what's really going on in the Indian culture today. It'll be interesting to find out what the cover is.
*For those that don't follow the news, the UK is starting a war against India, Iran and Iraq (because it went soooo well last time :roll:) to do with getting them out of our country because the terrorist group ISIS is recuiting from the UK, because they are trying to turn Britian into a Islamic country with Halah meat and turbans and just general racism OH MY GOD THE HORROR! :D. Now the USA is involved as they are looking at our countries security records. Yay for another pointless war that I BET my life on will happen with our tax money paying for it all/end sarcasm*


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This weekend, I had tweeted a message challenging my twitter followers to ‘smile’ and give a word of encouragement (or inspiration) to a stranger because by doing so, we just might change a person’s ‘light’ or life, even… I saw a comment on Facebook in relation to the aforementioned twitter message from Marie;  basically stating that we should in essence do this year around and her comment got me to thinking… So her suggestion inspired me to write this blog and challenge everyone on a broader scale to give ‘a smile’ and words of encouragement to a stranger.  I also wanted to share my most recent story regarding this matter.

For starters, I have always given a smile and words of encouragement to people that I don’t know and my most recent words of encouragement was to a young lady I had come across while visiting my close relatives… I was sitting in my parked car in my sister’s neighborhood talking on my cellphone… As I was talking, I noticed a vehicle driving up on the opposite side of the street… The car was quickly parked and out jumps this very attractive young lady… She appeared to be in her mid-twenties…  Although her hair was pulled back in a pony-tail, it (her hair) still looked a bit disheveled… Sshe was moving at a frantic pace and appeared to be pretty stressed in the face…  She reached in the back of her car seat to release a toddler girl – appearing to be about 4 years of age. .. I watched this young lady quickly pick up her child and guardedly walk her off to a nearby home…  She never noticed me watching her the whole time… A couple of minutes later, the same young lady previously described and mentioned, returned to her vehicle  without the child (still at a face and frantic pace) and when she was about to open the car door, I quickly rolled down my window to get her attention… I said “Excuse me! Excuse me Miss” – She stopped and looked over in my direction and I said with a smile “Hi, I just wanted to tell you that you have a very beautiful spirit and beautiful bone structure to match, you should consider getting into some modeling”… She smiled back and me and said, “thank you” --  “I was actually thinking about doing it (modeling) but I am so busy with motherhood, school and work, I have no time to do it” I said, to her “you must find the time to do it --  I have an eye for these things” and she smiled again and said, ‘thank you, I will’… Her whole vibe instantly changed and she even slowed down her pace a bit and of course, she drove off…. As she droved off and got a little closer to my car, she looked at me again and smiled even more brightly than before…

Here’s the irony, I had come that very same day to visit my sister because they had asked me to hang out with them for a movie and then to a restaurant…  We were also slated to meet up with some other relatives and have a big POW-WOW for the weekend! The restaurant that we had originally planned on going to after the movies was Fridays. We had actually gone to Fridays but we sat and waited for service too long and the customer service was just crappy! So, we all got up and left that particular place… We were thinking about going across town to another Fridays but since it was getting late, we decided to go somewhere else and so, it was decided that we go to Apple Bees instead…  Keep in mind that none of us had been to this particular restaurant in years! When we got there and was seated, to my slight surprise, I look up and see the same young lady that I had seen earlier! She was there, working as a waitress! She didn’t work our table but when I saw her, she had a glow and was walking with a level of confidence and calmness that I didn’t see from her, just a few hours earlier! She never saw me there because she was too focused on her job and her customers…  This was synchronization and a full circle moment this was indeed.

I share this story because again, I have done this time and time again… You never truly know how much a smile and a few words of encouragement and inspiration can or will affect a total stranger, until you do it frequently enough!  So again, I challenge all who read this message to do this same – it doesn’t cost you anything but a little bit of care and time, which can go a very long way! Another divine gift, that may ‘keep on giving’.


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A new member whose ABB handle and name is Kemetic1; she sent the message below, to me by way of my private email. I hope that everyone reading this and listening to the message feel as and 'inspired' as it did for me... 

“This website is an amazing accomplishment! You have created, and are creating something wonderful here! This song is by my favourite female artist. I want to share it with you, it says everything I'd like to say about you and the members of this website. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp83gngH82o I posted the link on my profile but I don't know my way around the site yet, so I don't know whether I can post videos I did not make myself. Please share it if you like it. WOW! You are sensational! ”

If you would like to introduce yourself or send a 'thank you' message to Kemetic1 – her profile link is below;



How to tell if Someone is NOT interested in YOU?

Posted by AstralBooBaby on January 6, 2014 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (5)

How many of us have met someone who expressing an interest in ‘getting to know’ us for the possibility to court; to date or romance, only to find out later that the individual was actually playing on our vulnerabilities for either sex or something else of personal gain of some sort? There are a lot of parasites, users and abusers out there in this regard and for this reason, we ALL need to be a little more mindful and discerning if/when we come across anyone who is expressing a ‘romantic’ interest in us. Within this blog, I would like to list some very simple tips on how to tell if someone is genuinely interested in getting to know or connect with ‘you’... The best time to know if one is generally interested in ‘us’ for ‘us’ is at the very beginning of the ‘meet and greet’ and the signals and signs will certainly prevail throughout the duration of your interactions with him/her… Therefore, it is most important that we be MINDFUL of what to the person is ‘showing’ you above the things that they are saying and you just might void yourself of falling into the category of just another person ‘used’ and ‘abused’ for another’s personal and selfish gain.


1. She/he is always steering the conversation into superficial subject matters such as one’s physicality, sexuality; bedroom behavior, social status, money or gossip.

2. She/he consistently steers the dialog about them; their lives, wants and interests.

3. She/he will only call you on late and inconvenient hours of the night; always have an excuse as to why they are unable to call you at a decent time.

4. She/he is rarely available to receive your phone-calls and when if you leave messages for them; you may not get a return call until days or even a weeks!

5. She/he sounds to be irritated or agitated if/when you question anything that they say or tell you that doesn’t make sense or resonate (defensive mechanism).

6. She/he may not be receptive to going out in public settings on a regular or ‘consistent’ basis with you (usually because they are already in a relationship of some sort or they don’t want to risk being caught by other’s who are being ‘played’ by them).

7. She/he hasn’t shown or expressed any interest in introducing you to any of their friends or family members; although you have been talking to or ‘seeing’ one another for a significant amount of time.

8. She/he has been consistently found to be contradictory or lying to you.

9. She/he will seem cold and detached ‘after’ sex (if you go there with them); always have an excuse as to why they cannot ‘stay’ overnight.

10. She/he is always asking for money, favors or sex and offering nothing in return.

11. She/he avoids eye-contact or can’t hold strong ‘eye-contact’ when you are in their presence.

12. She/he will often dodge questions that you may ask about them and their lives; very elusive wherever it matters in a mutual or ‘balanced’ interaction or relationship.

One of the very best way to know if someone is really interested in you is to hold out on sexual activity; spending money or buying gifts for a prolonged period of time (6 months or more). If you find that this person is still calling and expressing concerns, thoughts and feelings about YOU – chances are, they ARE interested in you! Are there other signs that I have not listed, that you have found to be significant as to whether or not someone who saying that they are interested in you but their ‘actions’ prove otherwise? If so, please list them! The more feedback – the merrier!

Tuned in, Tapped in, Turned on...

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.The past few days have had me pondering some unfinnished edges as I a wait the next big step in my life. What this is that is to happen is unknow. I know what the ultimate goal is but the journey isn't set in stone. Rest assured when I am given the all clear to move forward & when it happens I will know it and then move forward. Until then I am taking action by not taking action if that makes sense.


In the mean time One of the things I have been tuned into is my role in spirit. My younger sister (A.M.) and I have always beat a drum that has not met the approval of my middle sister's(K.A.) Judeo-Christian outlook. Since I have been given the opportunity to be homeI "think" more. It has occurred to me in many ways on how to speak to K.A. about the things A.M. and I just know.

K.A. recently explained that she has clarvioent gifts. She used words to explain what it was she experiences and I gave her the word for it. On one of our heart to hearts KA stated "well it is about time I have been waiting on you and AM to catch up". It was odd because I said, "really AM and I have been waiting on you". Perspectives are funny things.


As we have begun to share more about the "odd" things that happen to us as children and the "gifts" we share. I find that KA simply is getting to the point where she can no longer ignore who she is or what she has been gifted with. I personally believe that her children C&C have pushed this to the forfront because they have many of the same gifts we sister's did as children. As an adult KA is now having to explain to her children what it is they are experiencing. She still does not approach the subject with them, imho as she should, but at least she is bridging the gap instead of ignoring that anything is going on like our mother did.


Apparently K.A. and her husband have had discussions on what it is to have these abilities. He tries his best to understand them but still has no expereince that can say this is what it feels like or this is what it is. I jokingly told her that next time the subject comes up when he is asking how it all works maybe she could mention that trying to relay the knowing of spiritual vibrations or experience is about like trying to understand what it is like to have sex from your friends experience and not your own(virgin). You can not do either justice and each person has a different view of the event. She laughed at the thought but then added that it was an interesting analogy.


I also was given a thought that I have shared with her to hopefully make her accepting of her own gifts easier. This I know has been a big struggle for her because of some of the traditional views from main line religion. We were raised in a conservative white Baptist Church. People who saw things like we do were often brought up front and prayed over because this was of the devil and these folks were all going to hell. I think that maybe it in some respect would have been easier to be from a poor family raised in the moutains where they believed in snake handling. Mountain men or women who see spirit are not shunned. Likewise, a african american communities typically embrace being able to see spirit as the gift it is. I may be wrong on my observation of communities but I am looking at this as I view my own world.


Getting to my point to ease my sister's transistion into embracing her own abilities I was show (of course in picture form and feelings) that people who are inclined to spirit viewing of any kind are in fact as Abraham-Hicks points out. being -Tuned in, Tapped in, and Turned on to God. I explained as I was shown that people who have this ability have a special connection to God's mind. Just like the folks in the bible. These folks today are just as special with their connection to God.  Because they had been linked/taken/made/ or desired to understand more of God. Because of their honest desire to have the connection..... GOD.....simply allowed these folks to have visions, see future, see ghost, see angles, see demons etc. Because God see all, is all, is time, and is space. Nothing is invisuable and God simply allows the individual to look through a particular window that others do not take the time to seek out. I also added that thought that not everyone can or will be clarvioent or claraudio like we are. This it doesn't mean that there isn't an ability that cannot be fostered from any person. We all can connect to God in some way via spirit. I explained to KA that we, as sisters, simply agreed to be born into the family that we did and knew that we would be who we were for a reason. Though it may not be clear now we are gaining more and more insight as we loosen up our walls built up over the years which told us what we could do was bad or evil. Having a spiritual ability is a special Connection gifted by God so that we can see how GOD sees. Seeing the future is not a bad thing. God gives this gift to a few people for very good reason. Likewise seeing non-physical is allowed by GOD and is not a curse or evil. It has a purpose and is a devine gift. To see these abilities in any other way than a gift from GOD is simply a sin in itself.

God allowed it and for whatever reason it has been allowed. Ignoring it or thinking of it in any other aspect other than a devine gift is simply wrong. The bible speaks of many Saints with similar abilities and to think that the buck stopped with them is simply insane when one thinks about it. Many beings on many worlds have the connection. It is only mankind's need to control things others do or say that has lead to the error in thinking toward spiritual abilities.


I think that my opinion stuck with her and she added some comments to my own that made me understand that she understood what it was that I had expressed. In my own mind the understanding that I was given to share with her only made my beliefs more solid.

I know this was a bit lenghtly and I apologze for that but I am sure this concept was a thought that was to be shared to more than her.  So I am posting it as prompted.  Hopefully the insight for will be noted as a tool to help a woman embrace her GOD gifted abiilties instead of turning the light out on them.

I hope this helps someone else who may be struggling. I thought it was an enlightening thought on the connection to God that most do not understand.

We are closer to GOD than others think or give credit to. Maybe it is jealousy on their part, possibly fear, more than likely lack of desire to understand. I do not know. I was only given a deeper persepective of the connection I took for granted. I am that I am.



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Remember that telephone game we played as children?  We all sat in a circle and the first person whispered a simple statement such as, “She is a girl” into a person’s ear. By the time the phrase was whispered to everyone in the circle it would turn into “She is a nice gorilla.”

It was funny at the time, but now when our friends say, “Did you hear about ____” our ears perk up and an audience is born.

Gossip hurts people, but most of us love to hear it anyway. Tabloids make a mint writing about celebrities and people getting their hearts smashed to smithereens. Gossip tends to hold a bottomless well of interest, yet when you are talking about someone when they are not around, ask yourself if you would feel comfortable sharing the same information if they were standing right in front of you?

Truly confident people don’t feel the need to gossip. If you want to be confident inside and out, then you need to get the gossip monkey off your back. Here are 8 reasons to stop gossiping, starting today.

1. Karma. When you gossip (or listen to others do it), you are inviting everyone around you to gossip about you as well.

2. Gossip is Hurtful. Gossip is really nothing more than empty noise and idol chatter. Its the language exchange people have when they feel otherwise insignificant. Gossip is a fuel that feeds egos, breaks hearts, and shatters confidence, but will never propel you forward.

3. Words can be crushing. The pen is mightier than the sword; the right words can cut a person to pieces and leave them writhing in pain. Gossip is verbal battery. When a person manufactures a rumor to hurt someone, shatter friendships and family, or make someone feel insignificant, they are being a verbal bully. And you would never want to be a bully, right?

4. Gossip serves no one. The next time you are around a gossiping magpie, ask yourself, “What will I accomplish by repeating this rumor?” Odds are, the answer is nothing. Gossip is often used to inflate the ego while deflating the feelings of another.

5. Hearing isn’t believing. Always ask yourself if you believe the information is true, and always take into consideration the origin of the gossip.

6. Exclusionary behavior is elementary school mean. The primary function of a rumor is to single out an individual and send the message that they are outside a social group and less worthy of friendship than others.

7. Gossip is destructive. Gossip leads to a decay of trust. It is painful, violating and often humiliating. Broadcasting private information exposes the flaws of another for all the world to judge. This leads to an erosion of trust and casts light on your own flawed character.

8. The buck stops here. Take a stand when people start gossiping around you. Make sure it always stops with you. Take a stand and never circulate information or be an audience to something you’re not proud of.

It’s easy to get caught up in day to day chit chat and to be curious about what is going on with other people. Comparing your life with others is natural, but when bonding with people about your friends and neighbors, it is easy for harmless information to turn into a hurtful situation.

Gossip is a destructive force; damaging to the reputations of those being gossiped about, as well as the reputations of those who spread rumor like wildfire.


Leave the gossip for celebrities. Never be willing to destroy your friendships by getting tangled in conversation that does nothing to reflect respect and honor for your friends.



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I've read a lot about anger and opinions here and I wanted to share my experience of it.

My grandmother asked me how I look at people that are angry, abusive and who attacks others. I had to bring up a memory of when I was very angry and I thought about that feeling and why I felt it and of course it had to be the worst scenario. So I thought about my ex step dad and how angry I was at him a time ago for beating up my mother when she was pregnant with my brother and not giving a damn about my other brother watching him doing these abusive things. I came to the conclusion that it had to do with something about your loved ones or yourself becoming attacked by a certain someone who also attacks your perspective/opinion on what is "good" and what is not. This anger becomes bigger because you do not understand where these actions come from or why it is happening or for what reason it did happen and it left me in a BIG cloud of confusion, which to me is some sorts of a chain reaction of the "anger" that you are feeling inside. This thing or happening that you perceive as "bad" bubbles up inside of you like burning hot fire when you are reminded of this happening that you still don't understand and with time when this anger does not become confronted so that you can understand the "bad" perspective, it becomes bigger and bigger until there is just pure hate inside of you. This process does something in you so that every person around you that reminds you of the source of this anger, you start to hate that person as much as you did with the source because it is a perspective you just can't understand and something you see as "bad". One important thing that I noticed also is that this anger that you have grown inside of you has made you a puppet of some sort and the anger makes you act out VERY EASILY on everything that anger wants you to act out on...

As you can see, this is a very bad and toxic chain reaction by the emotion anger and you affect yourself in many ways but most important you affect everyone around you, you maybe even make them around you, join your hate and anger. This toxic emotion is like a virus. There is and I am sure that it is, MORE terrible things in the anger then what I have come up with and I imagined this anger that I had but I imagined it 20 times stronger and then I understood where this man (my ex step dad) where he came from and I thought to myself... “Oh god, I feel bad for him”. I can just imagine how his life was from the beginning. I forgave him in myself and I accepted what has happened and so I've learned also that this virus inside of me, anger, disappeared when I did this. Now I told my grandmother... Well… I think these angry people deserves a second chance and that you should show them equal love as you show everyone else or even more because they really, really need it. Of course, she did not understand my point of view and I understand that. Perspectives are very dangerous in some way so I have a kind of respect of my perspective and others perspective of things and I don’t bother forcing my perspective on others, this I think is very important in life because opinions come from that someone’s perspective and the chain reaction of anger that I talked about just now, starts when that perspective (opinion) gets attacked by someone and this is exactly what happened to me.

I had one incident where I was on a party and a fight broke out where some of my friends fought with another crew that was also my friends. I was standing there with several others and tried to stop the fight. And there was someone there who jabbed me on my face several times and well I didn't mind it because I was focused on stopping it thinking that he maybe was confused. After a while I left the party with some friends and the crew that fought earlier saw me walking with my friends and they confronted us and said that they wanted to attack us too. One specific guy who earlier hit me several times in my face when I tried to stop the fight, he had this look on me, all this night. I never figured out why but as we were standing there he jumped at me and punched me in my face several times again, telling me to pinpoint my other friends’ location or he wasn’t going to stop. I kept standing there up-straight and let him hit me, why? Because I knew that the root of the problem was something in him that bothered him and that blew up his anger in him. How do I know that? Because I've been in the same situation with ANGER I had recently at this time learned to control that emotion but he hadn't. His friends that were with him tried to stop him and drag him away from me eventually because they saw that I didn't put up much of a fight and that it was useless. After he was calm, they went away and left us with a “sorry about this, he’s drunk”.

As time went on, I never hated this man or felt angry with him, I always said “Hi” to him when I saw him but of course he rejected my intentions. Now from some of my friends, I've learned that his father had died and that he was in a big depression in his life and that's why he drinks himself full of alcohol every weekend. This made me understand from my perspective that everything has a cause and that it's not because he is a bad person, it's because he can't control his emotions and thoughts and he is in a state in life where these toxic emotions runs through him every single day. His perspective of life was brutally attacked by the death of his father. He is a friend of mine today by the way, his anger towards me disappeared.

It's important to note that we usually want things in life to be in OUR way and if it doesn't go our way, we don't understand why it didn't go our way and we feel attacked and start to think endless so that we can feel good about ourselves or we just handle this confusion with anger or sadness. It's impossible in life to have things YOUR way, you will only have it your way temporary because present is evolution, every second that goes by is evolution, things change and you have to change your perceptions too so that YOU can join the evolution and gain MORE knowledge & experience in the end which is the main ingredient for your growth in life and which will also broaden your perspective.

We should always help, learn but most important love each other through our perspectives and some people will see this as the ultimate shot to their heart because they don't UNDERSTAND it and sees it as “bad” and we have to understand also that if that's the case then we will receive HIS perspective and his complaints which from OUR own perspective looks “bad” to us and the angry cycle continues…

Stop the cycle and you will feel much better and learn to agree to disagree when you need it, accept people for who they are and learn to be supportive instead of accusing! LOVE ourselves and others because we are the biggest book of learning.


I ask for the next step, how to link the head and heard. Hear is the answer that I found

Posted by KarenW on August 13, 2013 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (2)

Last night after I did the process for reconnecting the pineal Charkra. I has for the "key" or the process that would like head to heart.

I must tell you that I had a very difficult day. I was reminded by my soul sister today when I got home and began to complain when she reminded me that sometimes the picture of the puzzle isn't always crystal clear until a few more pieces fit. I knew she was right and I begain (begrudging) to explore topics on how to deal with difficult people. Not that I intended to gravitate in the direction of letting go but one link to another lifted my spirt. Then after I had let go of my emotional baggage and had peach in my heart.

I was lead to my answer that I requested the night before. As the movie began I thought of how many LOA books, lectures, meditations etc that I listened too over the year which now were really not being helpful. I knew I was missing something. A few day ago I ran across the pineal chakra activaton. I thought wow that answered my question on that one Thanks.

Then I ask for the way to connect the two heart/pineal chakra. I knew that simply stating things was slowing working for LOA. I can't say that I am always on track I know when I am not, and if I don't catch it my "soul" sister will call me out on it (occasionally she has to unwrapp the big pile of poop so that I can smell I was off track a bit-no longer has to rub my nose in it so I am making progress).

Anyhoo... eventaully I was lead right to this. It didn't take long after I got mymind back on track I thinkit was four short clips and a couple of web articles then Poof....he was the anwer to connecting and becoming a more powerful creator experiencer.

Thanks to every one who has felt something off about me in the last few days. (You know who you are).

I hope this is as helpful to you as it was for me.