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By: ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby

Disclaimer; I am not nor have I ever been a psychiatrist or any licensed physician. The views, perspectives and opinions expressed are an accumulation of years of testimonies, observations and my own personal experiences. These conclusions are also part divine guidance and intuition. Proceed and consider all that is shared with the highest level of discernment and righteous indignation.

I understand that discussing this is a very sensitive/taboo subject matter in many circles, but in lieu of revelation after revelation, of child sex-trafficking rings; pedophilia and generational sexual abuse from family members – we can no longer pretend to turn a blind eye! It's long past time for us all to get in front of this issue, and grab this unsightly beast by the horns!

According to stats reported by Invisible Children; 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by the age of 18 and approximately 34% of those abuses will occur within families. These stats are already staggering but when we consider that they are primarily based on only the reported or documented sexual abuse cases – the larger implication is truly astounding! Let’s be clear – our children are indeed our future but if we have mentally, emotionally and psychologically scarred children who may never opt to get help for their traumas; they are far more likely to turn into adults who continue this cycle; acting out and projecting their repressed traumas onto others.

There are many adults out there who have never addressed, dealt with, or put in the work to heal from the traumas that childhood sexual abuse inevitably causes. Thus, the cycle of ‘hurt people, hurting people’ perpetuates itself with a vengeance. For the aforementioned reasons, I strongly feel that it's time we open a free-for-all dialogue and address this systemic problem from multiple angles. The first angle is that we take a proactive stance! We can no longer sit by and wait for a child to come forward and bear the burden of truth. Parents, guardians and teachers must become more aware of the unspoken terrain of children's lives. One of the first proactive measures one can take is to gently initiate and encourage more dialogue and honesty around the topic of sexual abuse. We must create an atmosphere where children can feel safe to openly speak on such matters. I have long learned that it's the toxic combination of fear and shame that indirectly emboldens the abusers-- while silencing the abused!

Having been one who has survived years of systematic sexual abuse by multiple individuals, in conjunction with having met and compared notes with many others who have experienced similar situations (but have never officially reported them, I am fully aware of the dynamics of complicity involved. Many children and even adults will never opt to come forward and tell of their abuse . I repeat, we MUST be opened minded and vigilant enough to look for signs of abuse. There are always signs that will exhibit themselves via mood, behavior and characteristics. Thus, we need to be educated on the kind of signs to look for. Below are but a few signs that I have identified not only through my own behavioral patterns, but those I have seen demonstrated in others who were abused, as well. Again, these signs are based on the behaviors I and others ‘unconsciously displayed’ without premeditation or purpose in our own actions or behaviors  Continue Reading...


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Suicide is the number one killer of Americans in their prime. Too many of our young and our veterans fall victim to this preventable cause of death. Its toll can be reduced. We can all help.

The frequency of suicides live-streamed across the country in the span of less than a month is troubling to a top mental health professional — who says the trend could be a potential trigger for others to broadcast their deaths. Dr. Richard McKeon — head of the suicide prevention unit of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services — is just one of the nation’s leading mental health professionals who have noticed an uptick in the disturbing videos. As gruesome and troubling as this trend is, the greater reality behind suicides is truly alarming and is the reason why I have decided to shed some light on the matter and provide some tips on how we can help others or ourselves. who are contemplating suicide.

Suicide robs the world of far too many people. It's the biggest killer of people in their prime and at least tenth overall for the general population. Bigger than auto accidents and opioid overdoses, the worldwide suicide epidemic rivals global warfare in mortality and morbidity. The origins of suicide are complicated and not well understood. No simple cause and effect can be expected. The work of psychologist Thomas Joiner suggests a combination of three factors underlie most suicides. He finds loneliness to be a critical contributor. Other researchers have labeled isolation and loneliness as deadly factors.

Combine aloneness with a feeling of uselessness and you reduce the victim's will to live. Change is stress. Unpleasant events in life—like divorce or job loss—thrust many people into such situations. Their social and professional networks evaporate. Returning veterans run into similar problems adjusting to civilian life. Most people weather the depression and survive. A few lose their fear of death and are tempted to end their hopelessness.

Those contemplating injuring or killing themselves will find ample opportunity to do so. Toxic household and industrial chemicals are readily available. Cliffs, bridges, and tall buildings are everywhere. Hanging yourself is a cliché. Guns are everywhere. Three out of every four gun deaths are self-inflicted. Take guns away, and they turn to the next deadliest weapon in their arsenal—their car. How many single car-accident fatalities are suicides? How many ninety-mile-per-hour wrong way drivers are suicidal?

This haunting text message exchange was posted by Nakia Venant, who hanged herself at a Miami Gardens foster home while live-streaming on Facebook.

We can all help reduce the level of self-inflicted injury and death. People intent on injuring themselves need professional help. You and I can administer the first aid that will get them there alive. Watch for changes in friends' behavior. Withdrawal can be self-imposed isolation. Depression, rage, and ranting may signal a crisis. Be especially careful of talk about suicide. It's a cry for help—not a joke. When in doubt:

  • Don't walk away from them.
  • Remove drugs and alcohol from the scene.
  • Remove guns, knives, and other potential means of suicide.
  • Get your friend immediate medical attention.
  • You'll be glad you did.

If you're contemplating suicide, administer the antidote right away:


  • Phone a friend.
  • Call the suicide hotline 1-(800) 273-TALK.
  • Get medical attention.
  • Join a local organization and volunteer your time to help someone less fortunate than you. We will be glad that you did.


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I ran across this web page and read this. I am still working on the entirty of the post but I had no idea that pschomotory was an extended ability from empathy. Very interesting read.


It's okay to express negative emotions

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So many of us in the 'spiritual' community are jaded with the belief that to be One with the world is to be happy and ignore the negative things around us....but what if ignoring the negative is actually pulling you away from Self and Oneness? Hear me out...

There is a difference between 'feeling' and 'consuming'. To feel all emotions is healthy, to be consumed by our emotions is not.

You have every right to FEEL angry/fearful for example. It becomes a problem when we are CONSUMED by it to the point where that anger/fear BECOMES apart of us.

We are not our emotions and have little to no contol over them but we do have control over how we react to them.

To deny any part of our emotional spectrum is to deny ourselves in some part, in my opinion. Bad stuff happens...it came from the same source as good stuff - The Creator. See where I'm going with this? To deny Self and The Creator is to deny the world around us in it's entirety.

Sure, we can live in little bubbles of happiness, joy and rainbows and whatever else you want in your bubble but to deny the very things that make us human?...you will have to face it at one point. Denying anger, guilt, fear, rejection, sadness, etc is saying no to your shadows and trust me, your shadows aren't going anywhere. They will follow you around until you deal with them as they are apart of you.

For example, you see animal abuse and decide not to follow a particular facebook page because it enrages you for bringing the subject to your attention. So you effectively ignore these things go on by unfollowing that page. Does it make a difference? No. It keeps you in your 'safe bubble' yes but your bubble will be popped no matter what you do to avoid it because it will appear elsewhere. Why? Because if you aren't aware of how to deal with what you are feeling, how can you make a change in this world? So guess what, the universe will make you aware so you can make a change to the collective either through yourself or outwardly :D 

To be aware, is to experience life in it's many, many forms. From the good to the bad, from the beautiful to the ugly. Sometimes, it's what breaks us that actually makes us.

Find the root of your negative emotions and deal with them in a healthy manner. We ARE human, no matter what you believe yourself to be. You are here, this is your home for now, so live in it WHOLLY. 


I believe people should see the world as a whole (the whole yin/yang ball we call life) and experience a range of emotions and the different layers of them emotions to fully truly be whole within ourselves and to be fully connected to the collective consciousness. It isnt THE truth but it is my truth so take what resonates, and leave the rest behind (as ABB would say). ~ALFIE~

Pills vs Nature

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There’s something beautiful about the world we live in. It’s all around us and remains constant. It’s nature. Some of us are constantly searching for a high, an adventure, a trip away from the norm but because we don’t see the beauty within and around us, we get depressed and rely on synthetic happy pills to feel good. Whether prescription-based or illegal street drugs, we seem to be a nation reliant on pills to make us happy – pills for the mind, pills for the body, pills to enhance feelings, pills to block feelings, pills for our sex drive, pills for stress, pills, pills and more pills! But a simple 30 minute walk a day can alleviate most of the ‘problems’ we have. I say ‘problems’ because most of our problems are not actually problems at all, we just see them as such through being conditioned to think that not being happy with our bodies or not being mentally happy 100% of the time is bad for us. Let’s see what a 30 minute walk a day can do for our systems and mind and what ‘problems’ this can sort :


30-minutes walk a day gives you vitamins from the sun, vital for fighting off infections like common colds


30-minutes brisk walk a day can keep your weight on an even keel if you aren’t on a diet and can reduce your weight if you are eating healthily


30-minutes walk a day can help you concentrate and focus better so you are more productive in the day


30-minutes walk a day can help you sleep if suffer with sleep disturbances which in turn makes you more happy and balanced


30-minutes walk a day can be used for bonding with family members, letting you have a closer connection to one another which promotes problem-sharing and problem-solving


30-minutes walk a day can give you the opportunity to get inspiration and motivation if you are lacking in this area


30-minutes walk a day can improve your social life and make you more confident in new surroundings


30-minutes walk a day can simulate the blood-flow in all parts of your body, giving them the chance to work correctly. Can help conditions with the skin, with poor circulation, hypertension, blood-pressure, among other things


30-minutes walk a day in a forest grove or in woodlands is known to be just as effective as an anti-depressant pill. This is due to the fresh air, the colour green on the trees/bushes and the blue of the sky (which is calming) and the natural elements. It has an almost sedative effect on the mind


30-minutes walk a day can strengthen your immune system and overtime, reduce disease in the body


30-minutes walk a day in the rain can make you feel more refreshed and more determined to fight whatever is stressing you out that day


30-minutes walk a day can increase your lung size for easier breathing and reduce heart attacks


30-minutes walk a day is your chance to de-stress and re-organise your lifestyle schedule so your life is less cluttered and therefore, less stressful


30-minutes walk a day can help you with migraines. If you suffer with them, you’ll find a walk in the outdoors everyday reduces their severity and may well eliminate them completely


30-minutes walk a day can increase muscle mass and improve balance, making you feel better about your body


30-minutes walk a day can increase cardiovascular and pulmonary (heart and lung) fitness


Look at all the benefits! I’ll start next Monday…. :D


Signs of a heart activator/connection

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Unfortunately, many of us don't see the sign of a heart activator and label them unfairly and end up in pain. This connection is so deep and opens your heart chakra, that we wrongly assume it's a 'divine connection' like a TF or a soulmate. Actually, it's one-sided and not seeing it as such can create karma when there is no need to. Even though self-love has to come from within, sometimes an outside source is needed to 'trigger' us into the self-love route. Some can be in pain for a long time as they struggle to see the lesson within this 'connection' that is actually a catalyst for self-love.

So what is a heart activator? Simply put, these people open us up to LOVE and show us a glimpse of unconditional love for a moment - they are heart catalysts. This connection will fade for the one who opens your heart quite quickly but for those on the receiving end, it can be very difficult to face as we feel cheated and our ego's fight for justice. The purpose of a heart activator is to balance and cleanse us for a higher vibrational love for ourselves and others. Ego will fight it, mind will try to make sense of it but the soul is already aware. This can be quite a challenge for most.

So how do you spot this connection that feels like love? Well, it's like love. A deep love. The main trick is to shoot the energy you get inwards and upwards, not outwards towards your heart connection or keeping the rays within our sexual chakra. Shooting it outwards or downwards brings on toxic unhealthy habits and this is when a disillusion takes place which causes pain.

Below are some pointers of a heart catalyst (and you can also see why these 'signs' can also be confused for twin flame or soulmate 'signs' as they are similar to those posted all over the web, which are misleading by the way) and the causes for this disillusion in brackets to help you see the signs and the reasons for them so you can deal with it before it gets to the point where ego starts running the show. Not all these will take place but most. Above all, I say trust yourself on whether you have more than just a heart activator on your hands (always, always center and look into the heart chakra and ask your soul for the truth). 


  1. You have an instant connection with this person. They might not be your usual type. You attract each other like magnets (the universe needs to do this to make you stop and listen to your inner) and you feel you know them (again, universe at play).
  2. The connection is so deep, it knocks you off your feet and doesn't seem to fade much (but it won't be a warm glow in your heart, rather in your lower chakras to disempower you from Self, it's a nasty ego trick as it fears it may now die).
  3. You enter 'heaven' for a while and everything is great - you feel as if you never really loved until this point (check yourself for any unhealed shadows - the more shadows, the more this connection intenstifies).
  4. Similar everything but distinctly different. They are like a double of you (well, the universe has to get your attention somehow so why not appeal to our own vain ego selves).
  5. Intense sexual attraction takes place (you feel the energy mainly in your sacral chakra and it's also an obsession phase).
  6. You feel 'pulled' towards this person, even if you know something isn't gelling 100% you ignore it (the ego masks it so you don't learn to listen to your soul so it can go on living).
  7. This person you feel insatiable towards - almost like you need to brand them as your own (obsession).
  8. You get jealous, angry or disappointed with other people being around him/her and feel you are not good enough for them (fear).
  9. It's fine for three-six months then things start falling apart (because the heart has been opened enough now and the connection is no longer needed, the catalyst is normally unaware of what they have started).
  10. Drama is huge in this 'relationship' that may or may not even be a relationship at all (big warning right there - there is no relationship or friendship but your egon will insist there is anyway).
  11. You try to make a relationship work but something doesn't jive or your connection runs off (the one-sidedness takes place as the heart catalyst has now done their job).
  12. Possessiveness is a number one trait in those trying to make this 'connection' more than what it is (fear of losing from an ego's point of view).
  13. The heart connection comes back a few times until you've learnt to shoot the energy inwards and upwards (this happens when we fail to see what needs to be done - shooting the energy through our hearts to God/Source/Creator).
  14. You and him/her start arguing and the more you force things between you both, the nastier it gets (creating karma).
  15. You are plagued with worry (obsession&fear) when they aren't around.
  16. They are not available to you either physically or emotionally but you refuse to let go (inner child trauma/abandonment).
  17. Your shadows start emerging (this isn't a bad sign, heal them while you can).
  18. The unhealthy shadows of him/her start to appear and is sometimes mistaken for a mirror (in contrast to a mirror, this is a warning sign this person has not yet connected to their own soul purpose).
  19. You feel an unnatural fear of your world collapsing if they left you (this is again, ego, and you must claim your power back).
  20. You start labelling the connection and he/she doesn't deny or confirm it (take it as a sign that they are as unaware as you and start the innerwork).


Remember, a heart catalyst/activator/connection is simply put to you so you can learn to get back to the Creator and Self.

Not all the pointers above are just heart ones, some of those 'signs' apply to karmic soulmates as well as TF's (apparently). These labels can be confusing but one thing to remember is, if it's for your greater good, then it's a good thing. Just shoot any energy inwards and upwards towards Source anyway and you'll get self-love and unconditional love for others a lot faster without so much heartache/headache :) Some of us however, need to learn the hard way as it's our path. Don't beat yourself up if you resonate with this, just trust you are/or were where you are meant to be and have gone through this for a reason.

*This is how I understand it. If it resonates, learn from it. Leave whatever doesn't resonate. This is not fact, just my understanding.*


Addictions to love and how it holds us back

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Addictions come in many forms, not just physical forms but mental and emotional forms too. One of the biggest addictions I had was an addiction to love. This stunted my growth on a soul level as it stopped me from learning about self-love (a process I'm still in as I'm currently dealing with my physical addictions, now I've cleared my emotional one) and therefore stopped me from progressing up the spiritual ladder, taking me away from my trueself and path (Here's my take on the difference between real love and addiction). Addiction to love can prevent the one thing you want most from manifesting - a loving, comfortable relationship with ourselves and others. 

So what are the signs of an addiction? Dependency, dependence, craving, habit, weakness, compulsion, fixation, enslavement. Being a monkey to the substance/activity. That's the definition of an addiction. I would like to also add change to that list. Addiction changes you, regardless of what it is. As this is addiction to love we are talking about, you can change emotionally, mentally and sometimes, even physically. You template yourself with 'shadows'. Psychologically, an addiction is very damaging, especially a love addiction which can attract psychic vampires to you like a moth to the light, effectively templating you even more and draining you by playing on your fears of abandonment, rejection and obsessions. Love addiction in short takes your personal power away as you subconsciously give it to another entity. You are basically saying, 'Here is my emotional body. Use it as you see fit. Have the responsibilty for my emotional/mental welbeing'. It is not fair on the other person or yourself.  

Behavioral addiction is a form of addiction that involves a compulsion to repeatedly perform a rewarding non-drug-related behavior – sometimes called a natural reward – despite any negative consequences to the person's physical, mental, social, and/or financial well-being. This is what a love addiction is. You become needy, co-dependent, insecure and chase the one you fell for. You might do things that you wouldn't normally do for fear of rejection - whether they are sexual acts or financial or even changing your physical self. Falling in love is a high and extremely addictive - you'll be forever chasing that first taste of heaven, like a drug addict whose continually trying to reach the states of bliss from his first hit. But unless you learn self-love, it'll never come as really all you are doing is running from yourself and not learning the lessons you are meant to so the universe will place karmic connections/mirrors in your path until you do.

Giving someone your all is all good and everything, but without treating yourself in the same light, it's pointless. If you are changing yourself for someone, ask yourself is it really love? There's a difference between compromising and bending over backwards. Are you experiencing any negativity (like fear, low self-worth or low self-esteem) within the relationship? Work on those issues. Love doesn't hurt, our expectations and standards do, however. You shouldn't have to hide your truth, aspects of yourself or feel ashamed when standing in real love. Real love is open and free. Addictions are limiting and destructive. The saying, 'Nobody can love you if you don't love yourself', is true. Only give 100% to someone else if you can honestly give it to yourself too. 

The highest form of love is the love we have for ourselves. Once we open the floodgates, we stand in love and our personal power, give real love out from our heart chakras and change our lives for the better. The dreams you have become reality, ego takes a backseat, abundance comes through, your preception on the world changes and you change the preception of the people around you for the greater good.

Self realization how to my way

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I have made some sort of a blog from my experience and also some information that mite help you with your way. This is in video form cus I dont like to type much and on paper some things are lost. Any ways this is what I had to say 4 now. 




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The Winner In You


By: ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby


It is no secret that life is filled with great challenges and set backs but there is a ‘little secret’ about you and your life that I would like to bring to ‘light’. The ‘little secret’ is that with each day that we muddle through, we are victorious! Hence, victories are not only tantamount to a singular defining moment but they are also successive ‘moments’ where courage, resilience, steadfastness, determination and willful focus is or has been applied! Whether you are consciously aware of this or not, we demonstrate all of the aforementioned characteristics and qualities to some degree, in order to just BE in this realm of ‘dense duality’ and ‘extreme limitation’.


Did you know that there are untold numbers of spirits and beings who would never agree to or opt to take on such feats? Yet, our ancestors, brothers and sisters from the unseen realms, watch, cheer and support us from the side-lines because they really do adore, admire and love us unconditionally! Yes, even non-physical beings love heroes and happy endings *smile* You have forgotten that you are a super star; a she-roe and hero in minds-eye of so many! You are a winner but I am taking this moment to remind you to never give up or stop acquiring your highly honorable badges, spiritual tags and stripes! There are many more experiences and challenges that awaits and will surely require the winner in you to amp up the stakes and play hard! When life throws you a curve ball and pushes you against the wall or knocks you down – take three deep breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth and GET UP and PUSH BACK! You have it within to push back harder and with every step you make against the tide, you’ll gain greater momentum, armor and tenacity to conquer future obstacles with greater ease and far less bumps and bruises! Every challenge and battle that we endure is preparing us for yet another definitive moment and reminder of who and what we truly are!


So the next time someone tells you that you can’t or shouldn't do something that you set out to do or want – remind them that you weren't built to accept their projection of failure and defeat! You smile and tell them sit back and watch your smoke and remind them to take a few notes while they are at it and apply what you teach them by example! The next time you are faced with a dilemma that overwhelms or causes you to feel down and distressed, get into the ‘eye of that inner storm’ and neutralize it from inside out KNOWING that you have a ray of sunshine that will always brighten the darkest of times! You show and tell those who project bitter lies, hate, envy, disdain and jealousy that their ‘malicious strikes’ is no match for your ‘ubiquitous stripes’! Show and tell all of those who wish to see you fall, that you are the master of your destiny because you already have the spiritual armor and credentials to support your declaration! Indeed, you are victorious time and time again and I would like to take this moment to salute and congratulate the WINNER that you are and will continue to be!


“Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.” - Roopleen, Words to inspire the winner in YOU”




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The Importance of Genuine Self Expression



By: ABB a.k.a. astralboobaby



I see it everyday; people walking around wearing a smile to mask their discontentment, pain, sadness and depression. One of the most consistent and glaring reason for such a state is because so many are forging a life that is not of their purest devotion, intent and expression. For many people, living an authentic life can be a real ‘catch-22’. Why? It is because living an 'authentic life' of our design, strikes up ‘fear’ of the potential repercussions, which can be just as psychologically and energetically debilitating as it is to exist in-authentically. What is one to do in such a situation? Well, the answer is certainly a lot simpler than it actually is to put into action but in gist, we have to listen to and follow our heart! How to listen to your heart, you may be asking? By sitting still, quieting the mind and pay attention to the purest surges of thought and energetic impressions! Pay attention to where your imagination leads and repetitiously feed you. Do you find yourself visualizing and fantasizing about a life and expression that you strongly feel would be liberating, purposeful and meaningful to you? If so, that’s your heart speaking to you! Do you find yourself behaving and expressing yourself in a way that ‘flows’ when you are alone in a private space or in the presence of your closest friend, companion or confident? Well, this is another fine example of you expressing from the heart!


I have observed and learned from my own path that the suppression of one’s ‘natural flow’ WILL inevitably create disturbances and imbalances - bio-chemically and spiritually. The bio-chemical blockages often lead to depression, anxiety, radical mood swings, sadness and even suicidal thoughts. The spiritual blockages, can magnetize and/or attract ‘in-authentic’ people and situations, as well as create blockages in the heart chakra and weaken one’s aura (which could lead to a plethora of other challenges). Lets not forget that we are like mirrors and magnets to one another and whatever we project and cultivate - this WILL be what we attract! Being authentic may not always garner one popularity and high favor in the material and social sense of reality but it can generate dignity, respect, honor, integrity and spiritual clarity. All of the aforementioned qualities is what builds character and inspire and encourage others to step into their own unique expression!

 'Each one of us are uniquely made; so why ignore or deny the reason for one's unique purpose for BEing?'

As I often say, we are far more ‘fluid’ than meets the eye and when we are emotionally and energetically holding back on what comes most naturally, we are slow down our bountiful flow and become 'denser' in every sense of the word… So, I say to you – now is the time to make a choice... Are we going to remove the masks and step in our role as courageous beacons of light and way-showers or are we going to continue, allowing fear of the unknown and the opinions, expectations, dictates of others manipulate us into creating and co-creating more of what we don’t like or want? I don’t know about you but I have chosen to express myself in a myriad of ways that comes most authentically and all things considering, I am doing just fine. If I can do it -- surely YOU CAN. 

Immeasurable love, always!