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Steppenwolf [1974]

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In the coming days I'd like to share some examples of Spiritual Cinema, which, due to their age, and relative obscurity, you may never have seen before. I encourage you to seek them out. 

As spiritually focused beings, we often feel alone. Sometimes, to all practical purposes, we are alone in what we are feeling or experiencing. In such moments, even our most caring friend may be unable to say the words we need to hear. That's when it may help to sit down by ourselves with an album, a book or a film which can say what we need to hear.

This is one of those films.

STEPPENWOLF [1974] dir. Fred Haines

Cast: Max Von Sydow

Dominque Sanda

Pierre Clementi

Carla Romanelli

Screenplay by Fred Haines, from the novel by Hermann Hesse


It's hard to believe this masterpiece was critically slammed upon release in 1974. Sometimes it takes a while for people to realize that they are dealing with something remarkable. A beautiful, intelligent, sensitive film that delicately grapples with some of the most difficult issues a spiritually inclined person is likely to find themselves faced with in life.

The story takes place in the 1920s. It's about a lonely intellectual named Harry, a writer by profession. He is introspective and melancholy, and sometimes wallows in thoughts about suicide. When he was a young man, his best friend at university, also a writer, committed suicide, and this has left a hole in his soul, haunting him. Harry, although outwardly "respectable" is a misfit, who always seems to stick out like a sore thumb, saying the wrong thing and offending others when in "polite" company. He wants to be noble, and this has caused deep conflict in his being, making him feel guilty and ashamed of his animal nature, whom he perceives as a wolf. One night on his lonely wanderings he meets a sensitive and caring prosititute named Hermine in a tavern who reaches out to him, and, together with her friends, shows Harry how to redeem himself, and how to laugh - something which he has completely forgotten how to do.

If you are unfamiliar with the lead actors, you're in for a treat. These are people who will remind you that acting can be Art! My personal favorite in the cast is the great Pierre Clementi, who plays the charming and hedonistic jazz musician Pablo. Max Von Sydow is probably one of the greatest actors who has ever appeared in films. He is the only actor in the cast who has made any films outside of Europe. Dominique Sanda is an incredibly beautiful actress with an amazing gentle quality. Her acting comes straight from her Soul. Look nto her eyes - she makes you feel naked. Not in a bad way, though. Carla Romanelli has a warm vixenish quality, sexy in a friendly, playful way. These actors are all masters of their craft, and they give life to characters who will stay with you. You'll find yourself looking for other films these actors have made once you've seen their work in Steppenwolf.

Steppenwolf is a spiritual odyssey that leads you into the labyrinth of dark and difficult emotions that we are all likely to experience: loss, melancholy, alienation, and even suicide, then back into the Light of renewal, love, hope, and humor. This film is wise and gentle, and it doesn't judge. Obviously not for everyone; but if you have yearnings in your soul, have ever suffered from alienation (and what Spiritual or intelligent being hasn't?), have felt suicidal or lost someone to suicide, this film will almost assuredly speak eloquently and intimately  to you. It also handles Hermine's profession with tact and sensitivity. Dominique Sanda has lines of dialoguie which will make you feel for the plight of women who feel this profession is their only alternative. Indeed, in post WWI Europe, many young women truly did have no other alternative. Pablo is the most modern of the characters. He is frankly bisexual (as are the women), and meaningfully quotes Rolling Stones lyrics! He has a reckless lust for life and is at home in the underworld, getting high and stealing cars - but even so, has a noble, enlightened, tender side to his character. I'm still a little bit in love with him.

Filmed in Basel, Kanton Basel Stadt Switzerland, and Hamburg, Germany. The locations are beautiful and perfect for the story. The ambiance of the 1920's is perfectly captured by the fashions and the music. There is partial nudity, which is tasteful and will only offend those who object to all nudity. Likewise, the violence is extremely minimal and stylized, and should not offend anyone. Ahead of its time, people are a bit more sophisticated now, and beginning to re-discover this gem. It is available on DVD. Dual language: English and German, w/ English subtitles. You can also find it on various torrent trackers, if you're a pirate.


Here is the animated sequence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwDGVP1tMTg

The trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ8xjVASGX8

The novel by Hermann Hesse is a classic and quite an easy read. Hesse was a popular author in the 1960s and 1970s, and influenced many creative and spiritual people, including me. In his lifetime, Hesse was close friends with the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. Hesse's writings embrace both Eastern mysticism and Jungian psychology. Steppenwolf is the best introduction to his writing, if you are curious.


Just one word of caution: This film is a Magic Theatre, for madmen only. Or so the film itself claims! :lol:

Send me a message if you'd like to see this movie, and need help finding it. I'd love to hear your feedback after viewing it too.

Thanks for letting me share with you. :)

The heavy overcoat

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The heavy overcoat .

When a soul is born into a body , bring it a supply of life, as it is meant to be able to corrode and supplies of a lifetime. This supply is ample to develop the man who is born with perfectly conscious , harmonious and balanced in relation to that which is the goal.

This store is not stored in the human body , but from the consciousness , the higher self that existed before the personality formed.

Man is born only with the character traits and opportunities - tools , to develop it, ' which is still new territory for the soul.

When the baby starts to develop its own personality, given to the characteristics and opportunities facing the world open.

I know the soul well, and usually get infants and very young children also just acceptance and unconditional love .

The first two years formed the speech center , and the child learns or trying to learn to communicate.

In the age of three starts independence knocking, and the child is trying to communicate its borders and needs based . Furthermore, being traits more visible.

Imagination develops and child talking aloud to himself to keep track of both fantasy , reality and independence. The child also begins to be alone with himself - ie . play alone .

If " the overcoat " has not announced its arrival before it does so now. For now living child not in symbiosis with his mother, but also discovered his father and himself.

And this is where the ugly usually happens, the child is now showing determination and defiance. What we call despite age. A necessity to create its own core and bounds.

But then comes the father and mother , and since other and communicate: " I do not like you when you're like that." So understand , " when you contradict me or exhibit behaviors that do not conform to my wishes or maxims so punished you .

Now we have moved away from unconditional love to the love of conditions and it is also ok to show your child what appropriate behavior is , (but must be remembered that it is often subject to norms and community and parental own fear of rejection ) But there is only thing is that the soul does not operate with appropriate behavior, but express themselves freely , clean and clear. Rebellion From the child happens only when personality is at risk and living rules are threatening to the self.

It's probably closer to us , that would look a little on why the child says from or react with aversion . - The child might have a different life energy than us.

Just think of Mozart. If he had not been allowed to use his life energy to play . - But he was lucky to have a music teacher for dad , and benefited understanding and acceptance + opportunity to develop his qualities and abilities .

If his father had found that music was nonsense not earned a living , but had sent Mozart out to earn a living since childhood , he had probably evolved to become frustrated , aggressive and life- threatened.

The stores , which the soul has to draw on the energies is different from person to person . Our strengths are in different locations . Mozart was therefore already in the age of five writing sonatas .

This discomfort when " overcoat " of norms , others' opinions and needs + denial begins to slink down upon us, occur mostly unconsciously.


It hurts when mom and dad do not like me and refuse me the love and attention that I need , but I have since got to be me, so I continue to react and behave as it is natural for me . But oh, it hurts to be punished and denied. But what should I do? Because I am so compelled to cover my needs.

Well yes, I can see that the other cheats to get his way . They just do it , (ie the forbidden ) when no one sees it , and so they will not be punished.

It was the dishonesty and mistrust that started in here .

Well of course , you could just lie and avoid punishment and less love.

Well of course , you could just speak after her mouth and ape behavior!


It hurts so much to be themselves , that separates itself from its inner core that will only love, and thus loses its connection to its stores of clarity , emotion and energy , and it will continue to move further and further away , as you realize that no one is interested in one when you are yourself . One gets the punishment, and it hurts to maintain its own energy and determination , which enables feels secluded , lonely and not understood.

One's needs are the very man , and that is what you see when kids smoke into the next

riot / detachment phase , namely puberty.

Here are the wild . The more misguided and alienated they have been for himself, the wilder and more destructive partying and they fought the his aggressions out .

It's just that they do not have it in. they have lost the basis for comparison . Namely their own , and there are only surrogates and plagiarisms back .

After this wild and rebellious period , which can take several years , they begin to resign because it does not lead to anything good , and one can only hope that they have one or more role models in their lives, so they can begin to search inward to the source, their ressurcegrundlag . ( the properties soul wants to cultivate , and as the energy is . )

Most people find a thread that they delude themselves and others into thinking that they are happy with . But while running the internal dialogue on and continue the rest of your life with self-inflicted torture . But that is what we are using surrogates , togetherness and noise - to inhibit the sound from the ever medsnakkende voice that tells of dismay. The voice is heard mostly in silence and alone - but it can be prevented , and it will be mostly because they see no way out and no alternative - energy is not what it feels like .

It is the people's opinions and voices them as they heard as children - " when you do this , I do not like you" , etc. running around in my head .

Just being there now the difference that in order to avoid having to listen to and exposed to criticism , the external behavior now gradually changed and become more general , ie . not stand out, and faded , and bad behavior can and will be assigned to , "that the others do not see and hear , they can not hurt you " ( going alone or with strangers or non-threatening people, for example . wife , husband , children , or others who do not dare say no. ) . " I was drunk " , or - " I was not myself."

The inner dialogue continues and continues to run , and it may well be that the external world is reasonably satisfied, but in the interior, has taken over the voices of condemnation and suffer from low self-esteem - and in his mind not so happy, as they had once dreamed of when the world was still open.

Therefore seen suicide from some of page , where you do not expect it . For example . her the funny and always smiling. Suddenly she takes sleeping pills and put clogs .

It is just that the world is ALWAYS open for the one who can see the possibilities . But a closed mind can not see anything . It has given up and claims no chances .

Even it may be that opportunities and chances offered , but the fear of not being good enough, do not turn to dare seize the opportunity, make that avoids raising - and stagnate .

And it's overcoat , the tongue. All which are glued on one, but not one's own .

It is necessary decoding to find in to his inner core and life energy.

Bringing out - extricate themselves

In - entangle the yarn overcoat is spun off.

For the soul was not made ​​to be clasped by gravity and alienation, but to be free and weightless.

The soul was in order to burn the candle at visibility, self-acceptance and joy.

Maintain themselves and be loved for exactly the personality, the inner core is.

To the outer world reflects the inner world and vice versa.

To give "God" right that his creations are perfect, and therefore we are also born with just the tools and personality traits necessary to offer up that the world can be enriched.

We create our lives and is ultimately and as adults solely responsible for our lives with the right to say yes, yes, no, no!


God's Word:

"Your speech should be, yes, yes, no, no.

The lukewarm, I will spew out of my mouth. "


Since we are all one / one, it will say that with God in us, we will, if we do not stand for yes, yes, no, no, but say one thing and do another, spewing ourselves of our own lives .

We deny both "God" and ourselves. The circle goes both ways. We are in God and God is in us.

But fortunately for us, is God in his almighty love so certain that he has coded his creation so that we ultimately wins the knowledge and wisdom enough to live in the love of ourselves, others, and God - even if it were take thousands of lives.

But why waste life and time?

There is only love, everything else is cheating and illusion.

It seems as if life were an obstacle course, but the fact is that at the moment when we give up the struggle with ourselves and almost comes acceptance and love of oneself.

Combat is a lie.

Love Livs

Everything IS ONE

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The advent of the Age that we live in allows us to integrate what once used to be kept adamantly separate - science and spirit. Science is an extension of Spirit and is not something that should be ignored, suppressed or held higher than another extension of Spirit. It is simply a tool but a very powerful one at that. Quantum physics is an area that is rapidly delving into the unknown, the playground of spirituality, and it is emerging with truths that are akin to some of the most ancient truths ever taught on the planet. Everything is One. Everything is Connected. Everything has purpose.


Take a look at your hand, it is right in front of you. What does it look like? You can see the contours of it and your fingers and thumb. And it is hard. Look at the floor or a chair and assess the same things, the contours, the textures. It feels hard to you. Well, this is actually an illusion. Physics shows us that in actuality, your hand is in constant flux, vibrating with energy at differing levels of density.


Einstein's E = MC2 literally means energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. In other words, mass or matter is just another form of energy. This is a crucial aspect of spirituality - everything is energy. Matter, physical matter is in fact an illusion. When we go right down to the molecular level - there are simply atoms re-arranged differently...this is what makes matter! Physical matter is simply energy moving at a very slow speed. Yet we see matter as distinctive and we see it as defined. When we go to the molecular level there is no barrier that makes the chair hard, there is simply a friction of energy between your slowly moving atoms at the edge of your hand and the slow moving atoms at the edge of the chair


So what does this mean? This means that we must change the way we perceive reality. Traditionally we have been taught in nearly every part of our society that we are separate to our outer world. We are taught that the outer world is a separate place to us. However, quantum physics is proving how even at the molecular level we are connected to everything. For example, when we touch that chair, there is an energy transference - meaning that a part of our energy is transferred to the chair and simultaneously a part of that chair's energy is taken on by us. This applies to all things - plants, animals, rocks, all physical objects. This means that we are constantly merging with the reality around us, we are constantly changing - on the quantum level, life is in reality a giant soup of energy. The only thing that defines this soup as separate is our minds. This is because our senses cannot process energy moving at high speeds, this is why we see a chair as a chair and not as a set of slowly-moving atoms in a giant soup of reality. Quantum physics doesn't just end there.


In 1982, Alain Aspect proved Bell's Theorem where subatomic particles, under certain circumstances, are able to instantaneously communicate with each other irrespective of distance. Basically whatever happens to one particle will be reflected by its counterpart, even if it is on the other side of the Universe. This discovery violates Einstein’s theory that no communication can travel faster than the speed of light. This means that at the molecular level, at the energetic level, we are connected to everything around us, to other people, to animals, to the rocks to other stars! Ok, so we appreciate the science but what does this really mean?


This is where spirituality kicks in. Spirituality has taught about the interconnectedness in all things from the very beginning. Spirituality has also taught how we are all One - all connected and all being part of a moving ocean, where one molecule of water affects the whole in profound ways. Spirituality also allows us to see the purpose in all of this. It is spirituality that allows us to understand the purpose of this energy, to discover what this energy essentially represents - why are we all One? What does this Oneness mean and above all else what part do we play in this Oneness?


As we begin to view things in terms of energies we begin to understand the world as an energetic place with ourselves as energetic being within and part of that world. Spiritually, everything happens on an energetic level, since of course everything is energy. So for example, our emotions and thoughts are various frequencies of energy, vibrating at certain levels. However, these emotions and thoughts are not contained within ourselves, as been traditionally thought. Instead, these emotions and thoughts that we feel and create are interacting with everyone around us and on a greater level, the entire planet and Universe. The Butterfly effect is a good example of this. Here when a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan, a storm brews in London. Every single event in life has repercussions, whatever they may be. As we begin to recognize that our thoughts and emotions are interacting with others, and that we interact with others' thoughts and emotions, we begin to recognize the true interconnectedness of life.


And it is Interconnectedness that provides us with the understanding that we are irrevocably connected to the Whole. Always remember, the Whole is Incomplete without you and would not even exist if You were taken away.



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I often say at the end of my videos “continue to question, learn and grow” because we are all still evolving works in progress, regardless of how much we know or ‘think’ we know. I really do challenge myself to learn something every day of my life. In fact, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t learn something about the world, people; the cosmos or myself… This not only expands my mind and awareness but this keeps me motivated to exist on a planet that I still feel like an outsider to. There are many things that I have gone through over the past 2 or so years that had put me on the rollercoaster ride of my life.

As many of you already know, I am an intuitive and empath and the inherent sensitivity that comes along with this ability makes all forms of energy work, 10 times more intense! There are only two (2) people in my life, my sister and very best friend who have witnessed, knew of and know about the things that I have endured (both past and present). I would always push through my challenges, pressures, trials and tribulations wearing a smile on my face, when deep down inside, I may well be feeling and having things going on or happening to me, that is nothing to smile about. Yet still, I would push aside my authentic feelings and thoughts developed from a lifetime of a ‘habit’ that I’ve developed very early in life. The ‘habit’ previously mentioned is this: consistently putting the wants, thoughts, feelings and needs of others before and in lieu of my own. Now some people may say or think that this is a ‘good thing’ because it’s a sign of one who is very unselfish but being one who has lived this way, for as far back as I can remember, I will attest that having this state of mind can definitely be a detriment.

As one who realizes that just about everything that happens in our lives is being created or magnified by our own thoughts, energies and/or life path’s agreement; I have finally grasped something that one of my closest friends have been saying to me for years… She would always say to me; ‘you need to start knowing your value and worth because you ‘deserve’ so much more than you are allowing or realize’… Unbeknownst to me, she was speaking of the law of allowance… I’ve known this particular friend for a long time and she has been one who has consistently told me that I give away far, far, too much of myself, time and energy without any thought or consideration of the inner-imbalance I was creating as the result. She has heard of and know of the guilt and hurt that I would feel when I am not able to help or do for others (strangers or otherwise) who are in need … Somehow, I would take on the thought that I am responsible for the happiness of all who cross my path or sought direction or help from me. Why was I doing this?

What’s the root of these extreme cases of unselfishness ? The answer to this rhetorical question didn’t hit me until very recently and that my inner-child; the one who had endured years of systematic sexual, emotional and psychological abuse… He wants to rescue everyone in pain or in need because no one rescued him from his pain and long suffering! Yes! This all stems from my own projection onto others, whose pain and suffering that I see or feel. That inner-child cannot and could not accept His value because He was taught and made to feel that he deserved nothing but pain, abandonment and other’s taking advantage of Him. He believed that he deserved nothing that would bring him true happiness, wealth and abundance! I understand that pain and suffering are the elements that creates energy streams of compassion and empathy but where do I or we begin setting boundaries and drawing lines?

I’ve said it before and I will state it again; we are living in a time where we are all being forced to face and deal with our inner demons, struggles, secrets and shame. The energy shift on the planet is forcing it all to the surface and no one is exempt from having some residuals, be it from their present life or past life… Many will resist their energy clearing work but resistance will only make 'toiling in the fields' (so to speak) all the more painful and turbulent! You see family and friends, in the past two years or so, I have resisted my own clearing work in many ways because I continued to denounce and ignore my own value and worth! The aforementioned is not a statement of arrogance or ego – this realization comes from a lifetime of trials - tribulations and error!

Even considering all of what I have just shared, I am still one of the most unselfish people that I know and this will not change, but  what will change is the frequency and velocity in which I give of myself.

All of the things that we ‘must get’ but ‘won’t get’ will come to the surface whether we want it to or not. Our outer world will attract, create and magnify our residual imbalances, not as a form of punishment but an opportunity for us to ‘deal and heal’… Given that many people who walk the ‘authentic’ spiritual path tend to be people who do not recognize that they or we ‘deserve’ wealth, happiness and anything our hearts desire – I especially want you all to heed my message… KNOW and OWN your worth!

Some people and ‘special interest groups’ have conditioned and taught the world over, that in order to be ‘really spiritual’ we should basically be broke, destitute and work for free, for the benefit of others 24/7 (a slave). When we believe and accept this way of thinking; we create this reality for ourselves! How many of those who teach these things, who happen to be religious or of the worldly influence, live a life of being broke, destitute and giving themselves ‘freely’ 24/7? The religious communities have billions of supporters all over the world… They have resources and billions in monetary means (mostly through offerings and donations) that 'allows' them the power to purchase and create programs, campaigns and build venues to fellow-ship, recruit and expand their ministry to no end, but why hasn’t the spiritual community done anything remotely close to this scale?

These communities roll into abundance because they’ve given themselves the ‘allowance’ to have abundance and their supporters accept and respond accordingly… There is nothing wrong with tapping into this universal right but there is definitely something wrong with teaching the spiritual community; those who suffer and are marginalized the most, that wanting the same things that they have and take for granted is egotistical, selfish or a sign of 'in-authenticity'!

Some people tend to see someone such as myself as one who has it all figured out, not because I have ever stated this about myself - I am 'realistic' enough to comprehend that this is not, nor will ever be the case for me or anyone else having a human experience... On the contrary, I have publicly stated that I too am still learning and growing and what I have just shared with you in this blog, is just another lesson learned the hard way – I ‘deserve’ real peace, happiness and abundance because this is the Almighty Creator ‘s decree for US ALL.

Many of the oppressive and MANipulative forces around us have figured this out and they revel in their abundance but we who have been conditioned or abused to a point of submission have yet to tap into ours.... We must really ‘grasp this’concept! The Almighty Creator energy force cannot or will not ‘make us’ see our worth and value – we must come to this ULTRAstanding on our own time and accord. So, if you haven't begun seeing all of what I have shared in this regard, let us begin doing so right now!

Appreciation vs validation

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Appreciation vs approval. I have observed that there are two kinds of people in this world - generally speaking. There are those whose goal is to express and to be themselves - like myself. They want to express themselves because they have so much love and sense of beauty in their heart, and they have a natural desire and a longing to share this love and to connect to other people and to give and receive love and appreciation. Their main goal and motivation in life is to inspire with who they are and they have a natural appreciation for other people who express themselves. They see other people and feel appreciation for each persons uniqueness. They really see and feel other people. They don't see or value others based on their performance or level of fame , status or respectability. They see and appreciate other for who they are and are therefore inspired by them. These people have a spark or glow in their eyes. These people also have a high appreciation and feeling for music. Because music is a medium of self expression, and in music they can find great appreciation, inspiration and connection - they get touched by human beauty and creativity. These people touch me and inspire many. And the others - the majority - are those who live their whole life in the quest to appear correct in the eyes of others. Everything they do is motivated by this one goal - to be accepted and approved by the crowd. These people lack individuality and soul. They are not even human - they are collective units. Something obviously went wrong in the evolutionary process that gave rise to these peculiar subhumans. These people never express themselves and they have no desire to express themselves - unless of course they are told to dance to the tune of the crowd once in a while. You cannot appreciate these people because only a person who has a self - an individuality - can be seen and therefore appreciated. For how can you feel a person who is never expressing himself but is only trying to fit in or to be "correct". These people are dead and lifeless zombies who have obviously forgot that there is a soul. These people cannot sing and dance. The "norm" is their God that they worship. These people do not seek to have a genuine relationship with anyone. They only have relationship with others if they have something to offer them ( money, fame, status...). They are not married out of pure and genuine love and appreciation - they are only married out of necessity or because it is something "every successful person "must do. They never seek partners out of love but out of necessity. They seek partners who are rich and have a lot of money, social fame and status etc. You can see that these people have a dead and lifeless relationship to their wife and children - because there is no foundation of love and appreciation but it is only based on need. These are the psychopaths and narcissists who hit, abuse, control and dominate their wife and children. Their family suffers in silence but holds a happy face facade to the outside world to maintain their social status and image. And poor children who will have their souls destroyed by such parents. I have just described the average swedish person. The average swedish person is a person who lacks any individuality - sweden just dance to the tunes of what is popular and given by america and hollywood. Their interest is in watching the television ( tell lie vision as astralboobaby would put it ). On the weekends they drink alcohol because that is the only thing that can make the swedish person express himself a little. Swedish people lack emotions and feelings. Because a collective unit cannot have true feelings and emotions because in order to have feelings one must have an individual and a will outside of the collective. For how can you have authentic feelings when you let the crowd think and feel for you? Swedish people can have feelings - but they are not their feelings ( their feelings are borrowed and inherited from the culture from one generation to the next). For example, a swedish person can hate someone for being black or brown skinned. But this is not their own authentic feeling ( it is just a culturally inherited feeling). Swedish people only thinks or feels when the crowd thinks or feels something. The swedish person worships the norm more than perhaps any other country in the EU. Their favorite music is whatever is mainstream and popular at the time - because they cannot feel or connect to music on a personal level. Justin Bieber is one artist that is heard from every neighbors door in my country. I was sent to the psychiatrist for expressing frustration for my lagging computer. Now this is something that could only happen in my country. For in my country no one feels frustration. Because in order to feel frustration, you must be able to have a desire. Swedish people don't have true desire because they lack their own independent will. The don't have any desire to create something, their only interest is to maintain the status quo.

Spiritual ego vs egoless

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Spiritual ego vs egolessness What is a spiritual ego? A spiritual ego is a subtle ego. It is a more subtle and ugly form of ego. It is when you try to appear holy to yourself and to others. You are still attached to how other people perceive you - you want to be perceived in a certain light. You want to appear spiritual to yourself and to others. You are still attached to your self image. In order to look good to others and to yourself, you never challenge yourself and others. You never chock or disturb other people. You only say and do what you think others expect from a holy or spiritual person. You only say and do what other people want to hear and see. Because you want to be perceived as spiritual and holy to yourself and to others. And what happens when a person who is truly nonattached to his self image comes and expresses himself in a way that is outside of peoples narrow expectations of how a spiritual person is? What happens when a true egoless person ( who is not attached to any self image ) comes and says or does something chocking or disturbing to challenge other people in their mental boxes and fixed expectations? This person is rejected and critisized by the idiots and fools who only judge by outer appearances. Noone listens to this person. Because this person is not attached to his self image and therefore has no need to appeal to others in order to get his social image confirmed by others. What is an egoless person? An egoless person is a person who has no self image. He therefore has no need to be perceived as spiritual or holy by others. He has no need to appeal to other peoples narrow expectations. He is therefore free to be chocking and challenging. An egoless person is a person who has achieved nonattachment to any social self image. He does not care about being perceived in a certain way. Osho is an example of this. Osho never said the things people wanted to hear or that made peoples expectations comfortable. He challenged and chocked people out of their tiny expectations of the master. He did not want to or try to live up to any narrow expectations people might have had about how a spiritual person should be. He just came as himself and challenged and chocked people constantly. He said words like " fuck, baby, idiots...". He said things that we dont expect to hear from a spiritual person. He said these things deliberately in order to challenge peoples fixed or narrow expectations of how a spiritual person should say or do. He tried to see which disciples were real and which disciples were false. He tested them. The disciples who left because he did not live up to their tiny and insignificant expectations, were never true disciples. So he filtered the false disciples from the true in this way. The true disciples who passed the test remained, even if osho said fuck or called them idiots. Because these disciples passed the test ( they did not judge by outer appearances ). So this was oshos way of separating the true disciples from the false. The true disciples did not judge by the outer appearances, but they saw through the futility of the outer words and deeds of the master. They did not judge the master by him saying " fuck" or in other way shocking their expectations of how a spiritual person should be. Osho could challenge and chock people because he was truly free from spiritual ego ( he was not attached to how he was perceived by other people - he was not attached to any self image ). Osho was only being a spontaneous expression of the spirit, and in spontanity there can be no value judgement. That which is spontaneous does not try to be perceived by others in a certain way - it is just a free and spontaneous expresion. The difference between a spiritual ego and an egoless person is this. The spiritual ego wants to be perceived in a certain way. It wants to look spiritual in the eyes of others and in its own eyes. It says only the things it thinks is expected from the crowd, instead of just being a free and spontaneous expression of the holy spirit ( www.askrealjesus.com). An egoless person has no attachment to any spiritual self image, and therefore it is free to express itself in challenging and chocking ways. It is free to come as i am, as a spontaneous self, with no preplanned agenda. I dont even know that im gonna say or do because i have not planned what im gonna say before i say it. An egoless person has surrendered his self image and does not live his whole life in the quest to build up his social self image. An egoless person is only concerned with one thing: to challenge the status quo and to step into the unknown in every moment where everything is possible. He is just open to explore and dive into the unknown where everything is possible. There is no " right " way to be. There is only surrendering into the unknown. I am only a spontanous expression of whatever needs to come through at this moment. Spontanity, nonattachment to self image, stepping into the unknown in every monent, always being challenging...These are some of the qualities of the egoless person. Stop trying to be spiritual and just be. By soulwarrior

Spiritual judgement

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Ego judgement vs. spiritual judgement: what is the difference? When the ego judges someone, it is because it wants to make the other person feel guilty or shameful for what it has done - it wants the other person to suffer; it seeks revenge. At the same time the ego can feel better or superior to the other in judging the other person. The ego is built on separation from God and from other people. Therefore it cannot see that judging your neighbor is the same as judging yourself - for you are your neighbor. Judgement of the self is a judgement of the other. judgement of the others is judgement against the self. For we are all one. The ego is a hypocrite, it is a scribe and pharisee. When the holy spirit judges the other, it is because it wants to help the other person grow in self-awareness, and when the other person becomes more self-aware it will do better choices in the future. And if the other person still insist on not improving his choices, now that he knows better, you will leave and give the other freedom to experience the consequences of his choices to the point where the other person will be so tired of the consequences of his choices that he will find the motivation within himself to change on its own accord. In other words, you will allow the other person to learn about the consequences of his actions the hard way, through the school of hard knocks ( Gods law of karma/cause and effect ). In other words, you believe in the innate goodness in the other person to change when it has had enough of the consequences of its mistakes. The spirit never stops believing in your goodness, even if you have done the worst choices imaginable in the past. It never looks back to the past, but keeps its eye on the future. It never looses hope on you. The spirit knows that the past is dead and always looks forward - it is only focused on the immaculate concept for each person. The spirit knows no judgement, guilt, shame or revenge. It is a force of unconditional love - and love knows no guilt. The holy spirit holds the immaculate concept for even the worst human being such as hitler. For think about it: what makes you think you are better than hitler? What says that you couldnt do what hitler did, given the circumstances? Maybe you too could develop into a hitler, had you had his childhood and circumstances in life? Dont be so quick to judge, mr ego. Guilt imprisons you to your past, Love sets you free from the past and looks at the future. If you feel guilty for something you have done, you are making the whole of humanity guilty. For you are humanity. The one is the all and the all is the one. And if you forgive yourself unconditionally, you have set the whole of humanity free. Guilt is an illusion that is based on ignorance and of separation. Set yourself free from all guilt by studying the words of jesus. For more: www.askrealjesus.com

Comfort zones

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Ladies and gentlemen. We have stopped growing. Because we have stopped challenging our comfort zones. We reached a point in our life when we became secure and safe. When we became secure and comfortable with what we have, we became afraid of loosing what we have. So we created comfort zones around ourselves out of fear of loosing what we have accumulated. Those comfort zones became the prison of our spirit. In seeking the comfort of the body, we secured the needs of the body. But we lost the needs of the spirit in the process. The spirit wants to grow. It wants you to challenge your comfort zones so that you can discover life outside of those comfort zones. When you challenge your comfort zones, you discover that you are infinitely more than your past. You are not your past. You are infinite potential. You have hidden strenghts and talents. But to discover those hidden strengths and talents, you must experiment with the unknown - you must challenge your comfort zones. Dont be afraid to experiment with life outside of your comfort zones. For how can you then discover your hidden potential? Step out of your comfort zones and transcend your past.

My most powerful quote ( revised )

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The fastest way to know if someone is your friend is to stand in your power and greatness. If he is your friend, he will like it.If he is not, he will try to change you or run away. - soulwarrior What is your most powerful quote? Share

Dare to be the impossible

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Stop limit your expression This is a message to you. Stop limit your self expression in the world. Dare to go out in the world and express yourself beyond the norm. Go out there and inspire the world. You see-you cannot inspire the world if you dont challenge the status quo and the norm. To inspire change, you must start being the change you want to see. If you want too see more people smiling, dare to be the first to smile. If you want to see people hugging each other, dare to be the first to give a stranger a hug. The world will never change and expand if you are afraid to inspire with change. Go out in the world and inspire change. Be your unique individuality and dare to challenge the status quo. If the whole world is frowning, it is because noone has been the first to smile. Everyone is just following what everyone else is doing. So the world is waiting for a courageous person ( you ) to plant the first seed ( to be the first to smile).

Stop waiting for the world to change and decide to be the change you want to see. Stop waiting for the world to smile and be the one who introduces the first smile. This is your mission in life. You are here to introduce change. Plant the first seed of change. Dont let the mind and all its dualistic arguments discourage you. Because the more you think, the more discouraged you will become. Stop the mind and put on the armor of courage and just go out there and do your thing. You may ask: but what if i fail, what if something bad will happen? My answer is: dare to step into the unknown. It is in the unknown that you grow past your limitations and get your limited world view shattered. Dare to step out of your comfort zones and step into the unknown with trust. That is when the magic and miracle of life happens. Dare to step out of your mental box so that your mental box can shatter and expand. If you do the same things everyday, you will not grow past your current limitations. When you challenge your comfort zones and step in to the unknown, you will also inspire others.

I am a living testimony of these truths because i live this truth everyday. Every moment is a choice between walking the same road as yesterday or to walk a different road. When you walk a different road you will discover new places you have never seen before. You will gain new perspectives. But if you always walk the same road, you will never see new places and therefore stop your growth. If you want to expand your current world view, you must choose a different road today. Dont do thing the same way, but do things different today. Do not avoid the unknown. Dont just walk the same road as yesterday. Walk a different road today and expand your worldview. It is when you step out of your comfort zones that you discover that you are infinitely more than your past. You are not your past. You are so much more. But you cannnot discover your true potential if you always stay in your comfy zones. Step out from comfy zones and step into the unknown in every moment. Then you will be surprised at what you will discover. New doors will open. You will step out of your current limitations. Life is what you make it. Life will never change until you start being the first change.

Take full responsibility for the creation of your life. Be the change you want to see. Challenge your fears and comfort zones in every moment. You are the only one who limit yourself and you are the only one who can set yourself free. Life is a choice between fear or love. Love expands, fear contracts. What do you choose? The choice is yours. You hold the keys to your destiny. Dare to unlock the christ within you. By soulwarrior Www.askrealjesus.com