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6 Herbs That Will Make You Healthier

Posted by SheOnAnotherLevel on May 29, 2017 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (2)

From headaches, nausea, fatigue and insomnia to the common cold and moodiness, all collegiettes deal with aliments from time to time. While your first instinct may be to pop a pill when you’re feeling off, there are much better, more natural options that will not only relieve you of your symptoms, but also make you healthier and happier in the long run.

So the next time you’re feeling less than stellar or you’re just looking for a boost, try a natural plant! All of these herbs can be found in a variety of forms, such as teas and capsules, and you can find them in most grocery stores and health food stores.

1. Rhodiola

Rhodiola, also known as “golden root” or “arctic root,” has a long list of health benefits. The herb reduces stress, aids in muscle recovery, strengthens the nervous system, fights depression, increases immunity, enhances memory and improves hearing, among other things. It is best taken if you want relief from stress or if you’re running low on energy and motivation (in other words, perfect during finals week!).

“Rhodiola has a regulating effect on cortisol,” says Mary Helen Lee, acupuncturist and co-manager of White Moon Healing Center in Chicago. “People get excess cortisol from stress. Rhodiola has a very calming and stabilizing effect on the nervous system because it's able to help balance adrenal chemistry. Because of this, it helps support the immune system as well.”

Rhodiola is best taken in capsule form, and it is important to make sure to get a supplement that is guaranteed Siberian-grown. Some good brands to try are New Chapter or Gaia Herbs.

2. Ginseng

Native to eastern North America, American ginseng is considered to be a stress reducer and energizer. American ginseng (one of many varieties of ginseng) has been proven to increase energy and endurance as well as physical and mental performance while nourishing your mind and body. “Ginseng will improve alertness and exercise performance,” says Virginia Hadley, registered nurse, nutritionist, counselor and herbalist at Bearfoot Herbals.

Amanda Ball, a freshman at Western Michigan University, had a good experience when she took ginseng. “Ginseng helped me become healthier; when I was taking it, my hair and nails grew significantly!” she says.

Ginseng can be taken in capsule form (NOW Foods is a good brand to try), or it can also be brewed as a tea (Triple Leaf Tea is a great choice).

3. Peppermint

It might be better known in candy form, but the peppermint plant has a wide range of medicinal uses. “Peppermint is perhaps best known for helping digestion,” Lee says. Peppermint can help with gas, nausea, indigestion and cramps. It also relieves cold symptoms, such as a sore throat.

“Whenever I drink peppermint tea, I feel like it opens my airways and it soothes me, calms me down and makes me feel refreshed,” says Hannah Schuring, a senior at Portage Central High School in Michigan. The peppermint plant is best enjoyed in tea form; if you want to try it, try Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Herbal Tea.

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is used to treat a variety of aliments (and it really does smell and taste like fresh lemons!). “It aids digestion, decreases depression, decreases spasm (painful menstrual cramps, intestinal spasms of IBS/IBD) and, in higher doses, induces a state of relaxation,” says naturopathic physician Dr. Katie Stage, ND.

Lemon balm also has calming properties and can be used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Unlike Adderall, lemon balm does not have detrimental side effects – in fact, quite the opposite. “Lemon balm helps to quiet the mind and increase clarity and concentration,” Lee says. “It's a safe herb (a member of the mint family) that can be taken daily as needed.” Focusing during your next history lecture will seem like a breeze!

Lemon balm is available in many forms, but capsules and teas are the most common. A good brand to try is Solaray. If you want to try lemon balm in a tea, Traditional Medicinals Organic Lemon Balm herbal tea is a good option.

5. Valerian

Used as a treatment for insomnia, valerian root has a calming effect that enhances sleep, allowing for a restful night. “It improves sleep latency, meaning people who take it fall asleep faster,” Stage says. “They also report more restful sleep. [Valerian] does this by binding to GABA (a relaxing neurotransmitter in the brain) receptors, thus inducing a feeling of relaxation at lower doses and sleepiness at higher doses.”

As collegiettes, we often suffer from lack of sleep (loud neighbors, piles of homework, an eventful social life), and it can be difficult to wind down. With valerian, though, you’ll drift off comfortably and wake up rejuvenated! Valerian can be found in capsule form; a good choice is Nature’s Way Valerian Root.

6. Ashwagandha

Valued for centuries for its healing properties, ashwagandha, also known as “Indian winter cherry” or “Indian ginseng,” is useful in treating pain, fever and restlessness. This revitalizing herb has the ability to stabilize your mood, and it also boosts the immune system as well as brain function.

“It modulates the immune system, meaning it increases immune response when needed (such as when someone has a chronic infection like hepatitis C) and decreases immune response when needed (autoimmune diseases like lupus),” Stage says. “Ashwagandha also is great for energy, helping establish healthy sleep patterns and supporting people who are anemic or depleted after being sick (it increases red and white blood cells).”\

If you’re feeling ill or like you’re fighting off a sickness, ashwagandha will help you return to full health. If you want to give ashwagandha a try, it is available in capsule form. Some reputable brands to try are Gaia Herbs or Nature’s Way.

It’s inevitable that we’ll experience health problems in life, but with some natural herbs to help alleviate your ailments, you’ll be free to spend more time being healthy and happy, and who wouldn’t want that?

Article taken from http://www.hercampus.com


Posted by AstralBooBaby on October 1, 2016 at 2:30 PM

Controlled Opposition of the Collective Conscious Community?

By: ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby

    Controlled Opposition is when a deliberate attempt or conspiracy is made to either create an opposing effort to any existing power base in order to obtain control of any opposition to one's own desired outcome or intent. It should be of no surprise that some protest movements are being led by government or corporate agents and others are lead by puppets who are under ‘service-to-self’ or nefarious spiritual influences. In conjunction to, every major religion has their own spin or definition of the opposing forces that humanity is contending with but at the end of the day; these are reminders of the level of deception and ill-intentions we may content with.


For us to truly understand the relevancy of how what was previously shared can easily be applied to what many of us are classifying as either a ‘great awakening, ‘paradigm shift’ or ‘ascension’, we must first examine what a movement is. A movement in this context is; an act of moving ideas, places, people and things from one place to another. Many groups, sects and cults throughout time and memorial have prophesied a time when everything under the sun and in the universe would change, move or evolve to a higher respectful status. In truth, the revelation of such things are not really prophecies at all, they are cycles. Yes! Nature and the universe has natural movements and cycles build in and given that we are connected to the earth and the universe, naturally we will be affected by these natural cycles. The growing unrest with the way things are and have been in every facet of our lives is ironically accelerating a global shift of consciousness like we have never seen in this life time. Rest assured that there are forces, groups and sects who greatly benefited from the way things have been and are working to a point of leaving no rock un-turned in order to counter and ultimately still control all aspects of this particular movement.


Those who wish to keep humanity mentally or physically enslaved are very aware that this larger than life movement is here and there’s nothing that they can do to stop it. However, they are clear on how to use measures, tactics and methods to potentially steer humanities great awakening in a way that would not disrupt their power structure and base as much. From many of our respective vantage points, these tactics appear to be working but if one has the eyes to see the bigger picture – we can see that such a plan can only exist in another reality and not the one that is unfolding. Since this movement is one that primarily reset or regenerates the consciousness of humanity; this is the point of focus that I shall expound upon.


Where the head lead – the body will follow


Humans have been programmed and conditioned to depend on rulers, authority figures and/or leaders for direction, guidance and to feel safe. There is nothing wrong with leaning on leaders for guidance and a voice for the collective, IF those who lead and sincerely have the best interest of those that they are coalescing. However, history has shown us a consistency that too many leaders used their positions to extort, exploit, oppress, incite senseless wars and in some cases, murder and tortured the very people who put a great deal of trust in them. Without fail, these leaders were able to gain their positions from a disconnected and unconscious collective whom were baited with fear, dogma and emotional driven propaganda. Should humanity be surprised to have the manifestation of such a chaotic, violent and deceptive reality with heads of states, tribes and civilizations that we have been dominated by throughout history? For if the people then and today were more consciously in-tuned with one another and the world in and around us, such leadership could not have ever risen to power to begin with. 


Motivation Behind Seeking Higher Consciousness and Understanding



Having the vantage point of communicating with people of all walks of life, from all around the world, there is a consensus of feeling tremendous mental, psychological uneasiness and spiritual unrest with the way things are. Naturally, those who feel such uneasiness, will begin to question the world around them. Some are revolting, rebelling and even demanding a global revolution! They are looking for answers that their current leadership and even religion has failed to provide answers to. When the paradigm shift begin stirring our core and motivating us to seek higher understanding, we will inevitably find our way to those of us who show great leadership qualities. We will find ourselves being drawn to those of us who passionately and poignantly speak about the answers to what we seek.


Those of us who are commonly labeled as ‘conscious’ or ‘enlightened’, are usually the first line of appeal and interest when one begins to ‘wake up’. The reason for this is because said individuals will speak the language that the ordinary world does not speak. My question is; are we equipped to know the difference between one who is genuinely there as a beacon, anchor or way-shower or are they yet another pawn, tool or puppet, strategically put in place by nefarious forces who want to lead you out of one system of dependency and control and into another? Make no mistake about it – this paradigm shift and movement has been co-opt. How could something so massively influential and eventful not be? I have been observing others who are seen and revered as ‘conscious’ for a long time and although I will not give actual names, I will certainly provide tips and advice on how to know the difference between one who is truly a natural vessel in aiding this movement vs., one who is not.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” -Vladimir Lenin


Seven Signs that One May Be An Agent or Puppet for Controlled Opposition In the Conscious Community

Constantly focuses on and promotes a ‘Boogie-man’ or ‘fear mongering’ narrative – Such person(s) will use the bulk of their platform to direct their audience into believing that there’s one particular sect or group who’s out to harm, kill or destroy them. This is not to say or suggest that there may not be some validity in what is being shared because most who are waking up will be baited with hardcore truths but it is when the person(s) entire platform is geared in such an imbalanced and polarizing way. The tactic is typically used to bait people into their emotions and when one is in their emotions, they are far less likely to operate in a fully self-realized conscious state.


Heavily backed and promoted by mainstream and social media – If I were your slave master and never wanted to see you free, do you honestly think that I allow anyone to use my resources of control, let alone my most influential systems, to teach my slaves how to break free? Stop and think! We must always be clear on the fact that nothing really expands on the mainstream or even social media for that matter, without the green-light from the puppet masters and gatekeepers who have their allegiances, to special interest groups and sects. Therefore, if one is financed, paid and allowed to gain greater exposure, promotion and backing by way of these outlets, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is highly probable that they are an agent or puppet for a controlled opposition.


Never offer any solutions to a challenge or problem – I have witnessed many who have large audiences who do nothing but engage in emotionally charged debates but offer no solutions on how to become truly self realized or empowered. This is again, another distraction tactic used to bait the viewer into nothing but amusement and entertainment, while appealing and coddling to the ego and emotions of their followers.


Uses platform to primarily ‘Expose’ certain individuals – There is a time and place for everything but when and if a person’s entire M.O. is to reveal the secrets and details about trivial matters such as a person’s private life, scandal and/or matters that has no bearing on society as a whole - watch out! Celebrities and celebrity gossip is a huge point of focus for several so called ‘conscious’ icons and pillars. Celebrities garner a great deal of attention by default and there are those who will exploit this fact to further their own self-serving or those they are servicing. The use of celebrity gossip, rumors, hearsay and scandal by members of the so called ‘conscious’ community, is really no different than how salacious bloggers and supposed journalist uses celebrity or popular names and likenesses – its all to sell something or to distract the people from the focus of a greater more meaningful existence.


Creates a relationship of dependency (potential cults) – I have witnessed those who have made claims that they are the only ones on earth who have knowledge of this or have authority over that and for this reason, their trusted followers must solely depend on them for important information from a higher authority beyond this world.


Promoting the God/Superiority Complex – In the climate of intense racial disparages, I can truly understand how one who holds such a platform can be appealing to a lot of people. However, we must be leery of anyone who solely pushes a supremacy doctrine solely based on skin color, gender, ethnicity, etc. For if one were truly conscious, we would see that every tribe has their respective strength’s and weaknesses and could use room for growth towards total self realization. A truly enlightened person would teach, advocate and explain how all tribes have been brainwashed and manipulated by a common thread but as long as one side continue to bait and harp on who’s more superior or powerful over another -- all involved will miss the greater point in what it means to be conscious.


Advocating and Promoting Physical War and Violence – War and pestilence (disease of the mind) is and will always be used to justify more violence, death and destruction. How can one truly become self realized in the mist of violence, destruction and mental disease? Can we now see how and why an opposing force would want such things at this time? A truly conscious person would empower themselves and others with the right knowledge to galvanize and strategize; to use logic, reasoning and rightfully so. Don’t get me wrong, something physical war is necessary but it should always be a very last resort.

Discernment is Key!


In its simplest definition, discernment is nothing more than the ability to decide between truth and error, right and wrong. Discernment is the process of making careful distinctions in our thinking about truth. I have always been an advocate and teacher (reference how to discern video below) for everyone to one to empower and teach people how to decode and see things for themselves. Discernment cannot only be applied in this respect but as it relates to every facet of our lives. So, I say, tread lightly and discern heavily! Your awakening and elevation of consciousness depends on it!

Continue to question, learn and GROW!