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Posted by Astralboobaby on December 9, 2013 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (8)

As I continue to communicate with people of all ages, genders, persuasions or walks of life; I am finding a common thread, especially during the cycles that we are in… I have consistently found that within the past 4 years (soon to be 5), a huge amount of people are either experiencing an unprecedented level of challenges; trials and tribulations or confusion as to what direction should they take due to their inner-outer conflict and turmoil. Of course, the aforementioned is sparking a lot of inner-dialogue, desperation, confusion , resentment, hopelessness, anger; thoughts of suicide, etc., and all of these things are very understandable. However, I would like to take a quick moment to encourage and inspire everyone who's reading this message! I am here to remind you, that no matter how tough things are and how bleak your situation may be; this too will pass! In fact, the more intense your situation, the greater and more plentiful your harvest will be after the storm and rain has passed over; THIS is a universal law my family and friends…The key to getting through rough patches and emotional turbulences is to first stay focused on connecting with and setting forth the intent to KNOW in your CORE self! KNOW, that you are BIGGER than your circumstance or situations but the illusionists of this land of mya wants you to beLIEve otherwise.

The second is to find tools, resources and techniques that will help you to ‘cope’ or ‘navigate’ through the ‘storm and rain’ (so to speak). You can do this by finding individuals who have overcome intense hardships – feel their energy and spirit and if possible, learn of the things that they applied to their life or situation and try them for yourself. The next thing that we can do is to ‘express yourself’ in a way that gives you the most joy and excitement. If you cannot think of such a thing – then resort back to the time when you were a child… Think of that ‘thing’ that you did that caused you to detach from the outside world. It could be making mud pies or watching cartoons, just to name a few… When we do this; we are in essence, channeling pure energetic thought projection from our own energy stream, into our present situation; a revitalization of sorts!

As we all prepare to reap our ‘ultimate’ harvest – we should be very clear on the ‘change’ that will come along with the new responsibility of having this amazing harvest… Ironically, many of us struggle through our storms because we sense and know that ‘change’ (be it internally, spiritually, mentally or psychologically) is unfolding but fear it. I would be remiss if I were not to add that ‘change’ is an inevitable part of life. Nothing remains the same – as everyone and everything MUST change! Below is a link that is very relevant to the time that we are in and why and how we can benefit from ‘change’… Again, I inner-stand that it is human nature to ‘fear’ the unknown but I am here to remind us that there is never anything to fear – not even fear itself! Embrace your uniqueness and your evolution towards an even GREATER, more powerful version of YOU!


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Jim Carey, Tom Cruise, Eddie Murphy, Madonna, Usher, Whitney Houston, are among a few celebrities that have publicly expressed their religious or spiritual interest but are we surprised to learn that most celebrities dodge or avoid such questions altogether? Could it be because many of them may practice a faith, that is not mainstream and therefore, they fear loosing their fan base because of it? Or, could many of them have no religious and spiritual point of focus at all and this too is reason enough to believe that if the public knew where they stood, they risk loosing endorsements and fans? This blog is sort of a follow-up to my previous blog about Preachers and Pastors who live luxurious fanciful lives, while claiming to be real men of God. I wanted to expand the dialogue to celebrity in general. As one who grew up with a Christian background and I still have friends and family members who identify as Christian; I already know that many people of this faith, do not believe that celebrities can be spiritual and famous too. They believe that Hollywood and the mainstream media is ruled by ‘Satan’ or ‘Lucifer’ and therefore, no true spiritual and religious person for Christ could be successful in that world and within the world of the ‘rich and famous’… This is commonly seen as ‘serving 2 masters’ as the Bible has a passage that denounces this.

  (Click on link to view video to view Celebrity Spirituality Part 1)

I personally think that people should be allowed to practice and worship as they see fit for them. I feel that many people assume that if one happens to be very wealthy, rich and famous; that true spirituality or faith cannot exist within this paradigm and I disagree with this notion. It is very possible to be of great worldly means and equal spiritual means but to do so would require equal focus and attention and this is where the struggle comes in for many celebrities. Contractually speaking, some celebrities have their lives planned out months and even years in advance. If they do not add clauses in their contracts that would permit or allow them time and space to give focus to their spiritual and religious devotions, they run a high risk of ‘loosing themselves’ in the mist of a heavily ran machine that cares about nothing but their investment or ‘bottom line’ a.k.a. money! Fame does come with a price that most souls are not willing to pay, when someone else invest in their brand. However, if fame comes by way of our own investment, hard work, honor and integrity, we avoid the traps and pitfalls of ‘the 2 master’ dichotomy… We will also have a broader range to do it ‘our way’ without dehumanizing and soul-selling compromise.


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Someone sent me a video promo of a new reality show that’s obviously stirring quite a bit of controversy. The show is entitled ‘Preachers of LA’ and the bulk of the controversy revolve around the featured ‘men of God’ displaying what many will call a highly driven, materially driven ‘lavish’ lifestyle. Not only are these men are living like pop or rock stars and making no apologies or excuses for it, they are allowing themselves to express and show their flaws, mistakes and errors (sins). For many people, this shatters expectations and maybe even certain illusions of what they expect their spiritual and religious leaders to be. I have always felt that too many people put people in the public eye (celebrities, politicians and athletes) and even the church and community leaders, who are not well-known to the general public but are so, in their immediate communities – society places these people on mighty ‘God-like’ pedestals to begin with. For me, this is the first error in this regard but I will reserve my opinions and observation for the community dialogue. I was brought up in the church and although my time in this arena was brief, it was enough time for me to wonder why was so much emphasis put on material gains and collecting money from the congregation, who many times; members are struggling to pay rent or keep food on the table. Yet, the Pastor, Reverend and even their wives (the first ladies) would be wearing fur coats, fancy jewelry; driving luxury cars with a beautiful house on the hill, etc. On one hand, there’s this prevailing belief that people who are either spiritual or religious, should not have ‘nice’ things; be damn near broke and destitute in order to be perceived as a ‘real spiritual warrior’ or taken seriously in being of ‘service’ in a highly spiritual way. Then there’s a group who feels that anyone who works hard and give unto others have every right to live comfortably and have wonderful things given unto them… So my question to the community at large is this; where do you stand on this matter? Would someone whose claiming to be a spiritual leader or ‘man/woman of God’ be allowed to enjoy a fancy and luxurious material life if he/she so choose? Would such a situation cloud your perception of him or her? I am curious to know what your opinions are on this matter… So please weigh in.




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A caring and concerned supporter and family member from Nigeria asked me to share the information within the links below with the greater community. The information within, involves a community that provides direction, tools and techniques to fight against such things as psychic attacks, witchcraft, dark magic and so on. As always, please use or take whatever resonate and leave all else behind.




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I was having a discussion with a very spiritual and ‘awakened’ brother earlier today and we got into a conversation on how the opposing shadow forces pushes and MANipulate humanity into extremes (EX-STREAMS) in order to cancel out any chance of US becoming fully balanced and SELFrealized. One main element to this is the global MANipulation and control of the masculine and feminine principals. The discussion inevitably lead us into the so called ‘gay agenda’ that certain 'special interest' groups, have been speaking of for some time now. It is at this point that I made a distinction between the ‘gay agenda’ and the higher order of things and that is this; ‘gay agenda’ or not, there are so called ‘gays’ who were born to take this role as gatekeepers of the higher realms. I further explained why I have felt the way that I do for a very long time and it was at this point that he said, “you must have read Malidoma Some’s book”... I was like, who? I never heard of him and he then said, "Really? You've never heard of Malidoma Some'’? Just about everything that you said about the plight and purpose of gay people is almost identical to what Malidoma wrote in His book!” Then I replied; ‘well, I must look further into this person and His works’ and sure enough, I searched this person on Yahoo and found an article/interview on Him and there it was; almost everything that I have said and have been saying for years! There it was, the words and thoughts from a deeply spiritual brother whose connected with some of the most advanced indigenous tribes-men on the planet; the Dogon tribe! This was definitely synchronicity in action!


Some of you may be aware of a vlog that I had done on Youtube entitled “FAGGOT” where I touched on how a perception of being too effeminate or ‘soft’ (above all else) made me an outcast and misfit in a community that put tremendous valued on hyper-male sexuality and masculinity… I had done a part 2 to that original video entitled “JUST LISTEN (FAGGOT 2) and it was in this video that I made a point to state that if gays and lesbians didn’t exist to pick up on the global imbalances, we and the earth would not be here! The point was to expose the hidden and suppressed truth that the ‘authentic’ gay man/woman is really a guardian and gatekeeper between mother earth and the spirit and higher realms! Sadly, due to the extreme persecution, vilification and ignorance that is projected towards the so called ‘gays’ too many of them have lost their way and the connection to their center (which leads them to the gateway that we are connected to). Its so ironic, that Western society perceive gays as the curse and potential threat that will destroy societies but this mindset stems from a serious lack of understanding when it comes to gender, spirituality, metaphysics and the nature of reality. So I am sharing this blog, information and revelation with you all because I am fully aware that we have members who are struggling with what they feel in their hearts vs. the programming of Western society and organized religion. I realize that true empowerment comes from the unconditional love of SELF against all odds and once we do this; our purpose and job in life can be fully realized! Below is the actual article and I do hope that all my family and friends who have internalized self-hatred be inspired and remember that YOU TOO matter, more than you can ever imagine! Find your mark family and STAY connected!

A Must See! The GREAT Awakening is Accelerating!

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Hello FAM!

You guys know how much I love to ‘freely’ share information! I receive a lot of data from everyone and I really do my best to review everything and when I come across something that resonate or provides another angle to what I have known by way of my own revelations; I share it with you. I would like to thank for sending me another video that boldly speaks on everything that I have been saying for years! One of the most profound points in this video is the fact that we have been ‘conditioned’ to frown upon and even ridicule those who are brave enough to talk about the existence of highly intelligent alien life, UFO’s and any other thing that is not considered ‘mainstream’. Speaking of which (a little side-bar for you guys), “mainstream” information is typically a version of truth that is ‘green lighted’ or ‘approved’ by the controllers of the very system that’s designed and socially engineered to keep the masses ignorant, distracted, destabilized, enslaved, controlled or under total submission. Therefore, we must be clear that ALL mainstream information, visual and propaganda must be scrutinized with God-consciousness and not the human-mind! The human mind as well as the eye, can be very easily deceived! Moving along…

I would love for you guys to check out the message in part one of this video series… If you wish to see the remaining twelve parts; double click on the video screen and it will take you to directly to the Youtube’s play-list.



Thank you in advance for the love and thank brother and family member, I_AM for sending this truthful message to us!


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