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Behind the Music of ABB

What do you get when you mix remnants of the old-school style of, R&B, soft rock, pop, hip hop, rap, funk, gospel, jazz, soul with a fresh, futuristic, edgy undertone? You get an alternative sound, described as ‘eclectro-soul,’ (defined as; elements and blending of retro. eclectic musical genres with a fresh edge). This style and genre was created by this eccentric artist. who has carved their own lane in more ways than one. ABB aka AstralBooBaby, has a rich background in the performing arts. He is a singer, songwriter, producer, vlogger and blogger and inherent seer and self-identified messenger. Born as Anthony Davis and raised in Washington, DC., ABB had challenging beginnings as a child due to being too, strange, ‘weird’ or different, compared to others in his respective peer group. Due to never feeling as if he fit anywhere with anyone, he had begun investing in his natural ability to create and use his imagination, mostly as a loner. “My childhood was very difficult due to so many reasons, but the biggest challenge was hiding and coping with years of systematic incest and sexual abuse, involving older relatives”, he emphatically states… He further adds… “however, I have taken those experiences and turned them into key ingredients that I needed, in order to fulfill my life’s purposes, and the creation of soul-stirring music is definitely one of them”.

In his late teens, ABB found his way into the performing arts as a paid artist and facilitator, for the very popular Everyday Theater Youth Ensemble. The organization was a touring company who used musical theater as a tool or vehicle to primarily educate ‘at risk’ inner-city children. The group would take their brand of outreach all over the country; to schools, receiving homes for troubled youth; colleges, universities and even prisons. It was as an ensemble member, that ABB had begun breaking out of his shell and effectively speak publicly as well as hone his artistic abilities. “Being apart of the Everyday Theater Ensemble also gave me a feeling of belonging because for the first time in my life, I was among people who understood me and visa-versa”, he said. After being with the ensemble four years, He left the ensemble but found himself at another cross-roads, which inevitably lead him to go back to school and learn new skill set in the field of office automation and administration. Not long after, He managed to land employment with the Federal Government for nearly 10 years before making the bold decision to resign and fulfill what He felt was a much bigger purpose.

ABB has taken his pain and continuously turn them into a unique ministry by way of spiritually impacting blogs, vlogs and now he is accumulating all elements into His most promising compilation of music to date. This project is the most introspective body of musical work he has done to date. Unlike his first independently produced CD, titled the SouLution under different stage-name; ADE, (initials of his full birth name and translate to ‘the royal one’ in Swahili), the songs are full of vulnerability, introspection, inspiration, empowerment, and a force of love that surpasses all understanding. For example, songs like ‘You Don’t Know My Story (So Don’t Try To Read Me)’, starts off as a testimony of being abused and being misused but titters on being victorious in overcoming some of life's most intense trials and tribulations... His first single ‘So Strong Inside of Me’, is yet another testimony about a subject matter that ABB is most known for in the public. ABB is on record as being the first to ever produce a platform solely dedicated to sharing incredibly detailed stories, visions and lessons learned by way of what is commonly known as 'out of body experiences' or 'astral projection (the phenomenon has been substantiated with scientific clarity - reference; The Monroe Institute). ABB's first single release; ‘So Strong Inside of Me’, is a very melodic tune that fuzzes elements of; R&B, Soft Rock, Jazz and Gospel with a nostalgic, yet edgy overlay. The song is very melodious and the lyrics are orchestrated a literal and metaphorical genesis. It is highly likely that the first official song to be released from this project, may also be the world's very first song written and produced solely about the subject matter that ABB is most appropriately known for. 

ABB is on record as saying that he has always felt that he would be a trailblazer and beacon to inspire all who are receptive to his talents and offerings. So far, its pretty evident that his impact has been far reaching and now, he’s back at square one – using his music to keep the flame going! “It is my sincerest intention to write and produce music that speaks to the heart and soul and inspires the imagination of the listener”. 

Music can be downloaded by way of distrokid and most digital media platforms.

Support ABB's Music Channel on Tiktok - @eclectrosoul_glow

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