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Your use of the Astralboobaby.net Forums and blogs constitutes acceptance and agreement to our Forum Code of Conduct, these rules set the posting standards applicable to all members. If you violate the Code of Conduct, we reserve the right to terminate your account without prior notice. We prefer to advise users of inappropriate behavior, however, flagrant and repeated violations will result in an immediate ban. Our failure to enforce this policy, for whatever reason, shall not be construed as a waiver of our right to do so at any time. We created this Code of Conduct to provide a basic understanding of what is, and is not allowed throughout all areas of this website and forums. The following guidelines are for the establishment and enforcement of our code.

  • Ensure a friendly atmosphere to members and visitors.
  • Protect the privacy of our members and that of others.
  • Comply with existing Webs laws and standard usage and terms of agreement. 
  • Encourage responsible use of our forums and discourage activities which disrupt our community and reduce the value of our services to members and visitors.
  • Encourage freedom of expression and the exchange of information in a mature and responsible manner.
  • Avoid turning our forums into an advertising billboard whereby important and sought after content cannot be easily located due to members involved in commercial ventures seeking only to post in order to place advertisements and referrals without making any attempt to provide tangible support or to advance the needs of our community.


Whilst we are committed to the principles of free speech and the absence of censorship, certain activities or discussions may be damaging to the reputation, vision and mission of the site owner, Webs and/or its members and cannot be permitted under the guise of free speech. The resources of Astralboobaby.net are limited, and abuse of these resources by any member may have a negative affect on the entire community and what we stand for. As a member of our community, you must participate responsibly and with appropriate respect to the site owner, other members, their opinions and beliefs.



There are specific areas of the forum designated as an advertising areas, as a result, you may not spam or engage in commercial advertising in any other area of the forums. Spam includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Excessive off-topic threads
  • Posting nonsensical messages
  • "Flooding" the forum with similar meaning messages
  • Post-Count farming
  • Unsolicited advertising via private message or email
  • Messages without content relevant to this website's mission.
  • Repeated posting with constant referrals to other website(s) with no purpose other than the promotion of that website.
  • Fraudulent activity (Pyramid schemes, chain letters, etc.)


We will not tolerate personal attacks whether public or private on any individual or group (the definition of a personal attack will be determined on a case by case basis by management). You may not use written terms or audio/visual materials which refer to ethnic/national origin, ideological or religious beliefs, gender, or sexual preference in a derogatory, demeaning or provocative context.

Illegal Use

You may not use our forums for illegal purposes, or in support of illegal activities, as determined by the laws. Such activities will result in an immediate ban. We will cooperate with legal authorities and/or injured third parties in the investigation of any suspected crime or civil wrongdoing.


  • You may not post any form of real life information of any user (except yourself) unless the user has first given permission by express written consent to the forum administrator. Examples of real life information include name, address, and phone numbers.
  • You may not distribute any form of electronic information, email address, private/email Messages, IP addresses, and Instant Messenger messages ("Chatlogs") with intent to harass or be demeaning in any way as determined by a forum management, regardless of consent.
  • You may not disclose a user's unpublicized email address unless the user has first given permission by express written consent to the forum administrator or has previously releasing said information themselves.
  • You may not at any time post any form of real life information about any person (including yourself) under the age of 16.


  • You may not evade a ban. Doing so will drastically lengthen your ban. If you have a problem with a ban or feel it was inappropriate, please contact an administrator and wait for a response.
  • You may not discuss or complain in open forum about another user's ban, the deletion of a message, or the deletion/closure of a thread. Any discussion about warnings, bans, message deletion, thread deletion and thread closure should be done over private email/message between the person concerned and the moderators.
  • You may not re-edit a message that has been edited by a moderator.


  • Do not post negative posts and discussions that are repeated over and over and over with no other purpose than to disrupt conversation. If you feel the need to say something, say it once and then move on.
  • Do not post threads or commentary that has nothing to do with the thread topic (stick to the forum topic as much as possible).
  • You may not bait or harass other users. Baiting & harassment is defined as posting with a clear intent to belittle, provoke anger or cause irritation resulting in another user violating this code of conduct. Within the same context, you may not bait, insult, flame, harass, provoke or otherwise abuse anyone.
  • You may not abuse your ability to post in HTML in HTML-enabled forums.
  • You may not post graphically disturbing content as inline images/videos (such that the images/videos are displayed when users view your post). You may not link to content which is graphically disturbing without a strong, prior and obvious warning which must appear above the link to the content.
  • You may not post in a manner which, in the views of management, is considered to be harmful to others. Any such post will be deleted and you will be permanently banned.
  • You may not register multiple accounts for any reason and specifically with the intent to violate any part of this Code of conduct.


We recognize that this Code of Conduct cannot cover every circumstance. With this in mind, Management reserves the right to apply our own judgment and act accordingly, should the content of a Member's post(s), profile or signature be deemed counter productive to the peaceful enjoyment or security of our forum community.


Members of Astralboobaby.net are encouraged and expected to contribute to a helpful, positive and enjoyable forum environment.  Members not contributing to the forums in a positive manner may have their account temporarily or permanently closed at the moderator’s discretion.

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I have read the full terms of our member code of conduct and I agree to comply with all of the full terms of use outlined, here-within.


I have read the full terms of member code of conduct and indemnification but I disagree and will NOT comply with the full terms of use, previously outlined.