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Astralboobaby share his very first conscious awareness of what many deem as kundalini energy or awakening.

Posted by AstralBooBaby on October 11, 2012 at 7:54 PM 3942 Views

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Reply Jah 3000
2:43 PM on September 15, 2014 
Hey unc!
Reply AstralBooBaby
8:24 PM on January 21, 2014 
SpacecadetPete01 says...
sounds scary...i thought kundalini was a pleasant feeling going up your spine

For some yes, the experience of a kundalini activation is pleasurable but most of those people already had some kind of awareness, understanding or anticipation of a kundalini awakening but for those of us who were or are not privy to this; the experience can be unsettling. After all, this is something that doesn't happen everyday.
Reply cosmonaut102
7:33 PM on January 21, 2014 
sounds scary...i thought kundalini was a pleasant feeling going up your spine
Reply Protometheus
8:31 PM on August 28, 2013 
Wow. I hope I keep my cool.
Reply Sarreth
8:06 AM on April 25, 2013 
Maybe this guy you saw was your personal Lucifer? Btw I haven't seen many videos on the net regarding the esoteric siginficamce of baphomet and Lucifer as an element of every man
Reply Charlie.
9:30 PM on March 25, 2013 
freaked me out so much i started crying and saying sorry for everything i had ever done..but it was this blue light i thought it was some higher spirit like jesus or something gonna tell me everything i had done wrong..isntead i cried so much it felt like i had been cleansed and i never had to cry again....that was the night my depression was cured aged 16....

the thing about the heat was weird a friend of mine said he once woke up with his feet burning hot and he was paralyzed and it was spreading but eventually he snapped out of it..i wonder was he gonna experience what you experienced
Reply sabrina21
3:45 PM on March 2, 2013 
thanks for sharing that
Reply wendie
3:58 PM on November 21, 2012 
Hey OmniChromatic it freaked me out too :) lol
Reply Omni
11:55 PM on October 28, 2012 
That part with you lashing out made me say "oh naaww".......i guess it wont be as scary if I see myself doing it. but still that freaked me out a little. Lol but ur smile made feel better at the end :)
Reply AussieGriffin
10:02 AM on October 14, 2012 
Thanks for being candid, and be assured, there are many people who've had the same experience.
Reply Andrew Eblen
10:52 PM on October 11, 2012 
Awesome experience AstralBooBaby! I don't think your experience seemed weird at all. I used to get in sleep paralysis and consciously Astral Project here and there ever since I was a little kid and I thought it was normal. Seeing yourself with your tongue going in out made me laugh a little for some reason lol. :P You often make me laugh and feel good. I feel such a great energy from your videos.