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7:11 AM on August 8, 2017 

Heey ABB :*

It's me. Checking in.

I love you, and ttyl


Reply veiledaffluence
6:20 PM on May 29, 2016 
hey ABB im looking 4u :D lol
Reply Adrian gayosa
2:55 AM on December 11, 2015 
And also im wondering why i saw him ??? [email protected]
Reply Adrian gayosa
2:44 AM on December 11, 2015 
Hi there ,ive been watching your youtube about elementals and it makes me curious why do i seen those being that half human and half horse? Other are super white face w/a long hair then their ears are not the same like ours ??are those harmless???pls.help me and give me your thought about this .. Thnx and good luck !
Reply Derek Weems
9:29 PM on April 30, 2015 
Abb was good? Hope all is well. Been checking out the video's, ya teaching good, keep up the excellent work!!!
Reply Anita aka ~eerie
5:30 PM on April 24, 2015 
Boo, I can't get in the site at all... even changed PWords. Can you help me ? My email is [email protected] and the password I was using was heaven243. hugs, Anita Brown
Reply Empathic1
5:16 PM on October 21, 2014 
Namaste, I am so happy to have come across your youtube vlog and I have been listening to it all day today 10-21-2014=11 a blessed moment for the consciousness for the masses.Just resonate within my BEing Keep up the Awakening Process your being given a abillity to help others that have forgotten who, what & why they are here.and I too am glad to be of service to the masses as well.Love & Light
Reply iwantgoodies777
6:39 AM on September 29, 2014 
emailed 2 reading requests =) sorry im seeming so clingy i know Aquariuses hate this!! but it's one of those life points where the universe is being anything but boring and im feeling quite tossed around by the forces right now. [email protected]
Reply Endless Mystic
1:11 PM on September 11, 2014 
You guys changed and grew a lot!
Reply iwantgoodies777
1:43 AM on September 7, 2014 
hey it's one of your cyber bffs (self proclaimed HAHA). i dont know if you do this or not, but can you do me a reading for my usual donation? i remember you telling me about baal. i'm a cancer, and i've always had a hangup about ONLY seriously dating men from my hometown, who i've already been with and been in love with or had that "it" connection with as a teenager (even though i shouldn't've been doing nothing back then HAHA), so i did a lot of mind work and now i finally have the last man of that particular batch of men in my plane of force. (basically meaning if things do not work out with him, then i cant fall in love with anyone else and i just know this for a fact, because all other men i've been with or admired, i was basically channeling him) he was the man who set the standard for what "my type" has been. i didnt pursue it back then because of the age difference and i wanted to be more on top of my game once i finally attracted him again. now that he's in my reach, so far it is nothing like i'd hoped it to be. for the past 12+ years i've been dreaming for him for all this time. is there anything that you see? if these arent the kind of questions that you answer, that's alright. if it is, go for it, my friend! =D [email protected]