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I've been through a lot regarding my 7 year relarionship that ende, drug abuse, lesson learned and a potential full circle hower to fogged to say how

I don't want to type to much, just keep it simple.

Ive been with this woman at a young age. this was around the same time I started offf as a member of this site.
I don't know where to really start besides my previous relationship that sunk. 

Things started to get a little rough around 2015, I was going through a lot of immaturity still, still growing up and being ignorant.
My ex's grandfather was drinking. 
He was a heavy alcoholic, He was found diceased around beginning of the New Year in 2016.
Thats when everything started to come apart.

At first her family got some of the money that was passed onto her grandmother. 
Grandmother split the money with the kids (My ex's mother and unlce) 
Since they both lived in the house. 

Everyone was using their money on drugs, I was too immature at the time to understand - why
I didn't care to much at the time because I was to worried about my ex at the time, trying to keep her away from that.
But unfortunatly we got in a bad bad fight before finding out about her grandfathers death. 

Later on I started to find out that my ex was hanging out with far far older men, what really hit me was it was on the same day as my birthday later on 2016. 

The house after her grandma left and gave up, the house became a trap house. 
I decided to put myself through incredible amounts of pain to watch over this person I use to love.
She wasn't the same person anymore, and when you sit there completly powerless watching not being able to do anything to geth that person back. Thats when I started doing drugs, meth, heroin, cocain. 

(Explicit language) - I didnt give a fuck about anything,.
After the house was evicted I was so happy that everything was going to go back to normal once my ex got out of that house she was going to come back to me. 
I was wrong...very wrong..
I was just being used.

My ex moved in with her Aunt where her grandma was staying 
(Her grandma a pill addict became heroin addict)
My ex's grandmother decided to take her son along with as well..

He ended up robbing his own family and use me to get in trouble...
He had me pawn stolen jewely and also gave pawn broker false info.

Ex and I was arrested and thrown in jail but I was bailed out from parents.
As for him he had to stay in for a few months.

Im putting in my community service hours.

I also have another case coming up 

 As for my ex I havent spoke to her in months, last I heard from her is she miscarried. 

As for me I turned my life around or atleast trying to.
I started boxing about a year ago and I started my MMA 7- 8 months ago.
I learned great decipline .
My diet is good, all I drink is water now, havent drank anything else in a long time, I eat healthy.
Sometimes eat more food that I'm supposed to but the food itself is still good. 

I got third place in one of my bjj tournaments, I came very close in getting a securtiy job-n however I decided to tell them I'm not in the best position to be working for them at the moment due to my position. 
I'm starting school on augustr for my associates, its going to help me and reboot some things i lost when I was inhighschool.
My intention is to join the military, I know some people are against that idea.
Since I'm single I was thinking along the line, Seals, Army or pararescue depending on how good i get at asvab. 
Goal in itself is to join the military itself.  

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Hello - I don't know you, havent been on the forums in foreverrr, but I read your story and found it very inspirational - you have gone through so much and really seem to have made a new life for yourself. Its not easy to move on from drugs and heartbreak, so definitely commend yourself. I don't think the military is a bad option (jsut don't get brainwashed!), at least it will give you discipline, opportunities to travel, and funding for school. Military vets get alot of benefits... try to have an exit plan going into it if thats what you decide on. Also I would suggest before finalizing your military decision to really taking some time to think about really think about what would make you the happiest and don't be afraid to dream big. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Best of luck!

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Randus Phillips (Randy)
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I am very proud of you bro that you've turned your life around and things are on the up and up for you now.


"Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds." - Albert Einstein

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