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Where do those people go who die in massive amounts such as the holocaust or atomic bomb massacres as in hiroshima and nagasaki for example, and also of course all the bystanders that were at the wrong place wrong time and just happend to be in the way or just an innocent target for apparetly no good reason of all the wars, etc.. Do they have to come back for example and redo everything or is there a change in what they're main plans are?

P.s- I planned on responding to the anxiety chat awhile back, but have been busy with things (mainly school). As for now I am done and should be able to respond to the other topics and as for my anxiety for anyone who is wondering it is currently not as bad as before as i am taking (holy basil, L-theanine, ginko biloba, CoQ10, and gaba) -I also have recently been perscribed SSRIs (anti-anxiety medication) but this would be used if it gets worse enough and I have ran out of my herbal supplements as I am low on money and cant buy l -theanine, holy basil, but hopefully when I  do run out of those my anxiety wont increase again.

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You should check out this movie called Astral City https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astral_City:_A_Spiritual_Journey

Its based on a channeled story about the afterlife by a Brazilian medium, and includes some scenes showing ppl who died in the holocaust coming into the astral realm after that trauma.... Its very much in line with the things that ABB and real projectors talk about. 

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