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Travis Dottin
Posts: 464
This Morning I Woke Up Around 6 Ish I Meditated For Almost An Hour Turning My Phone Back On At 7:37 After I Had Stop Meditating I Had An Interesting Vision Earlier I Was Mediating For Almost An Hour From 6:57 Around I Turn On My Phone Seeing 7:37 My Vision Was Interesting Seeing My Self Fight Off Parasites With Reiki A Discussion In Indian Style Talking To Guides Possibly Seeing An Animal Mutiny Regarding Animal Abuse/Beastiality Animals Making Laws Towards Miscreants Various Animal Telling Me I Am A Good Person Starseeds Being At The Tree Of Life Saying We Must Not Let People Destroy Nature Plus I Saw Mundane People In This 360 Labyrinth
Slip Through The Crevices
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