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Andrew Eblen
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Greetings everyone! I am currently writting my own blog and I made a new post. This post is detailing some characters of my epic fantasy novel. I would love it if you could check out the link and tell me what you think. I will post the first half of the blog post here though. 



A wise and intelligent young woman. She was born on the island of Pua Paknu but was taken prisoner at five years of age and sold into slavery. She served under several masters for a few years until she was sold to a wealthy merchant in the city state of Quatoth when she was of eight years of age. This master, a man named Giovatto took her into his home and treated with kindness and fondness unlike many slave masters. As in matter of fact he treated her more like a pupil and a daughter. Giovatto’s wife Savella was unable to bear him any children and Giovatto wished to have someone to teach and share knowledge with.


In Giovatto’s great home there was a great library with a private collection of over two thousand books which covered a myriad of subjects. Giovatto’s favorite subject was history especially of the ancient Levatian empire that had perished over one thousand years ago. Aethelia herself enjoyed learning the tongues of other people. While she did not remember many words of the Paknu tongue of her people she learned the Qatothian language very quickly as a young girl and quickly learned Zedanian, Frasazian, Renarian, Noviki and she has even studied what information there is of the ancient Levatian language. She has even learn a very small amount of the Gedhi language which is said to be one of the most difficult languages to learn for the men and women of the west.


Aside from scholarly inclinations she is well versed in the art of fencing. Giovatto knew that a girl as young and beautiful as herself should know how to defend herself so he hired Faizel Rahman one of the greatest swordsmen in the region. Faizel came from distant lands in the desert of Ashashi where he worked as a mercenary and lived in the most difficult of conditions. He worked as a sellsword for some time but eventually grew weary and decided to move to new lands. Faizel settled in Qatoth and set up a school but Giovatto paid the man handsomly to become his new personal guard as well as a teacher for Aethelia.


Aethelia learned the art of fencing although she kept this knowledge to herself. She did not seek glory in fighting and only once drew her sword upon another and that was when a drunkard was trying to advance towards her. Other then this one particular time she has never had any need to defend herself.


Aethelia is very lady like. Giovatto always bought her the most expensive and beautiful clothing. He bought her rare purple silk clothes that the most wealthy of people could afford and she adorned herself with various bracelets, earrings as well a nose ring, she had the most beautiful black hair that shimmered in the bright sunlight. Aethelia being an ethnic Paknuan looked very different than most around her. Her skin was of copper and her eyes lilac. Her nose broad and her lips

full she is a woman that is seen as exotic in the eyes of most despite speaking the language and being familiar with the culture around her. While there are many who do not consider her and her people to be beautiful there are those who appreciate her for her great beauty that is unique as well as her incredible mind and skills.


Giovatto realized over the years that she truly was a unique woman with great potential. When she was of twenty and three years of age Giovatto told her that while he loved her and saw her as a daughter more than a slave he decided to grant her freedom. He asked her only one thing. He told her to find his daughter that he lost many years ago. A daughter that he nor his wife ever told Aethelia about. They asked her to do everything possible to find her again. They asked that as her second to last request. Their last request was that as a free woman she live to her great potential. Athelia now lives as a free woman in the Zedanian capital of Adonistople where she teaches people languages as well as conducting research for a library. Aethelia is a woman of great beauty and great skill. She is of a certain quality that is matched by few.

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Aethelia is quite a unique beauty... Very impressive characterization and a very well written back story. I really liked the way you made Aethelia appear to be the woman of all women... All ethnicities can be seen in her and you've definitely done a really good job with making her so alluring and beautiful, that she almost appear to be alive! The elf Vissaius feels like an alter ego of yourself, lol... Again, great job with the backstory and details in the visuals. I really do like what you have and where you are going with this.


“Keep it growing and flowing”

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