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Andrew Eblen
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I've been wondering about Karma and Reincarnation a bit and something has been bothering me lately. I've heard this question before and I have my own answers to it personally but I'd like to hear what other people's opinions are. My question is Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people? It's kind of battling to me that it seems good people are always getting screwed over and deprieved from anything good in life whereas bad people get rich and famous often. I also wonder why are some really good souls born with horrible dissabilities and terrible lives? Why are some people of good people born into nothing and terrible people born into wealth and influence. I'm not saying this is always the case but it seems that way often. It seems to me that it would make more sense for good people to be born into wealth and influence because they deserve it and they could influence far more people and it seems that bad people don't deserve to be born into positions of weath and power. I think there are many factors involved besides just karma but it seems so strange to me that it seems that bad guys always win in this realm and good  guys usually pay heavy price. It seems that no good deed goes unpunished and that honourable people are always cheated and defeated. Why is it so? 

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Well here's a bit of a paradox tio think about. As the topic is karma and reincarnation. I think we are made to forget our lives, in order to learn and grow. May be the bad people now, are going to have future lives where they decide to go good. But karma has to be paid back, so in the good life, you are atoning for the bad you did in other lives. But, I also notice, that good people stay good, because they have a wisdom and awareness, that they don't want to do bad and go through that BS again, so they build character in the midst of their misfortunes. It's likely old souls that are good people, and young souls that are not (perhaps, what do I know?). It's a progression of soul growth.

There are some societies that live in fairly poor conditions. But the people are happy. Smiling, they are happy with the little they have. And there are rich people who are quite miserable. I'd rather be happy, buld some character, and leave this life in a better footing with the divine, then what I entered. JMHO.


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I agree with much of what Lisa is saying about perception.  A quote from Viktor Frankl, “The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance.”.  I am finding that I enjoy my life when I am happy.  It is a mindset and creating a reality and drawing things into your life that allow you to be happy.  Sometime we need to go through things in our life, as Lisa said, to build character and in turn build strength and makes us stronger to not sweat the small stuff and to ride through the tough stuff easier since life is not always easy for anyone.  

I believe life is a duality, a ying and yang.  It is only in this that was can truly see good and bad in all.  It is the essence of who we are.  Some things we can only guess at or imagine that karma may be our own baggage we carry and that there are those that are so weighed down that they may never be happy but in letting go of what we have against others and being good to people, in turn we let go and happiness comes back to us in good karma and peace.


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