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Here's a video clip from Ytube, this one's about the national parks in USA and the mysterious disappearances of people - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCT5D6U8GYw - some "news" report kind of video. There are a few other videos, of people (mostly bible thumpers, and people who are very into the end times theme), on Ytube esp. based in the Michigan area, stating that especially women and children are being snatched while going to work or shopping or out and about. 

It may be a "fear" creating exposé. It may be linked to both the Mandela Effect and especially the Gangstalking/TI thing, It would link well to both. With the mandela effect, our own world map is changing, so likely the populous of people in the world would change too. With the TI thing, it is normal (lol, normal) that gangstalkers sit in parked cars in mall parking lots and such, trying to show people they are being watched and it's creepy. So, a natural progression for "street theatre" would be "attempted abductions" or scary attacks at unsuspecting "TI" kind of people. If it continues that people have to deal with "gangstalkers" milling around parking lots, well that would inspire others to get more vigilant - women and families would have to travel in bigger groups, AND, perhaps stronger people (esp men) would have to be more protective of people, perhaps engaging with the creepy car watchers and tell them to either go shopping or move along. It is getting too strange. In olden days, it was normal sometimes that couples might go to say a grocers and if there's one of the couple is elderly or health challenged they would sit in the car and wait, they are NOT scary or creepy, they are tired and old! But to see able bodied people sitting in cars creepily watching us pass by while we're just wanting to go shopping, no that's too weird. Keep your eyes open and aware, notice your surroundings. Don't go forth in fear, they are trying to inspire fear, but that is all.

If we try to broaden our awareness about the changes going on in our world, or even just our own towns, well, let me say that I think a lot of mysterious and supernatural things are going on. I find it very odd that this site is so quiet now. 


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This is definitely a mixed bag of everything cited and then some... However, the fear mongering around these things is the most promoted and pushed and this is what we should not give power to. 


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