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Travis Dottin
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Since April I Have Been Out Of Employment And Been Applying For Jobs Online I Have Only Had 4 Job Interviews So Far Ever Since My Last Interview I Felt Left And Dry I Been Relaxing Throughout My Job Search Because Of The Holidays However I Been Doing Drawing Practice For A While Now I Look Forward To See How My Skills Evolve Over Time In Regards To My Creative Endeavors I Digress This Scenario I Am In Is Very Compromising Because I Am Coming Into My Own But There Are Always Seems To Be Some Setbacks Not Under My Control Ironically Walking A Lonely Path Being Misunderstood And Under-Appreciated Has Help Me With My Trajectory Majority Of The Time I Don't Feel Alive In Terms Of Being In This Mundane World Not Just Because I Think In Dimensions But I Don't Hold On To Anything Pertaining To The Tangible I See A Lot Of Things In Store For Me Spiritually Considering The Fact That I Am A Walking Carcass (Deadpan&Conscious) I Don't Really Ponder On Why I Should Accepting Something That Doesn't Really Exist However I Can Say I Have Been Sensing Intense Dormant/Inner Energy That Hasn't Been Control From My Inner Standing But It Will Be Remarkable When I Have Control Over My Psychic Abilities From All This Self Reflection I Will Finish By Saying There's No Contentment Fully Due Everything In My Environment Being In Flux With My Frequency Despite This I Already See Myself Winning This Battle On All Sides Because Of My Intuition Skills And When You Have Full Discernment You Usually Win Because Of Instinc t Alone And Matter Of Instinct Adios
Slip Through The Crevices
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