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Rahul Jaiswar
Posts: 23

Since I could not find any category on ufos/aliens, I am putting this question under 'Paranormal Experiences'

We all know about cases relating to cattle mutilations in areas where UFOs have been seen or landed. It is thought that aliens are doing this as a sort of experimentation.

Then recently the phenomenoh of human mutilations started. Human beings found mutilated without organs after alleged UFO abductions. There have been a handful of such cases. The bodies are found to be mutilated with remarkable surgical precision, without any blood! Post mortem shows that they were alive when the mutilation/organ removal was taking place. Horrific.

ABB and others- can you offer your insights into this? are they alien related and what is the purpose for this?

November 20, 2017 at 5:23 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Andrew Eblen
Posts: 1617

Hello Rahul! Personally I do believe that these things are going on. I have a friend from italy who has had very strange scars appear on his body overnight that look like incisions and as if they were cut and then he was sowed up. Sadly I get the feeling that this is reality for quite a few people however few of them know about it and those that do are deemed as crazy. 

November 22, 2017 at 12:02 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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