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Im not sure if yall have done this, but every now and then I pretend i have wings on my back and start flapping them. Couple seconds in I start faintly feeling something contracting where my shoulder blades are and when I imagine contracting the wings to a certain extent I could noticed the extent of the contraction in my shoulder. Its like a tingly feeling not a full on sensation. You guys should try it too and see what you notice

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Never thought to do this but that's an interesting eperiment and conclusion - I might try it just see what I get from it.


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I use to do this all the time.  There were times I imagined   someone rip them off of me,  not sure why.  I would imagine flying and even meeting those who fly at the center of creation(were creation began).  In my imagination there was a winter and summer side and there were beings that had wings (maybe angels).  I seemed to see them in my mind as I went there.  For a long period I was sure I had wings but other times only imagined where the wings once were on my back.


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