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Travis Dottin
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Give Me Your Thoughts On This Interview With Jim Carrey At The NYFW 2017

I Hope You Don't "Die" Knowing Your Life Is A Lie In The Next Life 

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Travis Dottin at September 17, 2017 at 9:12 PM

Give Me Your Thoughts On This Interview With Jim Carrey At The NYFW 2017

lol I like Jim Carrey , and I think this interview says alot of things. I believe he just doesnt give a shit so to speak in terms of hiding what he really thinks about things and bringing out his beliefs into the outer aspect of himself, but also didnt his GF/wife die by suicide or something? I think its a mixture of the aformentioned and a degree of mental crisis dealing with the suicide of his girl.

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Site Owner
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He's obviously awake but frustrated and fed up with the industry and all of the foolishness (much of what the public doesn't see) that comes along with it. He's going to turn it up, as the media tries to make him out to be 'crazy' or 'out of touch with reality'... Watch it. 


“Keep it growing and flowing”

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Andrew Eblen
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It's a shame to see him going through all of this. Even the best of us have rough times. He's doing hia part though to make the world better. 

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He tired of the BS!


Zenith Femininity

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