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Asking out of curiosity since im moving back onto my college campus in 4 days.


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Im a college student aswell, but during this summer I tried applying for a couple of jobs, though one called couple days ago and it would of been crazy if I were to take it now cause id only work 2 weeks then quit lol. But for now im pretty much a full time college student

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Travis Dottin
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I Am A College Dropout Looking Forward To Get My Third And Final Job So That I Can Build My Stability Learn How To  Manifest My Creative Endeavors Transition Into A Life As A Freelance Artist And Live Independently When The ''Time'' Comes 

Slip Through The Crevices
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I am a social outreach worker


Zenith Femininity

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 I am a correctional/mental health nurse. 

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Andrew Eblen
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Personally I do not identify myself as being a verb. I am an individual human being whom does a variety of sorts.

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Site Owner
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I am all that I am - beyond a title and definition ;) that's my living and it will not be in vain :P


“Keep it growing and flowing”

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