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Andrew Eblen
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I've been thinking about my life lately and I feel like I'm not quite where I want to be. On one hand I'm comfortable where I'm at just going to college living at home and working a job that's pretty easy most of the time. I'm comfortable and I have some good times with my friends and family however the fact of the matter is I'm just comfortable but not exactly fullfilled. I have a lot of talents and skills and I feel that I'm not applying myself as much as I could be. There are all these things I want to do in life. For example I want to become an expatriat (world traveler) and visit and possibly reside in other countries and even learn new languages aong with entirely new cultures. I feel kind of bored just living in the American Midwest where nothing ever really happens. Most people where I live just want to conform and be average and live average lives. To be frank nothing scares me more then being average. In matter of fact I'd say living an average life of just working for someone else for 40 years then dying scares me more then anything else in life. I'd rather be a beach bum then live such a petty life. 

Truly I want to be an artist and be a great write and personality among other things. I feel like I could even write a fully fleged book like I've been attempting just something keeps sucking the energy. Modern life has so many distractions and it's hard to unplug myself from it all. Even when I meditate the thoughts of the world follow me and manifest in my dreams. These dreams aren't nightmares but still it feels like I can't find the escape I want in my dreams. The bussiness of everyday life often follows me there. Honestly I'm just kind of bored and want to experience something more. I'f like to travel the world and meet new people including some of you here on the forums just I don't have the money. Granted I could get a higher paying job but to be frank I just find working pretty boring. Call me a hedonist if you will but I prefer to do things that interest me. I'm looking or a life that excite me and invigorates me rather then tires me out. I feel tired and drained by many people around me and I simply feel so bored. I honestly tend to be happiest when I'm practicing escapism. I always enjoyed movies, books, video games, and the likes and it makes me more happy then anything to do so. However these things only provide a temprary escape which is useful but still I wish I could find some sort of life in this realm which actualy excites me rather then exausts me. I'm looking for a life of adventure and being a self made man who's known and beloved by many. In conclusion it would be nice to just thinking of dreams to live them. 

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I feel like you described my sentiments exactly! I cant tell you how much this runs through my mind too! I love being in my design classes but it distracts me from delving into personal projects/learning new skills. I keep having intrusive thoughts of where I'm going to be at in the future. I have a image in my head of where I want to be and I just dont know if I can attain that. I would love to get my own apartment and live by myself and be financially dependent but at the moment I am living with my family and commute to campus.

I have been thinking of traveling too but I have a fear of going by myself or if I want someone to come with me than I wont find someone Im confortable with coming with me. I have so many thing in my head that I want to do but I dont know if I can get to do all of it in my lifetime. I agree with your sentiment of being flat out drained and BORED. I just want something exciting to happen honestly. 

I admit also that I practice escapism in the way of watching anime, reading manga, etc and I could do it all day if I could but alas I cant because of "responsibilities" like work, school, social life etc. I dont plan of working for 40 years and dropping dead also. I would love to get to a point where I do freelance work instead of working for some company that tells me what to do. I have a certain disdain for doing a task that I dont want to do but have to do it simply because it is my duty on the job.

This may sound quite odd but I keep thinking, "maybe something will happen today that will change the world!" or I look for signs of change. I dont know, Im just getting desparate at this point and time.


An it harm none, do what ye will.


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From reading your posts and most people here, I don't think anyone of us are here to just be average. I understand how you feel. I have always felt like I am supposed to do something beyond average. I am not exactly sure what that is yet but I am going to keep on trying to figure it out. For you, I say that I think that you should really make some time to get into the things that you like to do now. You know, things that don't cost a lot of money to start doing? I was taught once that when we just do some of the things we enjoy doing, with our without pay, the universe will just open doors and draw people to us to find a greater purpose. That always resonated with me!


Zenith Femininity

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I’ve always felt that having the feeling of discontent in one’s life is usually a little hint/nudge from your inner self letting you know that there is something you might not be doing. That feeling keeps you searching, prevents you from settling in life, and I think it will serve you well. As long as you keep searching, and never ignore that feeling or become complacent and settle, you’ll eventually get where you need to be/do what you need to do.  Keep looking.

And be glad! Because people don’t usually think the way you’re thinking until much later in life. That’s what often causes the “mid-life crisis”. You spend your life pursuing something like a career or building empty relationships, etc, not because you feel drawn to them, but just to follow the status quo. Then, around the mid-life point, you finally get a good look at yourself and realize that, while you may be surrounded by glitter, you’re unhappy.

At least you know what you want, even if the specifics on how to get there escape you right now. You seem to be a dreamer, as in you have a big imagination, and the desire to share it. You really should write, if that’s what you love to do, or draw, or whatever. Your creativity deserves an outlet and you will become better and better with your skills as you practice them. But what unique and exciting works you can share with others will never exist if you don’t go out and create them. Make some magic.

Life can be dull at times, but in my humble opinion there are fewer things that makes a soul sing more than when one is making some sort of art, be it writing, painting, music, etc.


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Travis Dottin
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I Ultrastand Where You Are Coming From I Feel Like We All End Up In A Dubious Spot Where Our Potential Feels Left In A Bowl Of Obscurity And Maybe Need Setbacks To Propel Ourselves For The Better And Greater Cause Personally I'm Just Balancing My Agenda/Endeavors To Get The Scenario I'm In Hang In There Bro
Slip Through The Crevices
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Site Owner
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We have spoken about this privately and its good that you are opening up the dialog with others because it will help us all to see that no matter what we are thinking, feeling or going through -- we are never alone in our respective walks. Pull on your strengths and keep a strong will Andrew -- everything else will come together as it should! The latter applies to everyone here reading this message :)


“Keep it growing and flowing”

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