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Sticky: Moody Moods...
7136587 11 days ago
Sticky: Get Your Calibration Level Read!
3717511 2 weeks ago
Vampire consciousness in school
5124 3 days ago
How does your identity affect your interactions?
18220 5 days ago
A thread for the Arts
69854 2 weeks ago
My Drawing Progress
3145 3 weeks ago
We should be joyful to be "scurvy elephants"
9319 3 weeks ago
Nigerians the most educated group in the United States
1103 1 months ago
Hey Fam
241 1 months ago
Video Games
7175 1 months ago
tourette syndrome
348 1 months ago
Fundraiser for a trip
143 1 months ago
Gangstalkers and Targeted Individuals
14507 3 months ago
Colors of Lights I see. Any insight or Experience?
371042 3 months ago
Gray Spots
3180 4 months ago
Other Ascension Symptoms
2257 5 months ago
Some artwork I made
14166 5 months ago
Stay Woke
2257 5 months ago
Lemuria or Atlantis?
4253 5 months ago
9177 6 months ago
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