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My Aunt Having Very Disturbing Reoccurring Dreams That I've Gone Missing and My Physical Death.
0280 2 months ago
Dreams Thread
3135211 3 months ago
My Premonitions Regarding Those Rallys
2192 4 months ago
What do you do in your astral travels?
3113 7 months ago
Lottery Dream
7183 8 months ago
Niecey's Dream Journal
24339 8 months ago
I saw Baphomet (A demon / the devil)
5167 9 months ago
Can we share dreams?
1106 10 months ago
Black Goo
4111 11 months ago
Bizarre dream
1100 11 months ago
Bizarre dream 2
293 11 months ago
Weird dream w/Astralboobaby
2171 11 months ago
I've Had Two Reoccurring Dreams, Possible Subconscious Cleansing?
8224 over a year ago
I Had A Very Awesome Dream That I Was a Teacher / Professor
5178 over a year ago
Afraid to go to sleep....
23510 over a year ago
Dreams of Battle
5188 over a year ago
Dreams Of the future...
6677 over a year ago
Succumbing to evil in dreams
9182 over a year ago
Changing up dreams
5170 over a year ago
Sometimes I Can Experience My Dreams From a "3rd Person's" Perspective
3144 over a year ago
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