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Vanishing people
121 4 days ago
Reptilians & Darkness: A Different Perspective Plz!!!
451251 2 months ago
Pros And Cons Of Technology
7178 3 months ago
People of Earth
2205 3 months ago
Plastic Rice Phenomenon
6202 4 months ago
Monster Energy Drink: Secretly Promoting 666- The Mark of the Beast?
24536 5 months ago
What hit me
7148 5 months ago
The Mandela Effect
29907 7 months ago
Will you miss Earth?
45909 8 months ago
Increase in Car Accidents?
7173 8 months ago
David Rockefeller Dead
7251 9 months ago
UFO videos
4215 10 months ago
energy beam? on my brain
5217 11 months ago
Immune To Politics
1190 11 months ago
Crisis actors?
4109 11 months ago
Shaolin Monks
2151 11 months ago
Reptilian humanoids that look like Ninja turtels
9161 11 months ago
What kind of world are we in?
5283 over a year ago
Mixed Ethnicity Becoming more Common
19332 over a year ago
UFO Lands In China!!! Unbelievable UFO Sighting!!!
9237 over a year ago
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