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Sticky: The Mandela Effect
321124 4 days ago
Higher Self
2141 12 days ago
2122 2 weeks ago
Solar flares, drink lots if water
5152 1 months ago
Human-Reptillian Hybrids
7159 1 months ago
Vanishing people
143 3 months ago
Reptilians & Darkness: A Different Perspective Plz!!!
451318 5 months ago
Pros And Cons Of Technology
7198 6 months ago
People of Earth
2258 6 months ago
Plastic Rice Phenomenon
6225 7 months ago
Monster Energy Drink: Secretly Promoting 666- The Mark of the Beast?
24568 8 months ago
What hit me
7175 8 months ago
Will you miss Earth?
45973 10 months ago
Increase in Car Accidents?
7210 11 months ago
David Rockefeller Dead
7278 over a year ago
UFO videos
4235 over a year ago
energy beam? on my brain
5238 over a year ago
Immune To Politics
1213 over a year ago
Crisis actors?
4125 over a year ago
Shaolin Monks
2172 over a year ago
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