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A thread for the Arts
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Strange Honeycomb Pattern
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Started a youtube channel.
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The Event - personal dream and few thoughts
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Help with anxiety/ panic attacks
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Solar flares, drink lots if water
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Experience Vs. Waves
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How Do You Deal With Your Mistakes?
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Human-Reptillian Hybrids
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My Love For Anime And Cartoons
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Why does the opposite gender avoid me like the plague
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Where's Armageddon?
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Progress... Astral arms... Where are you at?
14569 3 months ago
Vampire consciousness in school
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I think I have a portal in my bedroom...how to close it?
11163 4 months ago
How does your identity affect your interactions?
18286 4 months ago
Music From Around The Globe
8296 4 months ago
More on gangstalking (as per a member's request)
6317 4 months ago
My High School Bullying Experience and Their Metaphysical Consquences
11206 4 months ago