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Posted by AstralBooBaby on June 29, 2018 at 6:00 PM

By: ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby

Disclaimer; I am not nor have I ever been a psychiatrist or any licensed physician. The views, perspectives and opinions expressed are an accumulation of years of testimonies, observations and my own personal experiences. These conclusions are also part divine guidance and intuition. Proceed and consider all that is shared with the highest level of discernment and righteous indignation.

I understand that discussing this is a very sensitive/taboo subject matter in many circles, but in lieu of revelation after revelation, of child sex-trafficking rings; pedophilia and generational sexual abuse from family members – we can no longer pretend to turn a blind eye! It's long past time for us all to get in front of this issue, and grab this unsightly beast by the horns!

According to stats reported by Invisible Children; 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by the age of 18 and approximately 34% of those abuses will occur within families. These stats are already staggering but when we consider that they are primarily based on only the reported or documented sexual abuse cases – the larger implication is truly astounding! Let’s be clear – our children are indeed our future but if we have mentally, emotionally and psychologically scarred children who may never opt to get help for their traumas; they are far more likely to turn into adults who continue this cycle; acting out and projecting their repressed traumas onto others.

There are many adults out there who have never addressed, dealt with, or put in the work to heal from the traumas that childhood sexual abuse inevitably causes. Thus, the cycle of ‘hurt people, hurting people’ perpetuates itself with a vengeance. For the aforementioned reasons, I strongly feel that it's time we open a free-for-all dialogue and address this systemic problem from multiple angles. The first angle is that we take a proactive stance! We can no longer sit by and wait for a child to come forward and bear the burden of truth. Parents, guardians and teachers must become more aware of the unspoken terrain of children's lives. One of the first proactive measures one can take is to gently initiate and encourage more dialogue and honesty around the topic of sexual abuse. We must create an atmosphere where children can feel safe to openly speak on such matters. I have long learned that it's the toxic combination of fear and shame that indirectly emboldens the abusers-- while silencing the abused!

Having been one who has survived years of systematic sexual abuse by multiple individuals, in conjunction with having met and compared notes with many others who have experienced similar situations (but have never officially reported them, I am fully aware of the dynamics of complicity involved. Many children and even adults will never opt to come forward and tell of their abuse . I repeat, we MUST be opened minded and vigilant enough to look for signs of abuse. There are always signs that will exhibit themselves via mood, behavior and characteristics. Thus, we need to be educated on the kind of signs to look for. Below are but a few signs that I have identified not only through my own behavioral patterns, but those I have seen demonstrated in others who were abused, as well. Again, these signs are based on the behaviors I and others ‘unconsciously displayed’ without premeditation or purpose in our own actions or behaviors  Continue Reading...


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